B. A. Programme


The new B.A. Programme came into force with effect from July 2004.

Total Number of Seats - 231

» UR - 116

» SC - 35

» ST - 17

» OBC - 62

» PH - 5

The B.A. Programme has 12 Courses to be studied over 6 semesters with 4 Courses taught and examined each semester.

There are 4 types of courses : Discipline, Language, Foundation and Application.

Foundation Courses will be taught only in the second and third semesters and the Application Courses in the fifth and sixth semesters.

» Discipline Coursesgive the basics of the discipline while at the same time introducing the student to the recent developments in the field of study.

» Language Coursesenhance linguistic skills and literary sensibilities of the students.

» Foundation Coursesprovide students with foundational knowledge of economic, social, cultural and political environment and major contemporary concerns.

» Application Coursesprovide practical skills and additional competence to better equip the student.

» Medium of InstructionEnglish & Hindi (Medium of instruction in Economics and OMSP is English only.)

Year Language Discipline Foundation Application
I & II Semester 1+1 (English & Hindi/MIL)
III & IV Semester 1 (English or Hindi)
V & VI Semester 1 (Hindi or English)

The following table will offer the students a choice of subjects for different combinations. One of the subjects from the discipline column is compulsory while one from those on the right is to be chosen by the student. English and Hindi or MIL would be the other two compulsory subjects.

Discipline Choice of Subjects for combination
Political Science Economics / FCW/HDFE / History / OMSP / Sanskrit / Philosophy / Music
Economics Maths / OMSP / FCW/HDFE / History / Political Science / Advertising
Elective English History / Advt., Sales Promotion & Sales Management / Philosophy
FCW/HDFE Political Science / Economics / Philosophy / Sanskrit
History Political Science /English Discipline / Economics / Music / Philosophy / Sanskrit
Mathematics Economics
Music History / Sanskrit / Political Science
OMSP Economics / Political Science
Philosophy FCW/HDFE / History / Sanskrit / Political Science / English Discipline
Sanskrit FCW/HDFE / History / Music / Political Science / Philosophy
Advertising (Advt.) Economics / English Discipline / History / Philosophy

» In the I and II semester students have to take one paper in English and Hindi. There are 3 streams in each language and the option for each student is contingent upon whether the student has passed a language Test at Class XII, Class X or Class VIII level. Stream A implies that the student has successfully passed an English and Hindi paper at Class XII level. Stream B means that the student should have passed English and Hindi paper at the level of Class X. Similarly Stream C means that the student has passed an English and Hindi examination at the level of Class VIII.

» Those students who have not studied Hindi at any of these levels, are offered Philosophy in lieu of Hindi.

» Students who have not studied Hindi upto class VIII are expected to take the Compulsory Hindi exam within three years of joining college.

» In 3rd & 4th Semester and 5th & 6th Semester, students are expected to take one Language course in each year.

» Those students who study English in the 3rd and 4th semester will be studying Hindi in the 5th & 6th semester and vice- versa.

Note : Students who have not offered Vocal Music as a subject in class Xth or XIIth or have not passed any Music Examination from any other school but wish to take Music as a subject will have to appear for Music Test. Dates will be put up on the College Notice Board.

Note: Medium of Instruction in OMSP is English

The College offers only Language, Literature and Culture as well as Human Rights, Gender and Environment as Foundation courses in 3rd and 4th Semesters. These papers are taught in both English and Hindi medium. Each student chooses one Foundation course out of the courses mentioned above.
The following Application Courses will be offered to B.A. Programme IIIrd year students by the College
» Creative Writing - English Department
» Translation - English Department
» Mass Communication - Hindi Department
» Tourism
» Legal Literacy - Politcal Science Department
» Physical Education - Physical Education Department