Career Counselling


The college was built with the aim of educating young women. Since 2005 the career opportunity cell of the college has been very actively involved in providing placements to the students and making them financially independent. Now, the cell has been extended as a full-fledged Centre for Career Counselling, Career Opportunities & Skill Enhancement . The aim is to financially empower these young girls by enabling them to recognize their immense potential and helping them carve their career in different fields by providing various career opportunities.

The objective is to introduce career and market-oriented, skill enhancing ADD-ON/Certificate courses that have utility for job and self-employment. After completing graduation, the students will be equipped with a Certificate/Diploma/Advanced diploma in an add-on orientation course along with a conventional degree in Science/Arts/Commerce.

Structure of the Centre

Director: Dr. Poonam Bewtra

Secretary: Dr. Jayanti P Sahoo

Treasurer: Dr. SipuJayswal

Members of the Executive Body : Dr.Amita, Ms ShilpaMaggo, Ms. Mamta, Ms. Ekta Bansal, Ms. Anuradha Goel

Temporary Members of the Executive Body: Convenors of each Add on course for the duration of that particular Add-on course

Mission of the Centre

1. Career Counselling: To counsel our students and keep them well informed about the various career opportunities in different sectors available to them and to bust the myths and stereotypes associated with these opportunities.

2. Career Opportunities: To bring corporate houses, institutions and companies to the college which will provide the following to the students:

a. Career Counselling

b. Placements

c. Internships

3. Skill Enhancement: Apart from the corporate houses enhancing the skills, the various add-on courses also aim at the skill enhancement of the student for the various job opportunities available requiring specific skills/specialization.

Short term Goals:

1. To further the knowledge of students in various domains by conducting workshops, sessions and add-on courses.

2. To conduct workshops and hands-on training sessions for a minimum of 200 students that would upgrade their CV Writing and other employability skills.

3. To hold mock interview sessions and group discussions for a minimum of 50 students that would boost their confidence and improve their communication skills and hence, better their chances of employability.

4. Bring more internship opportunities (full time and part time) for students for a minimum of 150 students.

5. To organise a minimum of 8 interactive sessions for the students with experts from the fields of academic/industry/corporate on Job opportunities, skill developments and internship opportunities.

Long Term Goals

1. To provide job opportunities to more than 400 students in the coming five years.

2. To provide internship opportunities to more than 500 students.

3. To expose more than 1000 students to contemporary employability skills such as mock group discussions, written test, online test, personal/telephonic/video/psychometric interviews etc in order to prepare them for the corporate world.

4. To organise more than 20 career related seminars/ workshops to make students aware about various career options available to them

5. To emphasize on offering courses which are not just theoretical in nature but also actively engaged in practical training to enhance the skills of the students.

6. Opening up of unexplored career opportunities.