Economics Association, 2017-18

With the aim of holistic development of our students, we works towards creating an environment that helps them to grow in various respects and providing the much-needed co-curricular and extra-curricular exposure in currently high-demanding times. Our aim is to nurture leadership qualities, developing organizing skills and promoting teamwork; as well as promote creative and critical thinking.

The department has a very active 'Economics Association' that organizes, every year, various intra-department events and Inter-College Annual Economics Festival, ECOPHORIA, wherein students get to organize as well as participate in various events such as Debate, Paper-Presentation, Panel Discussion, Mock Newsroom, Group Discussion, Parliamentary Debate, Mock UN, Quiz, Poster-Making, Cartoon-Making, Ad-Mad Show, Barter, Extempore etc. The department launched its annual department magazine, ECOGENE, in 2013-14 and ‘Annual Lecture Series’ in 2016-17. The department also organizes workshops to help students in their preparation for various entrance/ competitive examinations. Workshops are also organized in order to sensitise students towards various issues of importance to individual, inter-personal and society.

Recent initiatives by Economics Department

  • In order to provide a much-needed platform to students to be more aware about Indian economy, the Department began its collaboration in 2016-17 with Scientific Research Association for Economics and Finance (SRAEF), Chennai to conduct the Know Your Economy (KYE): Awareness Kindling Test in our campus. All students of JDMC are invited to register for the test. Nearly 180 students from various courses registered for the second series of The KYE Test, 2017-18. The test was conducted on 3rd April, 2018.
  • Launch of the Department Blog and Youtube Channel
    The students started the department blog, Ecognisance- Economics in Panorama, in February 2018. Also a channel on YouTube was launched in March 2018 to showcase the activities organized by Economics Department.

    Following are the links of the blog and the youtube channel. Ecognisance: Ecophoria Youtube Channel:
  • Launch of the e-issue of Ecogene’17: The department launched the first e-copy of the Annual Department Magazine, Ecogene in May 2017. The link for the same is:

The activities/ events organized by the Association during the academic session 2017-18 are as follows:

I. Students’ Union Elections

Elections were held on July 28, 2017 for the various posts in the Students’ Union, Economics Association.

  • President - Vidhata
  • General Secretary - Chhavi
  • Vice-President - Anoushka Chawla
  • Treasurer - Ishita
  • Joint Secretary - Priyanshi
  • Creative Head - Aru
  • Coordinators - Shraddha (3rd year), Akshita (3rd year), Eshita (2nd year) Nabodita (2nd year), Urvi (1st year), Amisha (1st year)
  • Class Representatives - Pranjali (3rd year), Priyanka Sarda (2nd year) Deeksha Sharma (1st year)

Students’ Union, Economics Association, 2017-18

II. Welcoming the Freshers- 2017

'Freshers' Welcome' was organized on 2nd August, 2016 to welcome the additions in the department. As always, it was a day filled with fun, entertainment and interaction. The theme for the party was: THE BOLLYWOOD BLING.

A great show was put up by the Union including the activities arranged for the first years, dance performances by the second and third years, a small skit introducing the new members to the college and their department along with some games involving not only the students but also the teachers. The event was also attended by our respectable Principal Dr. Swati Pal who motivated the students to have active participation in various activities of the department as well as the college.

Following first-year students won the titles:

Ms. Economics Hons: Shwetashree
Runner Up: Deeksha Sharma
Ms.Diva: Urvi

Freshers’ Welcome: The Winners of the Day

III. Intra-Departmental Student Competitions

In its attempt to provide for opportunities around the year for both their academic learning and personality development, Economics department organised its Intra-Department Economics Festival on 30th August, 2017.

i. Paper presentation competition – that gave the platform to students to display their understanding and application of knowledge/concepts on various contemporary economic issues. The topics were:

  • Interest rate cut: A good policy?
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Developing Countries
  • Direct Benefit Transfer – An apt policy for India
  • Trade – Still an “Engine of Growth” !
  • How Sustainable is India’s Growth?
The prize winners of the event were: Ritika Jain, III Year (Best Presenter), Mahima Khurana, III Year (First Runner-Up), Simran Singh, II Year (Second Runner-Up) and Shruti Mehta, III Year (Best Interjector).

ii. Poster-Making competition- to let the creative side of our students as well as their expression on a variety of sensitive/societal issues come to the surface. The topics were:
  • Right to Privacy
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padao
  • Mankind: A Threat to Environment
  • Swachch Bharat Abhiyan
  • Quality of Life: A Right
  • The LGBTQ+ Community
The prize-winners were Nayan, III Year (First Prize) and Sakshi Mukhi, II Year (First Runner Up).

Prize winners, Paper Presentation Competition

The second round of Intra-Department Competitions were held on 20th March, 2018:

iii. Mock News Room: Students of the department participated in, what we can call a well-informed and heated debate on the Union Budget, 2017-18. Participants represented different sectors of the Indian economy, and voiced their opinions on different features of the budget pertaining to their secor.

The participants (spokespersons) and the sectors whom they represented included:
Diksha Chauhan, I year, Sneha Agarwal, I year and Pranjali, III year: ‘Government’
Vishakha Pradhan, I year and Poonam Ingale, I year represented ‘Opposition’
Pooja Sachdeva, II year and Simran Singh, II year represented ‘Primary Sector’
Swetashree Samal, I year and Ekta, I year were Spokespersons of ‘Secondary Sector’
Prerna, I year and Deeksha Sharma, I year represented ‘Tertiary Sector’
Mahima, I year and Pragya Singh, II year represented ‘General public’
The show was anchored by Priyanka Sarda, II year.

The prize winners:
Pooja Sachdeva, II year: Best Speaker
Pranjali, III year: 2nd Second Best Speaker
Priyanka Sarda, II year: Special Prize (Anchor)

iv. Life on Minimum Wage: A competition where students earned money doing various fun activities and had to effectively use it to win the game. All in all, a game where they learnt that life is uncertain, so every actions needs to be preceded by careful thinking. The Prize Winners:
Ritika Jain, I year: 1st position
Aparna Yadav, III year: 2nd position

IV. Annual Lecture Series

“Goods and Services Tax” by CA Rajeev Saxena (30th August, 2017) helped the students to understand the biggest tax reform of India. The lecture was very interactive which not only made the issues clear to students but also resolved a lot of their queries.

Lecture on GST

ii. “Science, Technology and Innovation in India” by Prof. Sunil Kanwar, Delhi School of Economics on 27th September, 2017. Prof. Kanwar discussed the issue of innovations and intellectual property rights (IPRs) in the contemporary world with specific focus on India and that there is need to increase the pace of innovations/ patents in India.

iii. “Skill Development in India” by Dr. Fransisco Marmolejo, Lead Tertiary Education Specialist, World Bank on 24th October, 2017. This was truly an extremely motivating session wherein Dr. Fransisco discussed the changing global scenario and that students need to prepare themselves for a bigger role for being a ‘global’ citizen and equip themselves with necessary skills that are needed by the employers.

iv. “Economics Beyond Textbooks in Day to Day Life” by Mr. T.S. Gopal, Honorary Secretary, Scientific Research Association for Economics and Finance (SRAEF), Chennai on 6th of February 2018. This session was a true delight as the speaker did not actually deliver a lecture but rather interacted with the students in very interesting way to convey the economics behind every transaction that take place in our life. The students really enjoyed the lecture and gained knowledge on various facets of economics in today’s world.

V. “India’s Development Experience” by Prof. Prabhat Patnaik, Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi on 20th March, 2018. The session enlightened the students on the impact of neo-liberal policies in terms of rise in inequalities, unemployment and calorie deprivation; and reduction in protection to peasants. The session emphasized the need for a development policy that is not export-led but peasant-and-petty-producer-oriented; should include strategy at reducing income/wealth inequalities and should restrict rate of technological change.

F. “Quality of education in India” by Mr. Nilav Kumar Pyne (College Relations Lead, Fellowship Recruitment, Teach for India) on 20th March, 2018. In the session, Mr. Pyne sensitised the students about the lack of access to quality education for poor children, and how the privileged youth can contribute to lay the foundation for educating the poorest of children in the country.


Economics Department organized its Annual Inter College Economics Festival, ECOPHORIA 2017 on 27th of September, 2017.

It began with the Inaugural lecture by Prof. Sunil Kanwar, Delhi School of Economics. The lecture was followed by a series of competitive events where students from many colleges of University of Delhi like Hansraj, Dyal Singh College, SSCBS, Miranda, Hindu, SPM, Indraprastha College along with Department of Financial studies, Indraprastha University, Jamia University and Indira Gandhi National Open University took active participation and won many prizes. Following events were organized on the day of ECOPHORIA, 2017

1. Econferentia: Paper Presentation
The topics for the same were:
a. Intellectual Property Rights and Developing Countries
b. How Sustainable is India’s Growth?
c. Direct Benefit Transfer – An Apt Policy for India
d. Interest Rate Cut- A Good Policy?
e. Trade- Still an “Engine of Growth”!

Students came well prepared with their presentations on different topics with thorough understanding of concepts well supported by case studies, data and experiences from the world. Following are the details of prize winners for the event.

Best Presentation: Sakshi Rana, Dyal Singh College
First Runner Up: Ritika Jain, Janki Devi Memorial College and Vrinda, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (Shared)
Best Interjection: Tanya Sharma, Miranda House

2. ECONNOISSEUR: The Economic Quizzard powered by "The Quizzard's Show"

The Quizzards, an initiative of students of Economics Hons showcased a well planned Quiz competition segmented in two rounds, viz. Preliminary and Finals. Questions were asked not only to check knowledge of students in Economics but also to judge them on their general awareness. Teams in two participated in the event and the event was indeed a successful learning experience. The results for the same were:

Best Team: Aditya Singh Chauhan, Campus Law Centre and Vaibhav Gupta. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College for Commerce
First Runner Up: Kanishk Garg and Chaitanya Akalamkam

MAD ANGLE (The Ad-Mad show)
The Ad mad show of the festival was one of its kind. Students very efficiently unfolded their marketing skills with a twist of bollywood. Students were asked to advertise for certain commodities while imitating some characters from Bollywood movies and Tellywood serials. Following are the winners for the same.

Best Team: Niyati Wadhwan, Gargi Chandra, Akanksha, Meenakshi Thapiyal, Janki Devi Memorial College
First Runner Up: Khushvinder, Rajat, Shrawan, Faculty of Arts

The Winners: AdMad Show

4. THE HORCRUX HUNT (Treasure Hunt) :Based on Harry Porter stories
The Horcrux Hunt was one of the popular events of ECOPHORIA this year where students with interest in Harry Porter series of stories participated in huge numbers to solve riddles based on them, locate clues in different places of the college and reach final destination to win the prize. Prize for this event was won by Prachi Chamoli, Ashley Kumar and Muniba Sikander from Indraprastha College for women.

5. Project Runway 2.0 (Fashion Event)
Fashion event organized on the day had its roots in basic definition of economics which is a science of optimizing or taking decisions to satisfy unlimited wants in presence of limited resources. Participants in the event were suppose to design costumes based on geometric pattern with limited resources at their disposal. Some of the items could also be begged, borrowed or stolen for the purpose. Students used their creative ability in a very fashionable way to match their economic thinking. Results for the same were:

First Prize: Sanya, Janki Devi Memorial College
First Runner Up: Sonam, Miranda House

6. Freakonomics : Logics Gone Rogue
Freakonomics was an academic event which urged the participants to brainstorm on a certain theory to break its stereotypical relevance and explain other aspects to the same. Participants were given an hour to think on their respective topics after which they could present their views in conventional or tech-savvy manner. This event indeed brought out the critical thinking of students on various aspects of economics. Following were the results for the same:

First Prize: Manan Nawal and Ramanpreet Singh, Hindu College
Runner Up: Harshit P. Kacholia, Hindu College and Rythm Dhawan, Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa College
Best Interjection: Ankit Aggarwal and Shreyansh Goyal, Department of Financial Studies, University of Delhi.

Besides the academic and non-academic events, the students of Economics Hons put up some stalls in college premises where different fun activities were organized like Selfie station, Quiz on Game of Thrones and minute to win games. The festival witnessed active participation from students across the university in all the events and the show was a huge success.

VI. Seminars & Workshops

i. “Fun With Numbers”
The seminar on “Fun with Numbers” was organized on 19th of August 2017. The resource person - Mr. Gourav Gupta, Academic Regional Manager, Endeavor, aimed at making students comfortable with numbers and polish their ability to deal with the numbers. Students not only from economics but also from other departments like commerce, philosophy and sociology attended the seminar. It was indeed a successful initiative which was appreciated by all the students who attended it.

ii. Workshop On “Open Data Development Initiatives”, World Bank

The workshop, held on 13th of September 2017, aimed at familiarizing both students and faculty with the open data made available by World Bank that can be extensively used for research purposes. Ms. Sunita Malhotra, the resource person from World Bank, conducted the workshop and explained each element with precision that indeed made the workshop a learning experience along with an interesting one.

iii. ‘Menstrual Hygiene’
Dr. Parul Sehgal, Senior Consultant/ Gynaecologist, interacted with students and talked about female hygiene, preventive measures/ birth control measures and IVF treatment.

iv. How to Crack Personal Interview through Effective Communication

The seminar to polish student’s communication skills to crack personal interviews was organized on 17th of January 2018. The guest speaker, Mr. Kushal Mohta, Academic Regional Manager, Endeavor Careers put in palpable efforts to interact with students in a manner that conveyed useful tactics to handle pressures while appearing for interviews that considerably added to their confidence. Students from various departments including Economics, Commerce, Philosophy, and Sociology participated in huge numbers.

VII. Film Screening

‘Hindi Medium’ was screened on 23rd September, 2017. It was followed by a discussion on the present education system, the pressures created on the parents as well as children, the much-needed reforms and role of government in this sector.

VIII. Open Mic Event

The Economics Association organized its first ever Open Mic Event in collaboration with Your Quote, a micro blogging site and a platform for budding writers and performers to get featured and enhance their writing. The event was conducted in on 4 April, 2018. Girls of the college participated joyously, by pouring their hearts out in the form of poetries, stories and music. The highlight of the event was Taranbeer Singh, the Guest performer who is an amateur musician and writer.

Economics Association, 2016-17

The department has a very active 'Economics Association' that organizes, every year, various intra-department events as well as Inter-College Annual Economics Festival wherein students get to organize as well as participate in various events such as Debate, Paper-Presentation, Panel Discussion, Mock Newsroom, Group Discussion, Parliamentary Debate, Mock UN, Quiz, Poster-Making, Cartoon-Making, Ad-Mad Show, Barter, Extempore etc. The department also launched its annual department magazine in 2013-14.

The activities/ events organized by the Association during the academic session 2016-17 are as follows:

  1. Union Elections were held on 3rd August 2016. 16 students were elected on different posts.
  2. 'Freshers' Welcome' was organized on 26th August 2016, to welcome the additions in the department. As always it was a day filled with fun, entertainment and interaction.
  3. Intra-Departmental events:
    Paper Presentation Competition was organized on 9th September 2016. The presenters with their powerful perspective and knowledge mesmerized the crowd on the topics:
    • The Changing European Equation
    • Monetary Policy - India's Recent Experiences
    • India waiting for Labor Reforms'.
    • Growth at the cost of people

    The quiz 'Eco Labyrinth' - a distinct amalgamation of the old childhood game, Snakes and Ladders - was organized which plunges deep into a plethora of subjects related to economics.
    'Bollywood Tambola' - The ultimate game of probability with a twist of Bollywood, was also organized. An online photography competition, EcoVision, was held from the 19th - 25th September 2016.

  4. The Economics Department instituted its 1st Annual Lecture Series in the academic session 2016-17. Distinguished economists were invited who addressed important contemporary issues.
    • Prof. Aditya Bhattacharjea, Head, Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics on the topic 'Economics of Competition Policy'.
    • Dr. Rajat Kathuria, Director and Chief Executive, ICRIER on the topic 'From Voice to Data, The Revolution Within'.
    • Dr. Farzana Afridi, Associate Professor, Economics and Planning Unit, Indian Statistical Institute on the topic 'Why is Women's Labour Force Participation Declining in India'.
    • Mr. Shankar Prasad Sarma, IRS officer, GOI, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance on 'GST- India's Biggest Tax Reform'.
    • Dr. Sumandro Chattapadhyay, Research Director, the Centre for Internet and Society on 'Economic Implications of Demonetization and the Emerging Digital Payments Policy Landscape in India'
  5. The Annual Economics Festival, ECOPHORIA was held on 27th of September 2016. It was a grand success with participation from students of various colleges. The events included:
    • Present the Papyrus (Paper Presentation): Participants presented their ideas in a comprehensive way through PowerPoint presentations.
    • Project Runway (Dress Designing): The event challenged the 'Fashionista' hidden in the students. Participants were required to fabricate their skills into a beautiful dress, bringing out the "Best out of Waste"!
    • Kurukshetra (Battle of the entrepreneurs): The event required the participants to compete in a face-off round with their start-up idea by designing their product, and explaining the sources of finance, manpower, capital etc. just like a young entrepreneur!
    • Mad Mabble (Ad-Mad): It was designed to assess the creative and innovative dramatic skills of the participants.
    • Qfiesta (Quiz): A test of knowledge through a medium of competition between individuals or teams as a form of entertainment. The event was incorporated with an aim to introduce the best quizzing minds from the students with Economics background, and watch them lock horns.
    • The Bloodshed Conundrum (Treasure Hunt): Each team raced against time through the daunting physical tasks to be the first in solving the hidden mystery.
    • Apart from these, there were other events like F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quiz, Bull's eye, and Minute-to-win-it games.

  6. The Association organized several seminars and workshops to guide students and assist in their overall personality development, confidence building and future-preparedness.
  7. Seminars

    • 'Make Your First Attempt Your Best Attempt' to help aspirants of UPSC exams by Mr. Vivek Kaushik and Mr. Amrit Singh Chopra, Unique Shiksha on 4th October 2016.
    • 'MBA as a Career Option' by Dhrubajyoti Banik, Academic Head, Endeavor Careers to guide students taking up MBA on 18th October, 2016.
    • 'How to Crack Group Discussions and Interviews' by Prof. Sangeeta Magan, on 9th February 2017.
    • Workshops

    • 'Life and Career' by Mrs. Nidhi Arora, CEO and Founder, Cherry-The Consultants.
    • 'Open Aptitude Test' conducted by Endeavor Careers for students to get idea about competitive exams like CAT, MAT etc. on 25th January 2017.
  8. The Department also came out with the fourth issue of annual Department magazine 'ECOGENE'. The Magazine aims to explore the complexities of not just economics, but also of life. It highlights current economic issues, the socio-political environment, the wide array of challenges confronted and the wave of ideas that currently dominate the today's youth.
  9. A group of enterprising students from the present III Year started a Quiz Show, Quizzards, in previous academic session. The event happened once a week with a different theme each time. It also organized an online quiz show, The Daily Quiz Contest, from 19th- 25th September, 2016.

  10. The Economics department coordinated and organized the 'Know Your Economy - Awareness Kindling Test' (KYE) in collaboration with 'Scientific Research Association For Economics and Finance' (SRAEF), Chennai on 10th March, 2017. It provided a much-needed platform to the students to be more aware about our economy and its various aspects. Students from across the departments such as B.A.(H) Economics, English, History, Political Science, B.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics, B.Com.(Hons.) participated in the test. Anushika Malik, B.A. (Hons) Economics III Year, secured highest marks in the test.

  11. The students of our Department initiated and set up the 'Aamdani - The Finance and Investment Cell' at the college-level. The society aims to help students learn and absorb financial and economic intricacies.
  12. The achievements of the Economics Association have come a long way and so have the students in terms of not just participation & winning but also organizing skills, leadership qualities and teamwork.