The Limits of Intolerance: India's Experiments with Parametric Inclusivism

27th September, 2019 | Venue-Seminar Room, JDMC | Time-03:00pm

Gendering Sociology

Date- 26th September | Venue-Seminar Room | Time-11:00am

Sarnath Banerjee Media Report

Title of the Lecture: Graphic Fiction
Organized by Department of English, JDMC
25th July 2019

On 25th July the Department of English of Janki Devi Memorial College began the celebration of college's 60th year anniversary by inviting the prolific graphic novelist Mr. Sarnath Banerjee under its itinerary of the distinguished lecture series. Mr. Banerjee is a prolific graphic novelist with 7 renowned graphic novels under his authorship. His public lecture in the college was entitled "Graphic Fiction" where he provided his valuable insights into the sub-genre of graphic fiction in India.

For his lecture, Mr. Sarnath Banerjee was received by Dr. Swati Pal and together they started the tradition of this year's greenery drive of college by planting a sapling. After the exchange of hospitality and gifts of appreciation, Mr. Banerjee was introduced to the diverse crowd gathered to attend the public lecture by Dr. Sanjukta Naskar. Ms. Ruchi Kalita chaired the event and engaged Mr. Banerjee to discuss some pressing issues surrounding the genre of graphic narrative.

Mr. Sarnath Banerjee has a distinct canvas of themes for his graphic novels. His works tends to focus on the cityscapes and its cultural values along with his own touch of mythologies to his fictional world. The highlights of his lecture were the insights on the form of graphic novel, the combination of visual with texts and how this hybridity plays out with each other in some of his books. Using the PowerPoint presentation Mr. Banerjee showed the visuals from his graphic novel "All Quiet in Vikaspuri" and explained how he played with the spatial space provided by the medium of graphic narrative. Through his anecdotes, Mr. Banerjee also introduced some of the preliminaries to the attending scholars about the act of writing and organizing the work. The lecture was culminated by Mr. Banerjee with introduction to his latest novel "Doab Dil" and some of his future projects and his methodologies.

Towards the end the floor was opened for Q&A session with the speaker to which both the faculty and the students participated enthusiastically. The lecture ended with both the faculty and the students expressing their humble gratitude to the speaker for taking his time out and providing such an engaging lecture.

Arunava Sinha Media Report

Title of the Lecture: Translation and the world
Organized by Department of English, JDMC
20th August 2019

Followingits suit of its distinguished lecture series, the English Department of Janki Devi Memorial College organized its second public lecture on 20th August, titled "Translation and the World" with Mr. Arunava Sinha, who is a distinguished translator of Bengali fiction and nonfiction into English.

Abiding to the environmental protection principles of the college, Mr. Sinha planted a sapling in the college before the beginning of his lecture.He was received by Dr. Swati Pal, the principal of the college, where they exchanged a few words of gratitude and tokens of appreciation. He was further introduced to the attending scholars by Dr. Sanjukta Naskar who enlisted Mr. Sinha's literary accomplishments and told the audience that by far he has translated more than 50 works and has received multiple national and international awards such as "Muse India Translation Awards".

Mr. Arunava Sinha began his lecture with a story of Mahmoud Darwish,which he gradually transitioned to the role of a translator in contemporary literary domain. He enthusiastically engaged with the audience to made his lecture relatable to the attending scholars from multiple disciplines. The audience interaction involved translating Bengali phrases into English. Some of his highlights into the world of translation included the questions of authorship, the factor of authenticity between the subject matter and linguistics, and the interplay of generic conventions through the act of translation. One of the highlights of Mr. Sinha's lecture was about his critical perspective on authorial intentions versus the translator's interpretation, which was explained in detail through his slideshow presentation.

After the lecture the floor was opened for a Q&A session with the guest, which the audience availed to their maximum benefit, asking a range of questions spanning from classical to contemporary translations. The event culminated with a token of thanks from the faculty members,expressing their gratitude for Mr. Sinha who imparted his invaluable knowledge into this distinct field of literature.


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