Department of Human Development and Family Empowerment (HDFE)

B.A (Programme) I Year (Semester II)
Introduction to Human Development

Write short notes on:

  • Scope of Human Development
  • Piaget’s Cognitive tasks
  • Common emotions in children
  • Moral development in adolescence
  • Need for Child Study

Long answer questions:
1. What do you understand by physical development? Compare the physical changes during early and middle childhood.
2. How would you characterize the stage of middle childhood? Specify the developmental milestones of language and cognitive development during this stage.
3. What is social development? How do peer relationships evolve from early childhood to adolescence?
4. What do you understand by the term 'developmental tasks'? Discuss the developmental tasks of adulthood.
5. Define 'adolescence'. Explain the physical changes and common challenges of this life stage.

B.A (Programme) II Year (Semester IV)
Introduction to Guidance and Counseling
Skill Enhancement Course (CBCS Mode)

Write short notes on:
1. Basic principles of guidance
2. Behavior Therapy
3. Individual and group Counseling
4. Need for Counseling services
5. Relationship between Guidance and Counseling

Long answer questions:
1. What are the steps involved in a counseling process? Highlight the guiding principles of counseling.
2. Compare the terms 'Counseling' and 'Therapy'. Suggest some of the situations where counseling is preferred over therapy.
3. How is teaching related to guidance? What are the ways to offer guidance services to school students?
4. Explain the significance of professional ethics in the field of counseling and guidance. List the general ethics observed in these fields.
5. Define 'Guidance'. What are the points to be kept in mind while guiding parents and children?

B.A (Programme) II Year (Semester IV)
Principles and Perspectives on ECCE C.No. - 2204421

Write short notes on:
1. Picture reading activity
2. Role of the teacher in ECE
3. Language Skills
4. Legislation related to ECCE
5. Short term/ Long term planning

Long answer questions:
1. What do you understand by the term 'curriculum'? Discuss the important aspects of development you will keep in mind while planning a pre-school curriculum.
2. What is a School Readiness programme? What are the activities you would include for the overall development of the child?
3. List the developmental needs of a pre-school child. Discuss any two domains of development in detail.
4. Define Play way method. Prepare a one day programme for pre-school children using this method.
5. Does Early Childhood Care and Education lay the foundation for primary education? Justify your answer with examples.

B.A (Programme) III Year (Semester VI)
Family and Child Welfare
Organization and Management of Childcare Services

Write short notes on:
1. Importance of activity based approach
2. Relevance of evaluation in ECE programme
3. Non-formal education - Salient features
4. Daily routine in a Creche 5. Objectives of Balwadi

Long answer questions:
1. Discuss the need for organizing ECCE programmes in India. How does it contribute to reduction in School dropout rate?
2. Is community support and participation important for the success of an ECCE programme? Explain giving reasons in support of your answer.
3. Activity planning is integral to an ECE programme. List different activities that you would include in an ECE Centre.
4. What steps would you take to resolve behavior disorders in children?
5. List the steps you would undertake to set up an Aanganwadi in an urban slum.