Economics Department

The Economics Association witnessed the following activities in the last semester (Jul-Dec 2016)

  1. Union Elections held on 3rd August 2016. There were 16 members who got elected on different posts.
  2. Fresher’s Welcome Party was organized on 26th of August 2016, to welcome the additions in the department. As always it was a day filled with fun and entertainment.
  3. Online Contests: The association held an online quiz show, The Daily Quiz Contest (in collaboration with Quizzards) and an online photography competition, EcoVision from the 19th September- 25th September 2016.
  4. Intra-Departmental Paper Presentation Competition was organized on 9th September 2016. The presenters with their powerful perspective and knowledge mesmerized the crowd. The topics in the Paper Presentation Competition were:
    • The Changing European Equation
    • Monetary Policy – India’s Recent Experiences
    • India waiting for Labor Reforms’.
    • Growth…at the cost of people
  5. 1st Annual Lecture Series:This academic session the Economics Association organized its 1st Annual Lecture series. This was the flagship event of Ecophoria, held on 27th September 2016. The lectures delivered byeminent personalities were as follows:
    • Dr. Rajat Kathuria (Director and Chief Executive, ICRIER) on the topic ‘From Voice to Data, the Revolution within
    • Dr. FarzanaAfridi ( Economics and Planning Unit, ISI) on the topic ‘Why is Women’s LaborForce Participation declining in India?’, and
    • Prof. Aditya Bhattacharjea (Head, Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics) on the topic ‘Economics of Competition Policy’.
  6. The Annual Economics Fest, Ecophoria: It was held on 27th of September 2016, and was a grand success with participation of around 1000 students from various colleges.

    The events included:

    • Present the Papyrus (Paper Presentation): Participants were given a range of topics. They were to select a topic and bring forth original ideas to present it in a genuine and comprehensive way through a PowerPoint presentation.
    • Project Runway (Dress Designing):The event challenged the ‘Fashionista’ hidden in the students. Participants were required to fabricate their skills into a beautiful dress, bringing out the "Best out of Waste"!
    • Kurukshetra- (Battle of the entrepreneurs): The event required the participants to compete in a face-off round with theirstartup idea by designing their product, and explaining the sources of finance, manpower, capital etc. just like a young entrepreneur!
    • Mad Mabble (Ad-Mad):It was designed to assess the creative and innovative dramatic skills of the participants.
    • Qfiesta (Quiz):A test of knowledge through a medium of competition between individuals or teams as a form of entertainment. The event was incorporated with an aim to introduce the best quizzing minds from the students with Economics background, and watch them lock horns.
    • The Bloodshed Conundrum (Treasure Hunt): It was an event which brought out the scavenger in students. Each team raced against time through the daunting physical tasks to be the first in solving the hidden mystery.

    Apart from all these events, there were some all-day fun filled events like F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quiz, Bull’s eye, and Minute to win it games.

    The Association has always supported its students in all their endeavors and thus, has held many seminars to guide students as mentioned below:

    • On the 4th of October, in collaboration with Unique Shiksha, Mr. Vivek Kaushik and Mr. Amrit Singh Chopra gave a talk on the topic ‘Make your 1st attempt your best attempt’ to help aspirants of UPSC exams.
    • On the 18thof October, The Economics Department and Endeavorjointly held a seminar, on the topic ‘MBA as a Career Option’ with Mr. Dhrubajyoti Banik (Academic Head, Endeavor Careers) as the speaker, to guide students taking up MBA.

    The achievements of the Economics Association have come a long way and so have the students. A group of enterprising students from the 3rd Year have started a Quiz Show, Quizzards, which happens on almost all Wednesdays and has a different theme each week. .

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