1.  The History Association organised the screening of a film set in the Mayan period "Apocalypto" on 22nd September 2016, directed and produced by Mel Gibson. The movie potrays a clash between two cultures wherein the aboriginal indigenous inhabitants' of the territory were invaded by the city dwellers. It deals with a wide range of themes such as survival and cultural onslaught. This was a very well attended event and students enjoyed the movie.

2.  The First Year History (Hons) students were taken on an educational trip to National Museum on 1st Oct 2016. It helped them to interact and acquire practical knowledge about the themes related to their course such as Prehistory, Harappa, Mathura- Gandhara art traditions and Mughal miniature paintings.

3.  Historical excursion to the Qutb Complex and JamaliKamali Mosque was organized for the Second Year (Hons)students on 20th October 2016. The aim of the trip was to provide knowledge and realise the physical presence of 'Sultanate Architecture' - the architectural style of the Mamluks, the Khaljis and the Tughlaqs. The students visited the Qutbcomplex which included the QutbMinar, the Quwwatul-Islam Mosque, the Alai Darwaza, the Alai Minar and the Iron pillar. The JamaliKamali Mosque and Tomb was constructed in the memory of two Sufi saints.

4.  The Association organised the second series of Dr.Vijay Nath Memorial Lecture on 27th October 2016 in memory of one of our most esteemed and venerated colleagues, Dr Vijay Nath. The lecture was delivered by Prof VinaySrivastava on "Caste System". The lecture was very well attended and students enjoyed the inter-disciplinary approach of historical processes and the evolution of caste system in India.

5.  The Third Year History (Hons)students went for an educational trip to the PuranaQila,KhairulManazil, Humanyun's Tomb and the NizamuddinAuliyaDargah on 8th November 2016. The students enjoyed the Sufikawwali performance at the Dargah.

'Heritage' History Association organized a talk on 28th February 2017, titled, 'Feminist History: Issues and Objectives'. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Shalini Shah. The talk dealt with the position of women in Ancient India through a study of voices of resistance against patriarchy in Indian texts. The talk was well attended by students, faculty members and our principal.


On the 19th of January, The History Association - Heritage screened the movie Mammodirected by Shyam Benegal. Itis a riveting tale of one of the most painful episodes in the History of India. Mammo, the character,manages to paint a picture of the emotions estranged ones go through. Uprooted by partition, probably the greatest tragedy of our times, Mammo tries to get back to her roots. Mammo absolutely refuses to let any political boundary take away from her what makes her life worth living - her sister, her grandson and her city. The movie was an entertainer and was thoroughly enjoyed by students.

Movie screening Mammo

'Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization' on 8th of February 2017

History Association 'Heritage' organized a talk on 8th February 2017, titled 'Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization'. The lecture was delivered by Dr.KumkumSrivastava. The talk dealt with the various aspects related to expansion of Islamic civilization with reference to social, economic, political, cultural and religious factors. Dr.Srivastava also focused on the causes responsible for the fall of Islamic civilization. The speaker highlighted the internal dynamics, politics and corruption within the highly successful and glorified expansion of Islamic realm. The talk was very well attended by good number of students, faculty members and our honourable principal.

Talk on 'Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization'

Talk on 'Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization'