Euphonie 2019-20

Euphonie, the western music society of Janki Devi Memorial College is based on the concept of performing in various forms such as solos, duets, trios, choir and A-capella. It follows a simple genre and works on songs that are related to the contemporary issues happening around, in order to create awareness among the crowd. Euphonie believes in performing for a cause.
  Euphonie has confidence in its members and believes that each one can be its own “Conductor” to hold on to the harmonies and melodies in an Acapella piece.


Euphonie conducts two rounds of auditions-
•The first round of auditions on 31st July, 2019 in which 7 students got selected: Naomi, Dipannita, Simran, Aparna, Diksha, Drishti and Shubhangi.
•The second round of auditions was held on 17th August, 2019. 5 students got selected in this round: Chitralekha, Mayuri, Sana, Rufina and Snigdha. d
Text Box: Euphonie Batch of 2019-20


 Teacher’s day

On the fifth of September, Janki Devi Memorial College celebrated the teacher’s day by conducting a small ceremony in honour of our teachers. A cultural event was organised by the students of different societies to showcase our appreciation towards all the hard work the teachers put in their job. Euphonie, the western music society of the college prepared a song called ‘Stand by Me’ by Ben E. King. Sung in three parts harmony, the song delivered the message of how important the support of teachers is in the lives of students. The song came to an end with loud claps and hooting echoing around the auditorium.

Text Box: Teacher’s Day, 5th September 2019


Book Fair

Euphonie was given a chance to sing in front of a huge  crowd during the book fair held at Pragati maidan on 12th September, 2019. We performed a total of three songs, two choirs and one solo .
The choir sang , ‘Stand by me’ by Ben E. King and ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day And the solo artist Shabana sang , ‘Prison Trilogy’ by Joan Baez

Text Box: Performing at the Book Fair, 12thSept2019.


Performance for IQAC

Euphonie also performed a medley at JDMC for a workshop on ‘Leaders : Principles Values and Challenges’ organised for students of the Economics and Mathematics Department on 28th. September, 2019. It was organised by the IQAC
Text Box: Performance for the IQAC


Panorama 2020

Euphonie was given the opportunity to inaugurate the north eastern fest "Panorama" on the 31st of October, 2019 . We performed a mash-up of numerous north eastern songs of different states.


Text Box: Euphonie Performing at Panorama, the N-E Festival



Symphony Inaugural

Euphonie performed at the inaugural  of the college's annual fest "Symphony2020" on 8th January, 2020 .
Euphonie performed a mash-up of two songs , ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna and ‘The Times They Are A-Changin' by Bob Dylan .
The song diamonds was chosen to mark the Diamond jubilee year of the college and the second song Times They Are A-Changin' was chosen to show our support and solidarity towards the teachers and students who have faced violence and repression in recent times.

Text Box: Euphonie Performing at the Inaugural of Symphony 8th Jan 2020

Symphony Inter -College Singing Competition

Symphony- Day 3, 10th January, 2020

Euphonie organised the annual inter-college competition for western music in the solo and group song categories.Mr. Kenny Emmanuel was the judge for both Solo and Acapella competitions.

There were 14 participants for the solo competition, the winners were:
1. Aishwary Jai Singh - Hindu College 2. Srisha Sarkar - JMC
3. Aroonema Koteyal, KMC

There were 10 Acapella groups. Winners are as follows:
1. Aria-Hindu College
2. Dhwani - SSCBS
3. Swaranjali-AGITM

The competition level was very high and a lot of talented students from various Delhi University colleges took part in the competition.
Text Box: Participants at W. Music Group Competition, Symphony


Awards, Honourable Mentions

-Mercy, Naomi, Snigdha, and Dipannita from Euphonie secured the Third place at ‘Unplugged’ the group song category organised by Munjal University.
-Naomi Vungbiakmuan secured Second place as Ambedkar University Solo Singing Competition
-Naomi Vungbiakmuan accompanied by Simran won the First Prize at the Solo Singing Competition at Gargi College’s Annual Cultural Festival
-Naomi Vungbiakmuan accompanied by Simran won the Second Prize in the Solo Singing Competition organized by Dyal Singh College

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Euphonie, the Western Music Society of Janki Devi Memorial College performs with both a-capella, as well as traditional rock band formats. The society uses different music expressions- everything from folk music, the Blues, Alternative Rock, along with popular Hindi songs, to create a unique sound for their performances.

Orientation Day: Ms. Rini Joshi, (Hons.) III, performed a solo song ‘Little Me ’on the Orientation day to welcome the new batch of 2016 and introduce the society. She was accompanied on the guitar by Mr. Ronojoy Sircar (Dept. of English and Co- Convener, Euphonie).

Auditions: The society held rigorous auditions for its new members in the first week of August, 2016. This was met with enthusiastic participation and 12 new members were selected.

Raahgiri: As part of its social responsibility, Euphonie performed a medley for Pink Raahgiri; a car-free citizens initiative. This particular event held at Connaught Place on the 16th of October, 2016 focused on raising awareness for Breast Cancer.

Symphony 2017: Euphonie participates actively in the cultural programs organized in the college. For the inaugural ceremony, the society performed a medley of ‘Farewell Angelina’, ‘Lay Lady Lay’ and ‘Hallelujah’ as an homage to three great folk artists; Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

The society also hosted competitions under the aegis of the Western Music Society. There was a Solo competition followed by an a-capella competition where prominent colleges from around Delhi University and elsewhere, came to participate in huge numbers. The team from Gargi College took the first position in group singing, followed by Miranda House and IHE in the second and third respectively. In the solo category Madhur Bhardwaj (Trinity College), Yash Jain (Firoze Gandhi College) and Raveena (Janki Devi Memorial College) got the first, second and third positions.

Members of Euphonie competed in the cultural events of various colleges in the University of Delhi.

Priyanka Mani won the First Position at Shaheed Rajguru College in the Solo Singing Category. She won the second position at ARSD College in the Solo Singing Category. She also won the Third position at Shaheed Bhagat Sing College in the Solo Singing category.

Mansi Arora, Rhea Gupta, and Juey Mitra from Euphonie collaborated with Bardolators, the Shakespeare Society of the college to add musical accompaniment to their production Mohe Piya Behrupia. This production went on to win the prize for ‘Best Ensemble Cast’ at the SSI competition in 2017.

Academic Year 2017-18

Orientation Day: The members of Euphonie welcomed the new batch of students with a medley of One Love, Roar and Stronger.

Auditions: The Society held a two- stage rigorous round of auditions in the first week of August, 2017. Five new members were selected. We are pleased to welcome Shabana Ahmed, Ningshirum, Elangbam Tama, Priscilla and Gitanjali to Euphonie.

Western Music started as an event for Symphony, the annual college cultural festival, in 2005 and remained so for another two years. The competition was generally issue/genre based such as Blues/ songs related to the idea of Revolution, etc. Right from the beginning, the event was a great hit and close to 14 colleges would participate in various categories such as solo, duet and group. Well known rock bands such as Them Clones and Parikrama judged the competition. In these initial years, students interested in Western Music were identified. They rehearsed with the help of amateur trainers and very few instruments donated by faculty members. Gradually they began performing not just for inter college fests where they bagged prizes, but for other events within the college. In 2007, the Western Music Society named Euphonie was formed. Thereafter, the students have participated and have won numerous prizes in inter as well as intra musical competitions like BITS Pilani, IIT Delhi, Tempest-Miranda House to name a few.

   Along with participating in the plethora of Western Music competitions in the various colleges/universities in and around Delhi, the members also take special interest in various dramatic performances, in which they participate as active members of ‘Bardolators’, the Shakespeare society of the college with a special focus on the Shakespeare Society of India national competition. The members from Euphonie add a musical element to the Shakespearean proceedings by adapting to choral voices, and musical forms of narratives which take the audience by surprise. Members of Euphonie were also actively engaged in the college production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in 2012, where the play was performed both at college, and at the Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House. This was received with great adulation.