Dept of Philosophy – Calendar of Events – 2016-2017

Philosophy Day Celebrations

The philosophy department celebrated its first ever one day Philosophy Festival - "Revelation" on 25th October, 2016. The event was flagged off by a talk on 'Sufism: a Binding Force in South East Asia', by Dr. NavinaJafa, a Fulbright scholar at the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC.

Sufism developed as a movement with basic doctrines and sects by the end of the 10th century. The contact of Imam Ghazali with North Western India led to the spread of Sufism in Asia around the end of 12th century. Today Sufism remains the most acceptable face of Islam in the world, and its expanding parameters hold out a promise of peace to the world.Dr. Jafa’s talk focused on the role of Sufism in propagating Islam. She drew our attention to the rituals and modes that were adopted by Sufis to make it a grass root form of Islam. She began the lecture by presenting a beautiful rendition of ArdhNarishwar in Kathak. From here she moved to the basic tenets of Sufism wherein she mentioned an interesting link between Sufism and the Hindu view of Karma that everything in temporal life is born again in some or the other form.

3rd Honours student, Sakhsi’sKathak
performance followed to match
Dr. Navina Jafa’s rendition.

The talk by Dr. Navina Jafa was followed by a number of competitions which witnessed enthusiastic participation from students across NCR Colleges. The Competitions included:

The Department also held the Annual Nandita Rajguru Memorial Debate on 12th Jan, 2017, as part of Symphony. The topic was "A liberal democratic country has no moral right to restrict immigration".It was an impressive show both in terms of participation and quality of presentation. The external judge Dr. Debata, Associate Professor at JNU commended the department for its choice of topic which pertained to a sensitive and topical issue facing our world today. There was good participation both from Hindi debaters as well as English, with students coming from diverse colleges both from Delhi as well as neighboring Universities

The use of ICT and other methods of Pedagogy
The JDMC Philosophy discussion forum “Curiosity” organized a Movie screening on 4th February 2017 – “Philosophy and the Matrix”

The documentary has primarily focused on the trilogy of The Matrix. The director, writer and leading philosophers from the fields of religion, philosophy of mind, science have all been appreciative of the deep philosophical questions that have been raised in the film. Whether it is Descartes' Cogito, Berkeley's Immaterialism, and the Hindu Concept of Self all at some point wonder about what is Real.

The documentary was an interesting take on set of films which had probably not been analyzed from this perspective

An Environmental Ethics lecture was held in the environs of the majestic Mughal Gardens at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Students found it extremely fascinating

A highpoint of the year 2016-2017 for JDMC was a three day National Seminar on the Tribes of the North East: Exploring, Identities, Culture, Politics and Philosophy, organized by the Philosophy Department under the aegis of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, (ICPR), on the 9th, 10th and 11th of March, 2017. The seminar was a resounding success with participants from all over India presenting the results of their intensive research and hard work relating to this region to a large gathering of eager recipients ranging from fellow researchers, academicians, independent activists and students.