Principal's Message

To Strive, to seek, to find and not to yield are the words that Lord Alfred Tennyson's poem, 'Ulysses' ends with. These define what Janki Devi Memorial College stands for.

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Dear Students,

A college that strives relentlessly to excel in all domains be it academic, co curricular activities, personality development, skill development and sports. We strive to give students, faculty and non- teaching staff an environment that inculcates in them a sense of community while bringing out the best in each individual.

A college is a temple of learning. At Janki Devi, we seek to learn and we seek not just information but true knowledge. We understand that academic proficiency can be attained only through honesty and rigour. Both, teachers as well as students of this college leave no stone unturned to raise the bar for academic standards in all disciplines.

We cannot rest on our laurels and we have a good many! Janki Devi Memorial College attempts to find new paths to tread that can make our students not just great citizens of this nation, but indeed global achievers.

And finally, we do not forget to be humble. It is our humility, our strong Gandhian foundation that makes us courageous and strong, unyielding against all odds.

At Janki Devi Memorial College let’s LIVE for our college and for our country, and let’s live well. As it says so aptly in our college prayer, let us integrate:

(A life that integrates such principles as toleration, honesty, purity of thought and action, determination, detachment from the material, hard work, fearlessness, equality and of course, love for your country...)

Dr. Swati Pal