About the Society

Enactus JDMC aligns with the global vision of Enactus to create a better, more sustainable world. Our aim is to employ the ingenious skills of the youth and build a community of social innovators and change makers. Enactus JDMC was founded in November 2019 and began its official operations from February 2020. Through the course of our initial workings, we conducted several brainstorming sessions and discussions to better equip the founding team with the knowledge required to take the society forward.


Ms. Sanjukta Naskar

Ms. Ifrah Rehman

Mr. Pankaj

Core Members

Co- Presidents: Shubhra Dutta & Shirley Sethi

Vice President: Kashvi Chandok

General Secretary: Angaja Khankeriyal

Treasurer: Ishika Ohlan



An initiative to preserve the traditional craft of the local artisans. Keeping in mind the fact that they go through a lot of hardships and are hardworking, we wish to support them. This project strives to ensure that we provide them with a source through which they are able to reach a wider range of customers.

There are so many shopkeepers selling unique, elegant and eye-catching products that need to get recognised. People aren't aware of these small-scale vendors. Enactus JDMC wants to focus on this aspect for a better standard of living.

Enactus JDMC also has Project Vridhi under initiation. It is an endeavour to make basic sanitation facilities greener, affordable and accessible to all.

Workshops and Webinars-

1) Enactus JDMC organised its first interactive workshop in association with ComMutiny: The Youth Collective on 5th March, 2020. Through various activities and games Ms. Priyanka Sarkar and Mr. Akshit Jain helped students in identifying problems, sorting them under heads and eventually finding solutions to the problems. The speakers enlightened the students about effective social entrepreneurship.

2) Webinar with the founder of Metvy- An AI startup by two Delhi University students: Enactus JDMC organized its first interactive webinar on 20th June, 2020 in collaboration with Metvy's co-founder Mr. Rajan Luthra on "How to go about Social Entrepreneurship". The webinar highlighted the various tools and techniques that can be utilised by upcoming Indian socio-entrepreneurial ventures to gain better reach and standing in the pre-existing and highly competitive non-profit sector of the country.

3) Webinar on sustainability and environmental protection: We organised our second webinar on 1st August, 2020 in collaboration with Youth for Climate India on 'India, climate laws and us'. The session was focused around the EIA draft 2020 and its shortcomings and how it will affect the already worsening environmental conditions owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Collaboration with Metvy (an intuituive hyper-local networking platform)

Enactus JDMC had a collaboration with an AI based company "Metvy" that predicts the needs of its users, helps them find the most suitable connections in lieu of their interests.

The members of Enactus JDMC, took part in Metvy's 1 month long live project, with 5 different domains. Namely, Human resources, marketing and branding, finance, statistics, analytics.

This was a chance for the participating members to enhance their skills in their preferred domain. The one-month long project gave the members a deeper understanding of the practical working in the corporate world.

Mental health series

In honour of THE WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, Enactus JDMC decided to raise awareness about mental health as we believe in bringing about sustainability without compromising on the well-being of all.

Enactus JDMC organized a photography competition on the topic Mental Health in The Covid Crisis which was judged by few experienced photographers who proved their worth in the Delhi University circuit . The competition received a heartwarming response and was a great success .

An online webinar was also organized and Ms.Amrita Sarkar, a visionary in her field, helped us to take a closer look at the struggles and mental health issues of the LGBT+ community and how Covid has further deteriorated their health.

Society workings

We conduct weekly meetings online as of now, but we plan on having multiple interactive meetings and brain storming sessions in person upon the reopening of the college.