Kalakriti Art Club

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”- Leonardo Da Vinci.



KALAKRITI, the ART CLUB of Janki Devi Memorial College was set up in 2016 under the initiative and guidance of its Convenor, Ms Smita Mitra, in response to the College students’ growing desirefor a platform to express their artistic and creative talents, whether for national social issues, college functions or for plain fun with colours and other materials.The Club also seeks to organise culturally relevant activities and workshops by inviting professionals from relevant fields.

In this Semester(July to November 2017)

In this Semester(July to November 2017)Kalakriti Art Club arranged for enhancing the skills of its student members with a field trip to Lodhi Gardens on 20th September, where classes in drawing and sketching were held by a professional artist.

In addition to this, a special workshop was conducted on embroidery styles especially Lucknawichikan- embroidery on 18th October which students greatly enjoyed.

Some of the students also participated in Rangsrijan(Hindu College- Fine Arts Competition) held on 11th October, where they exhibited their art works.


The ART CLUB began its activitiesin August 2016, with the making of Greeting Cards for our Army Jawans on the occasion of AZAADI@ 70 YAAD KARO QURBANI, a MHRD initiative. With active support from our Principal, Dr Swati Pal, students and teachers made more than 300 greeting cards as a show of collective gratitude for the bravery and sacrifices of our Army Jawans posted at the border outposts. JDMC was the first Delhi University college to have taken this initiative of making and sending cards to the Army Jawans.

On 21st August 2016, a Heritage Walk was organised for students in collaboration with INTACH. The Walk covered some Heritage sites that commemorate the Mutiny of 1857. The students also prepared beautiful project work covering the sites visited by them. There was a significant participation of students from many disciplines in this walk.

On 24th August 2016, a Poster- Collage making competition on the theme FREEDOM was organised. Again there was a highstudent participation and 34 entries were received. Special Certificates of Merit were awarded to the prize winning entries by the Principal and participation certificates were also given to all participants.

From 5th to 7th October 2016, the Art Club organised the Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations which included the following:

A Panel Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi’s early life through his various nationalistic movements till his death was put up enthusiastically by the Club members. The students also drew and painted Gandhi’s profile and the Dandi March ( Salt Satyagraha) scenes on Khadi cloth and other related posters with which they decorated the College Auditorium on this occasion. As a mark of tribute to Gandhi’s vision of Rural India, focussing on the rich cultural heritage of India a program showcasing thefolk dances and songs from various parts of India ,was organised.

A Crafts Mela and Book Exhibition on Gandhiwere set up in collaboration with Gandhi Smriti and DarshanSamiti (GSDS).

The Art Club also organised a Workshop on the Theme “Youth Volunteerism for Constructive Work” in collaboration with GSDS to inspire and exhort the students to take up volunteering work for the welfare of Man and Society.

The students of Art Club are participating in various Inter – College Poster/ Collage/Mehendi competitions and are therebyfulfilling their artistic passions.

Kalakriti Art Club makes Greeting
Cards for Jawans

Kalakriti Art Club Organizes Heritage Walk in collaboration with INTACH

Kalakriti Art Club organizes poster-making competition on “Freedom”

Kalakriti Art Club organizes Panel Exhibition on Gandhi Jayanti

Kalakriti Art Club organizes recital of Folk Dances and Music from various parts of India on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti

Kalakriti Art Club organizes a Crafts Mela and Book Exhibition on Gandhi Jayanti in collaboration with Gandhi Smriti and DarshanSamiti

Kalakriti Art Club organized a Workshop on “Youth Volunteerism for Constructive Work” in collaboration with Gandhi Smriti and DarshanSamiti.