Association-in-charge: Dr. Antara Datta

Teacher-in-charge: Dr. PayalNagpal

The following events and activities were organised by the English Literary Association of the Department of English:

  1. The Department collaborated with Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, where a day-long interactive session was held on Cancer Awareness on 23rd March, 2017. A delegation of students and teachers attended the event which included presentations by the doctors as well as the students on various aspects of Cancer.
  2. The Department organised an one-day international conference, titled Poetic Montage: Indian Poetic Traditions and the Emerging Subject/Citizen, which was held on 2nd March. Purushottam Agarwal, Vishwanath Tripathi, Ajmal Kamal, Uday Prakash and Michael Creighton were some of the eminent scholars of poetry and poets who addressed the faculty and the students.
  3. On 23rdFebruary, 2017 the department invited Prof. Eiko Ohira from Tsuru University, Japan, to deliver a lecture on “Gender in Women’s Writing in English.” She spoke on Indian English women writers and the way they negotiate the constructs of gender. She especially focussed on Githa Hariharan’s novels to illustrate her argument.
  4. The department in collaboration with the Department of Political Science invited Prof. Akeel Bilgrami, the Sidney Morgenbesser Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University to deliver a lecture on 22ndFebruary. He spoke on the subject “Is there an Indian Secularism?”
  5. On 22nd February, Dr. Payal Nagpal delivered a lecture “Re-imagining India” to students of Australian Universities as part of a programme for international students, in a collaboration of the college with Shri Ram College of Commerce.
  6. On 3rdFebruary, 2017 Dr. Benjamin Zachariah was invited to deliver a lecture on “Historical Methods” to the faculty.
  7. A series of Foundation Lectures were planned where teachers focussed on specific areas within the history of English Literature to supplement the curricular teaching of the department.
  8. On 23rdSeptember, the department in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy invited Norwegian writer Johan Harstad to speak about his novels.
  9. A creative writing workshop was organised on 23rdSeptember, when Dr. Anuradha Marwaha guided the students and conducted prose-writing sessions in fiction.
  10. In September, the Atul Krishna Binodini Devi Creative Writing Competition was organised. The theme of the competition was “Conflict Blogging,” and witnessed participation of students from across colleges and universities in Delhi. The prize-giving ceremony was organised on 8thOctober, 2016. Judges, Mr. Uttam Sinha and Ms. Tanima Biswas, along with Principal Dr. Swati Pal and former Principal Dr. Aruna Chakravarti, gave away the prizes.
  11. On 2ndSeptember, a creative writing workshop was organised for the Second year students who had opted for Creative Writing Paper under the Skill Enhancement Course. Anannya Dasgupta spoke to the students about various technical aspects of poetry-writing, especially writing ghazals in English.
  12. On 19thAugust, Dr. Anand Prakash was invited to deliver a lecture on “Marxism” to the III year students.
  13. On 3rdAugust, theatre-activist, Jonatan Stanzack delivered a lecture, “Why Palestine Matters,” on the importance of theatre and activism in Israel-Palestine.
  14. 1The Freshers’ Welcome for the new entrants was organised in August 2016. The First year students were introduced to the faculty members and students of the department.

Atul Krishna Binodini Devi Creative Writing Competition, Department of English

Dr. Anand Prakash, delivering a lecture on Marxism

Foundation Lecture Series; Mr. Ankan Dhar

Foundation Lecture Series; Ms. Rita Sinha

Johan Harstad on his Novels and Writing

Jonatan Stanzack on 'Why Palestine Matters'

Poetic Montage, Department of English

poetic montage

Prof. Aqeel Belgrami on 'Is there an Indian Secularism'

Prof. Eiko Ohira, a lecture on 'Gender in Women's Writing in English'

Students participating in interactive session at Max Super Speciality Hospital