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Breast cancer is a growing problem and in a developing country like ours, this situation is compounded by an acute lack of awareness. This is manifest in the fact that even today, most breast cancer cases are diagnosed in advanced stages. In a world where Breast Cancer cases are increasing exponentially, it is important for educational institutions to join hands with the medical fraternity and build bridges to help spread awareness about the disease. It is with this rationale that JDMC joined hands with Bliss Foundation to spread awareness about Breast Cancer through the initiative - Committed to Conquer Cancer

Programme Coordinator: Dr.PayalNagpal (Dept. of English, JDMC)

A series of workshops have been initiated to spread awareness about the disease.

Touch & Feel Workshop-1
21.02.2018. Janki Devi Memorial College, New Delhi.

From Nowhere to Somewhere !

The first workshop of the Touch and Feel Programme as part of the MoU between JDMC and Bliss Foundation was conducted in the college for a batch of 13 teachers. The Workshop was very well received by an inquisitive group of women teachersat Janki Devi Medical College. The presentation by Dr.GeetaKadyaprath, Director, Department of Surgical Onchology, MAXPatparganj was very informative. The teachers came up with questions and enquired for clarifications regarding lots of facts that lead to Breast and Cervical Cancer. Awareness about Breast Cancer, early detection to ensureearly cure, Mammograms, clinical tests and many other facets were discussed.

Dr.Geeta Kadyaprath Conducting the Workshop

JDMC teachers with the team of doctors for Workshop-1
A team of doctors (Dr.GeetaKadyaprath, Dr.Mallika and Dr.Smriti) sensitised the teachers regarding Breast Self-Examination as the first step towards ensuring that everything is good.

Touch & Feel Workshop-2
April 17, 2018
Janki Devi Memorial College, New Delhi.

Let's pledge for Girl / Women safety inside-out !

The second workshop raised some really relevant questionsabout cervical and breast cancer.Teachers inquired about some myths that were revealed as meaningless by the doctors. A scientific rationale was given to explain everything. The teachers listened and shared experiences. They were also made awareabout the developmentsin the field to help save lives.

The doctors explained how with so much happening around it was time we all geared up to fight against breast and cervical cancer! Happiness, dreams and ambitions are an important part of our existence and actually fulfilling them is not possible if we take our health for granted!

Dr.GeetaKadayaprath, Dr.Neerja, Dr. Archana made the workshop very informative and useful for the teachers who asked a lot of questions regarding the subject.

Touch & Feel Workshop-3
December 12, 2018
Janki Devi Memorial College, New Delhi.

Conducted by :Dr.Swasti .

Organised by.: Dr.Payal Nagpal.

This was the third workshop in the collaborative series between JDMC and Bliss Foundation. This workshop was conducted specially for the non-teaching employees of JDMC.This workshop was special because the age group of women ranged from 25 years to 60 years.The workshop was attended by about 18 women. The women seemed quite intrigued as the workshop progressed. The question answer session was interactive.While feeling for the lumps on the dummies, surprisingly a few identified a similar lump that they felt. They would be going for medical examination soon. Early detection leads to better and early cure !