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Celebrating the Environment: Initiatives by Janki Devi Memorial College

Caring for the environment cannot be a one day affair. It has to be sustained. Now, more than ever, it is clear that Nature has been abused for so long that the consequences are severe to say the least. Whether it is the Corona virus that has affected millions the world over and which has forced us to reconsider the whole aspect of sanitisation and pollution; the earthquakes; the cyclonic storms; the locust swarms; there appears to be a response from Nature that is Biblical in its proportions. Images of migrant workers dying abject deaths have triggered the human conscience and forced an introspection about our greed and inability to build an egalitarian society based on an equitable distribution of wealth. Horrifying tales of humans physically suffocated due to racial discrimination or animals such as a pregnant elephant fed with pineapples stuffed with crackers and thus dying a gruesome death- all of these fill one with despair and shame at human callousness.

Endeavoring to always do something constructive for the environment has been the constant mission of Janki Devi Memorial College. This year, the lockdown did not affect the commitment of the college in its environmental initiatives.

The college IQAC and Political Science Department organized an international webinar on World Order and Non Traditional Security Challenges on the 4th of June where four academic experts, Cleo Pascal from the United States , Ashutosh Mishra from Australia, Asanga Abeyagoonasekara from Sri Lanka and Uttam Kumar Sinha from India , deliberated on environmental security issues and how the world order is affected by these. More than 300 people attended this thought provoking webinar that made everyone reflect upon their individual and collective responsibility in creating a safe and healthy environment.

On World Environment Day, 5th June, the college garden committee organized a sapling plantation in college where air purifying plants were planted by the staff, faculty members and Principal of the college, ensuring of course that all precautionary measures were taken while doing so. That aside, the students of Avani, the Environment Club of the college along with others who were hostel residents as well as students of EVS, made environment videos which they posted on social media, as well as posters that underlined the urgent need to deal with environmental issues. The students also planted saplings in their residential area.

Finally, on 6th June, the college held its annual Inter College Environmental debate competition, online, on the topic 'Human Suffering will worsen unless environmental exploitation ends'. The event saw enthusiastic participation from the colleges of Delhi University and students made very relevant presentations of their viewpoints. The prize winners were Srishti Singh (IP College), Anandita Mishra (ARSD College) and Subia Noor(Laxmibai College).

The positive and meaningful ways in which environmental issues were taken up by Janki Devi Memorial College, even at a time when there is a lockdown spells hope in these dark times and shows the way forward.



On the advent of the new academic year 2019-20, the Political Science department of the prestigious Janki Devi Memorial College, proudly and successfully conducted a lot of ceremonial events with the help of our departmental incharges. A glimpse of that is given hereafter.

Firstly to start with the head turner event, organized for the very first time in the premises of our college, THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, on 9th of August, 2019 at the Seminar Room. Being an ardent follower of democracy, we the students of Political Science department with the help of our teachers organized this important event where all the nominees for all the posts starting from the President to the General Secretary were asked to present there ideas which they thought to implement for the betterment of our department, so that the voters can cast their votes diligently.

Secondly, elections were conducted the very next day that is the 10th of August, with a lot of participation and support and a thrill of excitement from the entire department. The elections were conducted peacefully using ballot system and the results were to be disclosed on the day of Fresher's.


Thirdly, the new members of our ever flourishing political science family were welcomed with a lot of zeal and excitement in the 20th day of the month of August. Dance, music comedy and loads of love and gifts were showered upon them. The theme this time as always was new and refreshing where all the students were given the full liberty to dress however they like and the name of the theme for 2019 fresher's was GLOBAL DESI. The winners of the Miss Fresher's competition were:

Shweta(Miss Fresher'19)

Jyoti Singh (1st Runner up)

Ankita Chakarbarty (2nd Runner up)


Fourthly, and one of the most important legacy of our department, the election results were declared. The competition among all the nominees for all the posts were at its peak, but the true leaders were elected by all the members for our political science family. The Union for the year 2019-20 are:





UNION 2019

Apart from this, various committees were also formed amongst the students through a tough interview procedure for all its heads and co-heads.

Fifthly, we celebrated one of the most wholesome day of the year- TEACHER'S DAYwith lots of love and affection, taking a moment to thank all our beloved teachers for all their love, support, guidance always.


Lastly but not the least, our political science department organized a distinguished lecture on 27th September, 2019 at the Seminar Room by the renowned professor, PURUSHOTTAM BILIMORIA, FullbrightNehru Fellow, GTU & University of California, Berkeley, USA, visiting professor, Ashoka University, who discussed elaborately on the topic � THE LIMITS OF INTOLERANCE: INDIA'S

A lot has to be done and a lot has to be seen, we as the Political Science department stand strong and united for all the days to

Cinematic nationalism in India - Talk by DrRavikant

"All creative people are smart people", discussing such great words of wisdom Dr. Ravikant, Associate Professor (CSDS), a prolific writer and a historian enlightened the students of Department Of Political Science, (Janki Devi Memorial College ) on 'Cinematic Nationalism in India". The interactive session took place on 1st November, 2018. The session highlighted wide rangeof interesting topics depicting the use of Cinema in the building up of the history of nationalism.From acknowledging to scrutinising certain aspects of cinema. Dr. Ravikant presented several clips and songs from the Bollywood movies which accentuated themes like Patriotism, Nationalism, Democracy, Partition and Diversity of the country. The students were enlightened with the journey of cinema and its engagement with nationalism in different periods, commencing from 1913 continuing through remaining decades of freedom struggle and the period of economic and institutional nation-building in the 1950's and 60's. The Hindi cinematic vision of national progress is an all-inclusive social ones steeped in romance across caste, class regional, linguistic and even national development. Nationalism still being alive on the screen was discussed and the huge role of radio was also touched upon which unraveled to encounter layers that made modern India. The session ended with an active question answer round engaging both students and faculty in further discussions.


Academic Year: 2018 -19

On 03rd August 2018, the department conducted it's Annual Student's Union Election for the academic year 2018-19.
This year the department formed an extended union which includes heads and co heads of different committees such as sponsorship, media etc.

President :- Harshita Gupta and (Co president) Kirti Rani

Vice President :- Vibhuti Budhiraja

Treasurer :- Swati Sharma

General Secretary :-Urmila

Joint Secretary :- Nidhi Thakur

Cultural Secretary :- Sharvani Tonk and Aarti Prajapati.


Creative Team
Head :- Vaishali Pawar
Co Head :- Abeer Shakeel

Discipline Team
Head :- Meemansa
Co Head :- Mumtaz Rehman

Sponsorship Team
Head :- Avani
Co Head :- Vanshika Nagpal

Media Team
Head :- Aishwarya Mahajan
Co Head :- Tanya Gupta

On 25th August 2018, the Department welcomed it's fresh faces with a great fresher's party. The theme of this year's party was : Spring and Blossom.

On 4th September 2018, Student's organized a small gratitude ceremony for their beloved professors on the occasion of Teacher's Day.

Report of the Educational Tour, Department of Political Science

As a part of the Educational Tour, the Department of Political Science, Janki Devi Memorial College visited the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, National Archives and Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum on September 19th, 2017. The 50 students of Third Year (Honours) along with the three faculty members, Dr. Lakshmi Pillai, Dr. Suman Gupta and Mr. Dinesh Ahirrao were part of the tour. The basic purpose of the tour was to acquaint students with the political history of India as well as familiarise them with the mammoth exercise of record keeping by the National Archives. In Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, students got a valuable information about the life and times of the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India. They also listened to the famous �Tryst with Destiny� speech in original form as delivered by the Nehru at the stroke of midnight of August 15th, 1947. In the National Archives of India, students got to know about how three kinds of records, namely, Public, Private and Oriental are documented. They also saw the process of records preservation. In Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, students got a lot of valuable information about the two former Prime Ministers of India, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Overall it was a very enlightening tour for the students.

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Department of Political Science (2016-17)

Association Activities:

  • An Inter-college Annual Political Science Festival “POLITIQUE 2016-2017” was organized on 22nd October, 2016. The event started with a seminar on the 'Relevance of Kautilyan Political Morality in Contemporary Times' by Col. Pradeep Kumar Gautam (Senior Research Fellow, IDSA). The seminar witnessed active participation of students and faculty members. The seminar was followed by five events:

Topic: 'Is Political Morality Increasingly Becoming Irrelevant for Indian Youth?.'
2. Poetry writing: KAVYANITI
Topic: ‘Today’s Youth and Political Morality’.

  • Poster & Slogan Making: KALAKRITI

Topic: ‘Today’s Youth and Political Morality’.
4. Quiz Competition: CHANAKYA
5. Create from Waste

  • The screening of the movie “PARCHED” directed by Leena Yadav was organized on 1st October, 2016.
  • Intra-departmental Quiz competition was organized on 28th September, 2016. The list of winners is as follows: First prize- Zareena and Shivani; Second Prize- Kakoli and Apoorva; Third prize- Preeti Tiwari and Swati.
  • Intra-departmental Poster-Making competition was organized on the topic “Expanding the Horizons of the Rights of LGBT” on 21st September, 2016. The list of winners is as follows: First prize- Swati; Second prize- Abha; Third prize- Shweta Mandal.
  • The department, in collaboration with the Department of English, invited Prof.AkeelBilgrami, the Sidney Morgenbesser Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University to deliver a lecture on 22nd February, 2017. He spoke on the subject “Is there an Indian Secularism?”

  • Student Achievements’


Sports and NCC:

  • AishwaryaSubramaniam participated and secured First position in Inter- college Football Tournament held in BITS Pilani; secured Second position in Inter-college Football tournament held in North-zone University; secured Third position in all India Futsal championship and won Third prize in Inter-college Football fest.
  • Sonika Kaur participated in CATC camp and won Second prize for Tug of War.
  • Sheetal participated in Hockey- University Team.

Debate and Quiz:

  • RushikaRabha won First prize in 6-word-story organized at Ashoka University.
  • Pragya and IshaAnand won Second prize in Quiz competition held at A.R.S.D College and second prize in Quiz competition organized by Philosophy Department of JDMC.
  • Pragya and IshaAnand won consolation prize for Debate organized at Ambedkar College.

Culture, Drama and other activities:

  • Harshita won the Best Ensemble Cast Award in National Drama Competition organized by St. Stephens College.
  • VashitaBaweja and Aishwarya won First prize in Flameless Cooking Mahajan organized in Bharti College.
  • Priyanka Randhawa secured First position in Role Play competition held in St. Stephens College.
  • Jaishree won Second prize in Street Play event held in IIT; at IMT Ghaziabad and in Street Play event organized by Ambedkar University.
  • Sonika Kaur became a National Game holder in Aerobics.
  • Shweta and Lalita participated in various competitions - Rangoli, Newspaper Dressing. Best out of Waste – organized at JDMC, Dyal Singh, and other colleges of Delhi University.

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Awards and Recognitions
Awarded Post-doctoral Research Fellowship by Käte Hamburger Kolleg, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Book Review of Neoliberalism and Water: Complicating the Story of ‘Reforms’ in Maharashtra, (Orient Blackswan, 2014) by PriyaSangameswaran, Socio-Cultural Context of Water: Study of a Gujarat Village, (Orient Blackswan, 2014) by FarhatNaz, and Gender Issues in Water and Sanitation Programmes: Lessons from India, (Sage Publications, 2015), Aidan A. Cronin, Pradeep K. Mehta and Anjal Prakash (eds.), in Social Change, Sage Publications, ISSN 0049-0857, Volume 47, Issue 1, 2017
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Gave consultancy as a water expert to the HannsSiedelStiftung (HSS) India and Centre for Social Research (CSR). 

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Paper Presentation
Bharat, Ahirrao Dinesh.“University led Model of Rural Development: Issues and Challenges.” UGC Sponsored National Seminar, 12th January, 2017, SGND Khalsa College, University of Delhi, New Delhi.

Resource Person
 He was part of the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) think tank delegation to China, from April 21-29, 2016.

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