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Dr Bharti Arora

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Iridescent: The English Creative Writing Society of Janki Devi Memorial College was formed in 2015 on popular demand by students. It aims to cultivate a community of writers of every genre, from every department in the college. The activities of the society are carried out under the aegis of the Convenors- Dr. Antara Datta, Ms. Tarini Pandey and Ms. Tannu Sharma. The society focuses on the art of creative writing and nurtures the potential of the students in the same by conducting various workshops and holding impromptu writing sessions in the weekly meetings.

Virtual Book Club: A Covid Outreach Initiative by Iridescent

Iridescent: The English Creative Writing Society of JDMC hosted a Virtual Book Club for the society members. The aim of this exercise was to encourage the members to read and discuss their perspectives with fellow readers. It was a successful endeavour as members not only put their perspectives forward but there was an active engagement amongst them over various perspectives. It was also a well appreciated initiative during the lockdown.

The discussions were held once a week in a WhatsApp group from 11th April 2020 to 12th May 2020. The members discussed a novella, two poems and a short story. The texts were decided in advance and calendars were prepared to help the members take out time from their day and read the texts regularly.

The first text that was discussed was Animal Farm by George Orwell. The discussion took place over the course of two weeks. The members read the novella according to the calendar and two rounds of discussion took place. The first discussion was about the first half of the novella and the second discussion was about the second half of the novella. During the course of discussions, members put forward their understanding of the novella, its context and form.

This was followed by a discussion on two poems over the course of two weeks. The poems were "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop and "Villanelle" by Agha Shahid Ali. Both of the poems are written in French poetry style, Villanelle. The members discussed the ideas behind the poems and how the form was used to bring out the ideas. One of the major takeaways from this discussion was the enthusiasm of the members to incorporate this writing style into their writings.

The last text was a short story "Overcoat" by Nikolai Gogol. The members had a good time reading the story as they discussed the nuances of writing and the events that took place in the story.

A conference meeting took place on 21st May 2020 to conclude the virtual meetings. The members discussed their experience over the course of one month. The initiative helped them during this period of physical distancing. A lot of them started to read more books during the course of this activity. The book club was concluded with members giving each other book recommendations.

The book club was a successful endeavour as the group actively took initiative to discuss the texts. Moreover, it inspired them to read and write more during these trying times.


Iridescent: The English Creative Writing Society of JDMC's Annual Report 2019-2020 C

Convenors: Dr. Antara Datta, Ms. Tarini Pandey and Ms. Tannu Sharma

Iridescent: The English Creative Writing Society of JDMC conducted Intra-College Freshers' Creative Writing on 11th September 2019. The theme of the competition was 'Underworld'. Kashvi Chandok from B.A. (H) English 1st year secured 1st position followed by Apoorva Tripathi from B.A. (Prog) 1st year who bagged the 2nd position.

The society also organised a Letter Writing Campaign in collaboration with the Mental Health Foundation (India) for Mental Health Fiesta 2019. In the spirit of awareness and action, it was a social support movement where students wrote affirmative letters and postcards to strangers about ideas of happiness, mental wellness, hope and resilience from individual experiences of loss, anger, heartbreaks and rejections.

Iridescent also facilitates the production of the Annual college magazine, Janki. It has submissions for various genres, from every department in the college. The Magazine consists of sections on poetry, fiction, non-fiction, satire and the like. It is a Trilingual magazine with Sanskrit and Hindi sections in it. It also includes a section written and compiled by the Maths Department. Iridescent is responsible for curating the English section of the magazine and compiling the whole, along with the student design team, to craft the annual magazine of JDMC.

The society established a Virtual Book Club this academic session as well. The four-week long endeavour was initiated to encourage a habit of reading in the members and to further discussion surrounding literary trends. From 11 April 2020 to 12 May 2020, the members of the society discussed pre-decided texts, both prose and poetry, virtually. The first text that was discussed with the members was Animal Farm by George Orwell. This was followed by two sessions dedicated to discussing poetry- both forms and content- through poems such as "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop and "A Villanelle" by Agha Shahid Ali. The final text that was read and pondered upon by the members of the book club was "The Overcoat", a short story by Nikolai Gogol. The members of the society participated in this initiative enthusiastically. The prescribed readings became the basis through which they were able to understand various forms of writing and multiple genres as well. The discussions also gave them a platform to question and debate various themes prevalent in the text and connect them to the problems present in the society today. Moreover, it helped the members to be part of a group activity in a time when social distancing has forced everyone to occupy isolated spaces.

The members of the society hold weekly meetings to discuss the following –
  • Workshops to be held
  • Book Club Project
  • Translation Project
Iridescent encourages every form of creativity and displays the students’ efforts on the assigned bulletin board.


The society conducts various workshops for the interested students that witnesses reputed and renowned personalities of the literary arena. Workshops for Prose, Poetry, Journalism and Script-Writing attracts a huge number of students from every department.


Iridescent organises two institutional competitions over the term of a session, namely, Atul Krishna Binodini Inter-College Creative Writing Competition and Freshers’ Creative Writing Competition. Apart from these, the society also organises several intra and inter college competitions that promote innovation in creativity.


The office bearers of Iridescent also form the Editorial Board of the College Magazine which is a trilingual annual magazine that provides a space for creative and literary expression in English, Hindi and Sanskrit to students.