Sociology Association Activities (July -November 2107)

Film Screening
On 17th August, the Sociology Association organized screening of two films: The Color Purple and The India Untouched: Stories of People Apart. The screening was followed by an interactive session based on their sociological relevance. These films contributed immensely to the understanding ofracism and caste.

Talk on Triple Talaq
On 9th September the Association organised a talk on Triple Talaq by Khadija Faruqui. She talked about Islam as a religion based on justice and peace and Quran as it’s law book. According to Islam marriage is a contract and the procedure to annul it is laid down in Quran. Faruquiemphasised that triple talaq is unconstitutional and thatpersonal law can be challenged in supreme court if it violates fundamental rights.

Session with KamlaBhasin
On 11th October, eminent feminist KamlaBhasin conducted a session on feminism. She focused on the feminist ideas, patriarchal power relations as well on the inter-sectionalitybetween gender, caste and race. KamlaBhasin enthralled the audience by reciting some of her famous poems and songs on emancipation of women. The session ended with interactive round where students as well as teachers asked questions related to gender discrimination in the everyday context.

Discussion with Asha Singh
On 8th of November, the department invited Asha Singh (Nirbhaya’s Mother) to interact with the students.She spoke in detail about her experiences of fighting against the violence meted out to her daughter.She shared with anguish about the proceedings of the rape case and her battle to get justice for her daughter. She also emphasized upon the importance of raising voice against injustice, and harassment. Students participated in the interaction by sharing their personal experiences and coping strategies in dealing with harassment.

To strengthen intra-department unity and team spirit and a forum for students to engage in academic and creative activities, an event called 'SOCH' was held on 15th November. This event included Quiz, Pictionary, Photography and Face-PaintingCompetitions. Each of these competitions was organized on sociologically relevant themes. The face-paintingsrepresenting the theme ‘Sexuality’,was inaugurated by the Principal who also participated in the same. The Quiz also featured questions pertaining to the discipline and general awareness.The Pictionary and Photography contests captured the ‘Moment of the Day’. The students from all the three yearsand teachers enthusiastically participated in all the events. Principal Dr. Swati Pal appreciated the students for their innovative ideas and talents. The event showcased the creative expression of classroom learning.

Wareness Campaign on Retinoblastoma

ENQUESTO on 20 Sep'17

International Day of Yoga

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