College Calendar 2015-16

Semester I/III/V

Orientation Day

20 July 2015 (Monday)

Classes Begin

20th July 2015 (Monday)

Founder’s Day

01st August 2015 (Saturday)

Independence Day Celebration

15th August 2015 (Saturday)

Election of Students’ Union

19th August 2015 (Wednesday)

Ms JDMC Personality Contest

16th September 2015 (Wednesday)

Mid –Semester Break

21st October, 2015 (Wednesday) to
25th October, 2015 (Sunday)

Classes begin after Mid-Semester Break

26th October, 2015 (Monday)

Dispersal of Classes, Preparation of Leave and Practical Examinations begin

13th November, 2015 (Friday)

Theory Examinations begin

26th November, 2015 (Thursday)

Winter Break

19th December, 2015 (Saturday) to
03rd January, 2016 (Sunday)

Long Assembly

July to September 2015

Semester II/IV/VI

Classes begin

04th January, 2016 (Monday)

Symphony (College Fest)

Late Jan to early Feb 2016

Sports Day

Mid February, 2016

Annual Day

First week of March 2016

Mid-Semester Break

23rd March, 2016 (Wednesday) to
27th March, 2016 (Sunday)

Classes begin after Mid-Semester Break

28th March, 2016 (Monday)

Dispersal of classes, Preparation Leave and Practical Examinations begin

26th April, 2016 (Tuesday)

Theory Examination begin

09th May, 2016 (Monday)

Summer Break

21st May, 2016 (Saturday) to
19th July, 2016 (Tuesday)

Long Assembly

January and February 2016