Chetna Society

Convener:          Dr. Prerna Arora, {Music}

                           Dr. SudhaUpadhyay, {Hindi}

Co-conveners:    Ms. Bhawna Pal, {Commerce}

                           Dr. Gurinder H. Singh {Music}

                           Dr. Suman Gupta {Pol.Sc.}

                           Dr. Sanju Gupta {Pol. Sc.}

                           Ms. Harsh Bala, {Sanskrit}

                           Dr. Rajinder {Sanskrit }

Chetna society organized its first event for academic session 2017-18 on 11th August, 2017. A talk on importance of moral values for healthy life was given by Lt Col Langar to a gathering of students and teachers in the music room of the college. He spoke about the relevance of moral values and ethics in present times and the benefits these values have. The talk was attended by various students from different departments of the college to mention a few Sanskrit, Music, Political Science and History, etc.

CHETNA, as a society aims at promoting the lost value system in the lives of our student-teacher fraternity. The purpose of forming this society is to make people aware of ways of reducing stress in their lives, by living a peaceful and harmonious life. Lesser the conflicts within us, greater shall be the harmony and peace in and around us.

CHETNA Society emphasizes on our capability of attaining inner peace and happiness amidst our chaotic lives. Through its events, CHETNA strives to increase emotional, mental and physical well-being of participants. CHETNA intends to culminate the finite into the infinite.

    • CHETNA Society, through its interactive sessions and seminars helps to improve interpersonal skills of students like team work, time management etc., and maintaining peace of mind especially in our chaotic and stressful personal/professional lives.
    • CHETNA conducts seminars with the help of well- established personalities who help students to understand meaning of life and existence and to look beyond just themselves for maintaining cordial relationships with everyone around them.
    • CHETNA, as a part of an educational institute provides training to the students to become more receptive to experience towards life.
    • Participants gets inspired by the speakers and their real life success stories which fills them with zeal and encourages themto think big in their lives.
    • The society enhances the creative potential of individuals.
    • Our society acquaints participants with lost essence of human values and ethics and teaches how to become a better person.