Department of Sociology

The department of sociology organised a talk on January 30, 2019 about health and hygiene among young women. The speaker, Dr. Nidhi Khera a gynaecologist from Apollo Hospital, Moti Nagar talked about Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. She emphasised on the unhealthy style of life and genetics as the root cause of hormonal imbalance eventually leading to PCOS and other such disorders. She explained how this imbalance can be avoided by introducing two simple changes in one’s lifestyle; exercise and healthy food. The talk highlighted how physical activity and healthy eating patterns can lead to a healthy and happy lifestyle which ultimately results in overall well being of a person.

The Department of Sociology held a screening of the documentary "The Name Of The Disease" directed by Abhijit Banerjee, Arundhati Banerjee and Bappa Sen on 23 January 2019. The film provided students with a pluralistic understanding of healthcare in rural areas of Rajasthan. It took them beyond a bio-medical perspective, showing that treatment to disease is rooted in social environment.

1. The students from BA (H) Sociology visited the Tribal Museum on September 24, 2018. The trip enhanced and deepened students understanding on tribal social life and culture. The students got a vivid glimpse of tribal life by viewing exhibits of traditional murals and dioramas of tribes through important life events like festivals, acts of animal sacrifice, marriages etc.

2. The Department of Sociology screened the film Bawandar for its second and third year students on September 22, 2018. The film was to educate students on issues related to patriarchy, gendered violence and role of the state and NGOs in empowering the society.

3. As an extension of the workshop the 'Environment and Alternatives to Plastic', the Smart Company at the behest of team Avani held an interactive session on September 22, 2018 with the students from the Sociology Department of the college.

The Smart Company seeks to promote a plastic free world by promoting the use of biodegradable/green bags manufactured by it as an alternative to black plastic bin liners in order to solve the problem of accumulation of plastic waste. Also, it pointed out the advantages of using its smaller green bags for disposal of wastes like sanitary napkins and diapers especially in public restrooms.

The Smart Company's green bags are to be sold under the brand name 'smart mom' and 'smart girl'. This led to a healthy debate and discussion between the students and company. A sociologically imaginative and informed understanding of the student’s became evident as the company was to carry a feedback from them regarding a need to shift to a more gender sensitive brand name as 'smart citizens' for making their green bag project a success.

The department of Sociology organised it's annual inter-college festival "Ethos" with great zeal and enthusiasm.
The theme for the fest was ' Beauty and Body Image' . The day started with an interactive session with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in collaboration with WomenPowerConnect. Ms Rashmi Singh debunked myths associated with fairness and popular beauty conceptions. Ms.Gayatri Sharma moderated the session and invited the students to share their experiences and encouraged them to think beyond the stereotypical ideals of beauty types and body images. The students wholeheartedly shared their anxieties concerning body image.
A number of competitions were organized such as Slam Poetry, Online Photography, Turncoat Debate and Treasure Hunt. Students from various DU colleges participated and won exciting cash prizes . It was a day of learning and fun and for all.

The Department of Sociology, JDMC held the inaugural ceremony for its second Add-on course, Empowerment and Change: Role of State and Civil Society on 9th, August, 2018. The course has four modules, namely, Women, Children, Aged and Disabled and the LGBT community. The Department for this course has collaborated with several state and non-state organisations like Delhi Police, CDLSA (Central District Legal Services Authority), Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), Margins, CEQUIN (Centre for Equity and Inclusion) and TARSHI (Talking about Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues. The representatives from these organisations attended the ceremony and enlightened the gathering with their work and objectives. The session was graced by the college Principal Dr. Swati Pal who congratulated the Department of Sociology for introducing yet another Add-on course focusing on a theme of contemporary relevance.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with a speech by Dr. Suman Nalwa, a senior IPS officer and currently the principal at the Delhi Police Training School. She shared her experiences as an officer and hardships she had to overcome being a woman. This was followed by an insight from Shubhra Mendiratta, a senior advocate on her organisation CDLSA and its’ involvement with the not so privileged sections of society like women and children. The next, speaker Shivani Singh from the NGO, Margins illuminated the students on the field of disability. She pointed out that there is a lack of neuro diversity in our society and being inclusive towards the disabled would automatically lead to include other sections of the society. Another speaker was Chitra Panchkaran, an NGO personnel affiliated with several gender sensitisation programmes for the Delhi Police who gave an inspiring speech on gender and women’s inner ability. Finally, Vani Vishwanath from TARSHI elaborated on her organisation’s engagement with the LGBT community and its relevance for the course.

On 18th,August, 2018 the biographical film, Boys Don’t Cry was screened by the Department for its students. The film sensitised students on the life of transgenders life allowing them to question conventional definitions of gender that explain it in terms of masculine and feminine roles. The screening of the film was followed a short discussion on it.

The Department is organising a session on Effective Communication on 8th,September, 2018. The leadership and Behavioral coach, Mr Vikas Chandwani will be addressing students on the skills and significance of making good and effective communication.


The Department of Sociology conducted a ten day Self Defence Training Workshop for the students from 3.09.18 to14.09.18 . Constable Samesta from Special Police Unit For Women And Children conducted this workshop. The training will prove beneficial in empowering young girls to combat any attack to their physical safety and checking crime against women. Students were provided certificates on the successful completion of the course.

Film Screening
On 17th August, the Sociology Association organized screening of two films: The Color Purple and The India Untouched: Stories of People Apart. The screening was followed by an interactive session based on their sociological relevance. These films contributed immensely to the understanding ofracism and caste.

Talk on Triple Talaq
On 9th September the Association organised a talk on Triple Talaq by Khadija Faruqui. She talked about Islam as a religion based on justice and peace and Quran as it’s law book. According to Islam marriage is a contract and the procedure to annul it is laid down in Quran. Faruquiemphasised that triple talaq is unconstitutional and thatpersonal law can be challenged in supreme court if it violates fundamental rights.

Session with KamlaBhasin
On 11th October, eminent feminist KamlaBhasin conducted a session on feminism. She focused on the feminist ideas, patriarchal power relations as well on the inter-sectionalitybetween gender, caste and race. KamlaBhasin enthralled the audience by reciting some of her famous poems and songs on emancipation of women. The session ended with interactive round where students as well as teachers asked questions related to gender discrimination in the everyday context.

Discussion with Asha Singh
On 8th of November, the department invited Asha Singh (Nirbhaya’s Mother) to interact with the students.She spoke in detail about her experiences of fighting against the violence meted out to her daughter.She shared with anguish about the proceedings of the rape case and her battle to get justice for her daughter. She also emphasized upon the importance of raising voice against injustice, and harassment. Students participated in the interaction by sharing their personal experiences and coping strategies in dealing with harassment.

To strengthen intra-department unity and team spirit and a forum for students to engage in academic and creative activities, an event called 'SOCH' was held on 15th November. This event included Quiz, Pictionary, Photography and Face-PaintingCompetitions. Each of these competitions was organized on sociologically relevant themes. The face-paintingsrepresenting the theme ‘Sexuality’,was inaugurated by the Principal who also participated in the same. The Quiz also featured questions pertaining to the discipline and general awareness.The Pictionary and Photography contests captured the ‘Moment of the Day’. The students from all the three yearsand teachers enthusiastically participated in all the events. Principal Dr. Swati Pal appreciated the students for their innovative ideas and talents. The event showcased the creative expression of classroom learning.

Department of Sociology: Students and Faculty

The Department of Sociology believes in the process of learning beyond the classroom. Our pedagogy balances this belief by exposing our young students to three years of intense academic and practical and co-curricular work.

In an attempt to create an enquiring mind the Department also exposes its students to hands on experience of translating theoretical ideas through various kinds of activities outside the classroom.

This learning process is enhanced further by the privilege our students have of exposure to pioneers in their field and experts who are constantly invited to interact with our students.

Over the three decades of its existence the Department of Sociology has built a solid foundation and reputation for itself as one of the foremost undergraduate departments and is proud to have a multifaceted and successful alumnae who are leaders in their chosen fields.

Committed to teaching and creating a holistic learning environment,the faculty members of the Department constantly engage in self enhancement to improve their teaching skills and personal academic acumen. Besides Doctoral and post-Doctoral work the faculty has constantly participated in and presented papers at National seminars and International Conferences and has a long list of published work in their specialized fields.

Apart from these academic activities our students also engage in multiple co-curricular activities both at the college level and the department level.

Their everyday lives are full of fun and festivities as they celebrate Fresher's and Farewell Parties, Teachers' Day, the Department Festival "Ethos" and other similar non academic events which enrich their lives and make learning a positive experience

Every academic session is bursting with activity.The last academic of 2016-2017 has been no less intense and has witnessed a series of extracurricular activities, which like every year have given our budding sociologists an edge over the others.

Presented below is a quick glance at the various activities organized by the Department.


The Department of Sociology conducted seminars and special lectures in order to help the students improve their knowledge outside prescribed classroom teaching. We had the privilege of inviting prominent scholars to speak and interact with students on the present and ongoing advancements in social science research. The Department of Sociology in collaboration with Department of Political Science organized the Ambedkar and Democracy Lecture Series and invited Professor Gopal Guru, on 12th April 2017 to speak on 'Universal Identity of Ambedkar'. Prof.Guru highlighted Dr. B.R. Ambedkar'sbasic teaching and ideology.


On March 8, 2017 Dr.Janki Abraham engaged our students with her presentation on 'Matriliny did not transform into Patriliny: Understanding process of changes in property and kinship among the Thiyyas in North Kerala'. Her paper explored the kinship
system of the Nayyars and Thiyyas and how women's role changed overtime in the framework of kinship and property relations.

An interactive session on 'Heading towards an Egalitarian Society' was arranged for the students with professional expert, Mr.Prasanta K. Pradhan, Lead Specialist - Essential Services, Oxfam India on 17th January 2017. He gave an insightful talk on the problem of rising inequality and wage disparities.

Mind Matters: The Art of Living Workshop, 2nd February201

An interactive session with the HAQ, an organisation for child rights and child labour in mining areas was organised on 29 September 2016. The students were shown a film on the deleterious implications of the activity on the health of the mine workers and their children. Issues like mining-related displacement, ecology, and capitalism were discussed.

The Department celebrates knowledge and learning in a wholesome way through its Annual Academic Festival "Ethos" .This time it was held on the 27th of October. The students actively engaged in multiple sessions that examined the different aspects of "Language as a symbol of identity". Dr. K.B Veio Pou from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi, gave a lecture on 'Language as symbol of Identity'. While Ms. Mamta Kumari from Jawaharlal Nehru University delivered a lecture on the "Sign Language and its misconceptions"

Students and faculty with Bezwada Wilson

Continuing with its desire to invigorate young minds, the Department had the privilege of inviting the internationally recognized Magsaysay Awardee and Convenor of the SafaiKaramchariAndolan Mr. Bezwada Wilson, on 29th September 2016.

Speaking passionately on the 'Struggles of Manual Scavenging', he highlighted how manual scavenging continues to be a symbol of persisting inequality and caste-based stratification. A documentary on Manual Scavenging was also screened.

Ms Khadija Faruqui, in conversation with the students

An interactive session with Ms Khadija Faruqui, co-founder of 181 Women's Distress Helpline in collaboration with HDFE Department was organised on 13 September 2016.


Field trips are recognized as a critical part of the sociological enterprise. It is a shared social experience that provides the opportunity for students to encounter and explore novel things in a real setting. Field trips deepen and enhance classroom pedagogyand provide quality education that extends beyond the walls of the classroom. The Department conducted the following field trips:

Faculty and students on their Field Trip, Puri, Bhubaneswar

Field Trip to Puri, Bhubaneswar:

Our III Year students accompanied by Ms.Charu Kala and Dr. V. Rajyalakshmi visited Puri, Bhubaneswar between the 18th and 21st of March 2017. The Students studied a fishing community and interacted with local craftsmen to understand the socio-economic dynamics of livelihood practices. This also enabled them to learn nuances underlying the technique of fieldwork, which is central to the sociological research.

QutubMinar, HOHO Trip,Delhi

Hop-on-Hop-off Bus, Delhi:

Sociology is also a historical enterprise. Students of third year accompanied by Ms.Vandana Madan and Ms. Pouriangthanliu went on a HOHO Delhi trip on the 15th of March 2017. The trip takes the students through the romanticism of erstwhile rulers of Delhi over the last 5000 years.

Campaign for Safety

Campaign for Women's Safety:

Our students participated in a campaign for women's safety which was initiated by Avani, the college Environment Club,on the occasion of the International Women's Day on 8 of March 2017.

Visit to PuranaQila – Sound and Light Show, ‘Ishq-E-Dilli

Visit to the PuranaQila :

As mentioned, Sociology is also about delving into our history, so the third year students accompanied by Ms.Vandana Madan, Dr. V. Rajyalakshmi and Ms. Pouriangthanliu went for the Sound and Light Show, 'Ishq-E-Dilli'on 14 November 2016.

On a Day Trip

On a Day Trip :

Third year students also embarked on Field Trip on a Day in the Life of a Migranton the 14th of September 2016.

Tribal Museum

On a Day Trip :

The Department also involved students in other extra-classroom activities throughout the year where they put into practice what they learn in class. We also had educational fun trips too!

Students of First Year visited the Tribal Museum on 2nd September 2016 to enhance the understanding of tribes about whom they read as a part of their curriculum.

Tribal Museum

In collaboration with INTACH, a mixed group of students accompanied by Dr. Rajya Laxmi went on a Heritage Walk on 22nd August 2016.


The Department of Sociology conducted a series of Workshops on various issues.The workshops are conducted with an aim to provide a platform for the students to interact with experts from variousfield and gain a broader understanding of concepts and gain exposure to new developments in their discipline.

Ethnographic Filmmaking:

An important series of workshops were conducted on Ethnographic Filmmaking for the II Year students as part of the Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) - Techniques in Ethnographic Filmmaking. These workshops provided skills in various audio-visual techniques for ethnographic filmmaking. The workshops also enabled students to develop the ability to use the tools for their film projects which is a requirement of the SEC course. Such workshops also work towards translating our pedagogy into an enriching learning process

Mr.DheerajSarthak and second year students during the workshop  on tools and techniques of filmmaking

On 13 March 2017, Shri Dheeraj Sarthak, a documentary filmmaker, conducted the workshop on the fundamental tools of filmmaking. He also explained the role of producing, directing, camera, sound recording, and editing. The students were shown clippings from the making of films to make them understand the techniques involved in filmmaking.

 Students with Bappa Ray

A two-hour interactive session with National Award winning ethnographic filmmaker/documentarian, Shri Bappa Ray was organisedfor the II year students on 16th February 2017. He discussed the technicalities of visual anthropology and ethnographic filmmaking and screened his film, The Story of Virgin Iron, and shared his experiences and dilemmas of filmmaking.

Pankaj Rishi Kumar speaking on the history of ethnographic filmmaking

A lecture on the history of Ethnographic Filmmaking by Filmmaker, Pankaj Rishi Kumar on the 17th of January,2017 exposed students to the documentary as a distinct genre of filmmaking. He screened some classic documentary films such as Nanook of the North, The Zoo, and The Classroom.

The Art of Living

Mind Matters: The Art of Living Workshop, 2nd February2017

The Art of Living foundation conducted a fruitful workshop, Mind Matters on 2nd February 2017. The students were taught the importance of mental control and peace of mind inorder to lead a productive life, which is in keeping with the Department's vision of providing a holistic approach to learning.

Gender and Violence

Students from BA (Hons.) English and History as a part of the Generic Elective Sociology course on Gender and Violence, attended the Second World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation, organised by ApneAap Women Worldwide in collaboration with Coalition Against Prostitution at India International Centre on 30 January 2016.


The film Our Familyby Anjali Monteiro and K.P. Jaya Sankar portraying life and struggles of the transgender community was screened on 29th September 2016. This was followed by a discussion, which provided a perspective to the students to view family and kinship beyond the normative heterosexuality.


We aim to strive not only for academic excellence for our students but encourage their all around development. Our students have been continuously participating and excelling in inter and intra college debating, creative writing, paper presentation and photography. Many of them strongly believe in doing voluntary work and are engaged with organisations like CRY, Make a Wish Foundation, Sankalp and Indus action, Umeed, Blind Cricket Association and Walk for water. Some of them have a keen interest in being a part literary and educational programmes and hence, have attended events like the literature festival at the Habitat where Shri Shashi Tharoor discussed his latest book, The Era of Darkness, book session with Ravish Kumar on Ishq me Sheher Hona and have been volunteering with Deepalaya community library. Few Students joined SKA project for education and are interning at SeSTA (seven sisters assistance development). Drama, Theatre, and Dance is yet another area where our students outshine and their talent have been acclaimed by institutions like the Sahitya Kala Parishad and National School of Drama. Some the achievements of our students are listed below:

First year students - Rupshika Kalita,Suvalaxmi Gurmayum, and Nidhi Kumari are working on a project ‘Shiksha Abhiyan – English Learning and Personality Development'at Safai Karamchari Andolan. The project aims at higher education as well as help them achieved good career for the youth of the Safai Karamcharis. The project is being carried out at New Ranjit Nagar Colony, New Delhi.

Shrusty Pradhan from the BA (Hons.) Third year was selected and participated in the Training programme titled 'Education for Sustainable Development Leadership Training' organized by UNESCO in associationwith TERI - 15-16 February 2017. She also participated in the International Youth Leadership Training and Empowerment Programme (IYLTEP) organised by Research for Adult and Child Education (RACE), Odisha at Skill Development Training Complex, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Trishita Shandalya from BA (Hons.,) second year presented a paper titled , "Folk Culture, Religious Belief and Evolving Worldview: Some Observation among Bodo's of Western Assam' at the Youth Seminar titled 'Folk culture and tradition of Northeast' organised by North East Cell, Indraprashtha College of Women, University of Delhi's on 20 February 2017


The Department faculty believes in constant self- improvement. Though our teaching is confined to the classroom we ensure that we are engaged outside the classroom in academic pursuits that keep us updated about the latest developments in our discipline. The faculty members participatein interdisciplinary seminars and workshops, panel discussions, review seminal sociological works and also present papers and talks.These are intellectual spaces where we can interact with other scholars and share and develop new ideas. Listed below is our faculty's participation in such programmes during 2016-2017 .

Panel Discussions:

Ms.Vandana Madan has been a Panelist and Speaker on June 5 at a Seminar on Undergraduate Opportunities in the Social Sciences and Humanities organized by Mentoryes, at the India International Centre, New Delhi.

Paper Presentations:

Ms Vandana Madan also presented a paper on "Redefining the Biography of the Self and Other" on March 10 , 2017 at the ICPR sponsored National Seminar on" Tribes of North East India:Exploring Identities Culture Politics and Philosophy”, hosted by Janki Devi Memorial College, New Delhi.

Dr. V. Rajyalakshmi delivered a lecture on the "Role of Women in Movements" on February 22, 2017 at the Government College for Women,Parade Ground, Jammu. On March 8, 2017, she presented a talk at MotiLal Nehru College, Delhi University on"A Socio- historical Sketch of the Status of Women".

Ms Pouriangthanliu presented a paper on 'Where does Motherland Begin?: Oral Traditions of the ZeliangrongNagas' on 24 March 2017, National Seminar on "Oral Tradition of the Nagas and the Tangible Heritage, the Makhel" at the Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research, JamiaMilliaIslamia.

She presented a paper on "Clothing, Politics and Identity among the Nagas' on 10 March at National Seminar on" Tribes of North East India: Exploring Identities Culture Politics and Philosophy", hosted by Janki Devi Memorial College, New Delhi.

Also presented a paper on 'Clothing, Politics and Identity: The Attires of Rani Gaidinliu (1915-93)' at the 4th International Conference on North-East India Reframing India's North-East: People, Power And Perspectives, organised bySikkim University, Gangtok 24th to 26th November 2016.


Ms. Charu Kala, Ms Kanika Kakar and Ms Pouriangthanliu participated in an interactive workshop conducted at the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics on Courses like Sociology of Kinship, Family and Intimacy

Research and Publications:

Kanika Kakar appeared for her Ph.D viva-voice on 3rd May2017 at the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. Her topic of research was 'Tradition, Modernity and Gender in the Globalising Context: A Study of the Weaving Community of Chanderi'.

Dr. V. Rajyalakshmi is currently engaged in writing a course unit for Sociology - Research Methodology - Historical Method, Comparative Method, Ethnographic and Feminist perspective for IGNOU

She is also subject expert for NIOS. As part of her engagement in NIOS project, she gives Radio lessons and prepares the E Materials.