The North East Students Group


The North East Students' Group (NESG) of Janki Devi Memorial College organised the 2nd edition of its annual north east festival 'PANORAMA 2019' on 31st October, 2019 with the theme 'Complexity in Diversity'. The fest kicked off with theinnaugral cultural program which was graced by Chief Guest Mercy Epao (Director / MSME),the principal of JDMC Dr. Swati Pal, staff advisors , teachers , non-teaching staff and students from the college and various colleges. The program consisted of a fashion walk showing the different attires of the 8 states of the Northeast; dances from Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Assam and a medley of various NE folk songs performed by the Euphonie.

The cultural program was followed by a Panel Discussion on the topic ' Complexity in Diversity' presided over by 3 guest speakers - Dr.LalhmingmawiiGangte (MSW, PhD); Dr.SanghamitraDhar (Development Professional and Gender Expert); and SandipanTalukdar (Consultant, Newsclick) . The panellists discussed on various aspects of the theme such as gender, geography and consciousness.

The fest also had various stalls from outside and some being put up the college students themselves. Some of them being the Assamese food stall, the Sikkim food stall, the Manipur food stall , notebooks , tarot cards and the henna stall. The fest was sponsored by Canopy Northeast, a travel agency for the north east based in Assam.

The Fest was concluded with the NE Folk dance and singing competition which was monitored by judges KaguiGonmei for Singing Competition and Dr. Kush Gayasen and Ms Debahuti for Dance Competition. There were many participants from various colleges of Delhi University for both the Competitions. The 1st prize for the singing competition was bagged by Nazarene Sangma from Hans Raj College and the 2nd prize byMarileenaTamang from Faculty of Music,Delhi University. 'Shristi and Group' from MotiLal Nehru College won the 1st prize for the NE Folk Dance competition and the runner up was Suranjoy from RamlalAnand College . All the participants put up a wonderful show for the Fest.

It was a successful event enjoyed by the students and staff. The North East Students Group of JDMC is a platform given by the college where the students can showcase various cultures and aspects of the North East part of India. The NESG hopes to organize more events and also have more engagements in various College functions to encourage a better and stronger cooperation among the North East students.


The North-East Students' Groupof Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi University organised its first edition of North-East Fest 'PANORAMA 2018' onFriday, 12th October, 2018, in the college auditorium. The programme consisted of three sessions.

First Session

The inaugural session was graced by Mr.HibuTamang,IPS Additional Commissioner of Police and Special Police Unit for North East Region (SPUNER) Delhi Police as the Chief Guest of the Fest. Many teachers and students from various Delhi University Colleges attended the programme. The two comperes Jennifer and Shravani commenced the function at 10.30 A.M.

The program began witha marvellous Kshatriya dance performed byAdityawhich left the crowd spellbound. The former President of the NESG, KethosinuoTepa welcomed and felicitated the Chief Guest. The Principal's inspiring speech was followed by the compendious speech of the Hon'ble Chief Guest, who inter-alia, informed the gatherings about the necessary applications and help-linesof Delhi Police for the North East people residing in Delhi.

The fusion of Mizo traditional dances with their colourful attractive outfits performed by the NE Students, followed by a Ramp walk showcasing the different traditional dresses of the 8 NE States attracted ecstatic and rapturous applause from the crowd.


Thelast dance performed by the VIBGYOR kids melted everyone’s hearts with their lively and cheerful performance. The session concludedwith a vote of thanks by the newly elected President of the society, PriscillaGangte. The audience was guided to the next venue by the NESG Executive members.

Second Session

A Panel Discussion On Rethinking Youths: For a Shared future In North East

Delhi 12 October North East Students' group of Janki Devi Memorial College presents a panel discussion on rethinking youths: for a shared future in North East on Friday 12 October from 11:45am to 1:00pm at the college committee room. The seminar started with a warm welcome of our special guests with a small gift. The students along with the teachers and guests from different colleges were present in the seminar. Our special guests shared their views and opinions through their experiences which really motivate all the audience in the room. The aim of the seminar was to encourage and uplift the students of north east so that they could create a space on their own circle. Our special guest for the seminar 1.Ms.Ngurang Reena PhD Research scholars, Centre for European studies School of international Studies, JNU Delhi.2. Mr. Dennis Lallienzuol Youth member, United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth.3.Ms.Nzonmongi Jasmine Patton Assistant Professor, Gargi College, University Of Delhi. Teachersconvenors: BijoyataYonzonDevagiriBrahmachari The earnest and cooperation of the audience lived up the seminar. There was an opening questionnaire time in which the answer were discussed by the special guests. If we could come up with more of a seminar related with our present topic it will be very helpful for the North Eastern students.

Third Session

The third session of the event was full of energy and enthusiasm. The session opened with aarunachali group dance performed by JDMC students of NESG.

The Open Folk dance/singing competition commenced by the arrival of 17 teams from different DU colleges. The two judges for the competition were Dr. LungthuiyangRaimeiAnd Madam Debadhuti who had a tough responsibility to choose the best from all the participants. Everyone sat glued to the show. The enthusiastic participants showed the vivid folk culture through their talents of Dancing and Singing. It was followed by prize distribution ceremony where the first position was secured by Group Manipuri Dance from JDMC, second position by Mareelina from Daulat Ram College and third position by KusumKumari from JDMC. There was two consolation prizes received for splendid performances by TuhinHandique from Venkesteswara College and Jayalumxi from JDMC.

The event was concluded by Vote of Thanks.

We really enjoyed a lot and dispersed with a sincere hope that such Northeast Fest would be organised again giving the students a chance to display the culture and showcase their talents.


An awareness and discussion session was organised by the North-East Students' Group of our college on Wednesday, the 14th November, 2018 at 10:45 am in the Seminar Room of the College, with Zyego, an emotional wellness management service provider for individuals and organisations based in New Delhi. The founder of Zyego, Shri Arindam Sen himself led the discussion on the struggles of North-East students in Delhi on topics such as Racial Discrimination, Fraud, Cultural Difference, etc. Students participated heartily by enacting some of the unpleasant incidents they faced in Delhi on the same issues. The discussion focussed on how to cope with such issues and overcome them by mingling with people from other communities, accepting cultural differences etc. Individual personal growth, development, self-esteem and Career opportunities were also discussed during the session.


The North-East Students' Group of our college organised a Freshers' Meet Program to welcome the Freshers batch of 2018-19 on Friday, the 17th August, 2018 in the NCWEB room near the College library. The event was marked by the attendance of by far the largest number of freshers from the Northeast States with great enthusiasm and active participation. Apart from the student members the event was also graced by the Principal ma'am and teacher convenors of the society.

Jennifer and Shravani, both 3rd year students, hosted the event.

Shabana, Tama & Ningshirum, 2nd year, Lalruatdiki, 3rd year, Ningshirum, 2nd year and Priscilla, 2nd year students entertained the audience by singing with their enchanting voices. After the introduction of the students, both old and new, the Principal ma’am delivered her welcome speech to all the freshers. The following students were elected as Executive members of the North East Student body:

President – Priscilla Gangte, B.A (P), 2nd year
Vice - President – Shabana Ahmed, B.A Socio (H), 2nd year
General Secretary – Pongkey Rangsong, B.A Pol Sci (H), 2nd year
Treasurer – Aditia Bordoloi & Aradhana
Public Relation Team Leaders – Veijahat Khongsai, Jaya Luxmi

The program ended with a group photo session followed by a sumptuous lunch party.


The North-East Students’ Group of our college organised a Farewell Party to bid adieu to its senior student members of 2017-18 batch on Thursday, the 19th April, 2018 in the NCWEB room near the College library. The event, attended by many Northeast student members and the teacher convenors of the society, was a celebration to reminisce those joyous moments of the years spent together with friends and teachers. The hosts of the ceremony, Jennifer and Shravani, both 2nd year students, not only commenced the program at 12:30 pm with their opening remarks, but also performed terrific dance performance for the audience. Various sensational and entertaining events were witnessed during the short program. The enchanting duet from Shabana and Chayanika, students of B.A Socio (H) 1st year, solo singings performed by Shabana, Ningshirum, also 1st year student echoed across the room. The inspiring farewell speech of Principal ma’am was followed by spectacular ramp walk and group dance performed by the outgoing senior students. The happy endings of the program was in the form of gift distribution to the senior students followed by photo session. The gathering students and staff dispersed after a sumptuous lunch party.

The North-East students group of JDMC was created in the year 2013 with the objective to introduce the fresher students hailing from North-East States of the country to a comfortable and homely environment of the college by their seniors. The group also gives them a platform to showcase their culture and tradition through performances in college functions.