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Quality Statement of JDMC

A commitment to quality requires a conscious effort to be the best in one’s area of expertise. To earn this accolade, one needs to constantly strive for it. A constant review and revision of the institutional policies and a will to implement them with utmost sincerity are the hallmarks of an institution of quality.

The mission of this college is to impart value education, in keeping with our Gandhian roots, that teaches life skills for economic independence to women, irrespective of their regional, class, religious and ethnic affiliations. In almost six decades of existence, the college has provided a nurturing environment to students from all parts of India, many of whom are differently-abled and first generation college goers hailing from marginalised sections of society.

As a higher education institute, it is the professed intention of the college to facilitate the educational experience of all students. The college has consistently worked to enhance:

- Academic standards to provide the best possible educational experience to all students

- Institutional infrastructure that enables students to learn in a conducive environment

- Transparency in academic and administrative activities of the college

- Engagement with all stakeholders which provides a corruption free and favourable environment to all

- Commitment to society and environment that encourages the students to behave like responsible citizens of the world

- Professional interactions that provide valuable inputs to students to chart out their future

To accomplish these aims, the college has regular brain storming and review sessions to assess the successes and failures of its policies. This helps us consolidate our gains and revise our operations further.

These formal appraisals also encourage accountability and professionalism among the staff and faculty, which leads to an overall improvement in the quality of the institution’s operations.

JDMC-IQAC was constituted in 2015 and has been working tirelessly to institutionalise quality in all aspects of the functioning of the college.

Three meetings each of the full Internal Quality Assurance Cell and the internal members of the IQAC of the college have been held in the past three years. To enhance our engagement to fulfil the primary function of the college, which is to educate and train students in a transparent, efficient and accountable fashion, the IQAC first sensitised the faculty and staff about the importance of working professionally.

Introduction of formal Feedback mechanisms:

Student-faculty meetings:

We started monthly student-faculty meetings in which students and faculty of each department meet and talk in an open and non-threatening environment about anything that needs discussion, which could be related to teaching, infrastructure, library, canteen or interpersonal problems. The minutes of these meetings are maintained by each department and the action taken with regard to each issue, discussed in the subsequent meetings. The student response to these meetings has been very positive, as their problems are addressed immediately. This also makes them feel directly invested in the academic and corporate life of the college.

Feedback forms (link:

Earlier, the feedback mechanism of the college was informal and therefore, not as effective. In the past three years, starting with student feedback forms, the IQAC has gone on to introduce feedback forms for the alumni, parents of students, faculty, employers and the non-teaching staff. These forms are filled and analysed and the recurrent issues are then addressed.

Introduction of online mode / computerisation

To make the teaching-learning and administrative processes and functioning more efficient, environment-friendly and less time-consuming, the IQAC has been diligently encouraging the digitisation of the systems of the college.

One of IQAC’s most student and education friendly initiatives has been getting customised softwares for students to select their Semester-wise Generic Elective (GE) Course and Skill Enhancement (SE) Course options, which are the highlights of the CBCS. The software enables students to access these forms by cell phone too. While the link

( is live, students can register online; they can also change their passwords and course options, if required; it also informs them when the seats in a particular course get full and when the registration process is completed.

- All the feedback forms (students form, alumni, parents, faculty and non-teaching staff) are available online to simplify access and quantification of data.

- The Students’ Union elections in the college are also held online, thereby saving huge amounts of paper and are also extremely efficient.

- University of Delhi has computerised the admission process, starting with registration, enrolment and fee payment. In addition to that, now the college timetable, uploading of attendance and internal assessment, as well as the examination duty lists are all done by using software.

- JDMC-IQAC also initiated computerisation of administrative processes for greater efficiency and paper saving by encouraging the use of various softwares by the administrative and accounts staff for updating records, examinations, salary statements etc.

Creating a research culture among faculty and students

- The college IQAC helped set up the Academic Excellence Committee to encourage greater research engagement in the faculty, where the research projects of the faculty and students are discussed and valuable practical advice is given.

- Construction of a dedicated Research Room equipped with six computers to provide access to a range of online research resources for the faculty to engage in online research.

- Provision of Seed money for research: The College IQAC requested the management to fund research in the college. Consequently, the College Trust has generously provided Rs. Five Lakh as seed money to encourage a culture of research, which has been distributed among all the departments and individual faculty members who have undertaken research in the past few months.

Organising skill enhancement / enrichment lectures and workshops for students, faculty and non-teaching staff

In the last two years, the College IQAC has organised lectures/workshops/ FDPs on many topics to enhance the professional skills and experience of all stakeholders of the college qualitatively.

- Counselling sessions by Zyego for students and faculty

- A seminar on ‘Service Rules for the Non-Teaching Staff’

- A seminar on ‘Research Options for Faculty’ by from UGC, ICSSR, ICHR, IGNAC representatives

- A workshop on ‘Digitisation and Conservation’ for Library Staff

- Microsoft Certification Course was organised for faculty

- FDP on R Programming in collaboration with ICT Academy

- A value added course on ‘Financial Literacy’ for faculty and non-teaching staff by National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Career oriented courses and systems to energise placements / internships

- Prathibha Centre for Foundation Classes (Competitive Exams) was set up in May 2018 for undergraduate students from all academic streams. All those who are aiming to clear the competitive exams conducted by UPSC, State Public Service Commissions, SSC and entrance exams of LLB, B.Ed. etc. can opt for these classes.

- To facilitate dissemination of information about competitive exams, internships and job prospects, a special cell was set up in November 2017. The members of the cell created whatsapp groups for different sets of students with divergent requirements like preparing for competitive exams, internships opportunities, and jobs to keep them apprised of developments in these areas.

- A new LED information board was also installed to inform the college students and faculty about the most updated information on these topics.

Encouraging talents of students through Co- and Extra-Curricular Societies

JDMC-IQAC helped with the establishment of fourteen new co-curricular societies ranging from Impreneur, Aamdani, Chetna, Counselling Cell, Inquizition, Kalakriti, Logos, Lumiere, Iridescent, Rhetorque, Saarang, Taabir, Upvan, Vichar to the already existing co- and extra- curricular societies to further encourage and engage students’ interests.

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