Students Union 2017-18

Oath Taking Ceremony

On 21st of August, Janki Devi Memorial College witnessed the student union representatives’ assumption of their roles. The formal Oath taking was held in the college auditorium and witnessed by over 200 members of the college fraternity, including more than half the faculty. The office bearers, who have been elected through a paperless and democratic process, were led by the Principal, Dr. Swati Pal for the swearing-in ceremony.
Shubhangi Sethi, BA PROG III year for the post of President, Muskan Sharma, B.Com II year for the post of Vice President, Neha Nishchal, B.Com (H) II year for the post of secretary and Muskan Punj, BA (H) Philosophy I year were sworn in as the office bearers of the union.
The staff advisors, Dr Sipu Jaiswal and Dr. Jayanti, thanked all present and shared their hopes for a glorious and successful year with the audience. They exhorted the students to be united in their efforts towards a brighter and greener future.


1 President Shubhangi Sethi B.A.(P) 3 rd Year 9424272960
2 Vice  President Muskan Sharma B.Com (H) 2nd year 8826583238
3 General Secretary Neha Nischal B.Com (H) 2nd year 8130245670
4 Treasurer   Muskaan Punj B.A. Philosophy (H) 1st yea 9540909467


1 Discipline Head Aditi Rajput B.Com (P) 3rd Year
2 Discipline Head Paavni Arora B.A (P) 3rd year
3 Discipline Head Tanu Yadav B.A (P) 3rd year
4 Cultural Head Krithika Kumar B.Com (H) 3rd year
5 Cultural Head Nisha Rani B.A (P) 3rd year
6 Media Head Shivika Gandhi B.Com (H) 3rd year
7 Media Head Alka B.Com 3rd year
8 Cleanliness Head Jyotika Yadav B.Com 3rd year
9 Cleanliness Head Komal Lohia B.A (P) 3rd year
10 Sponsorship Head Priya Arora B.Com (H) 3rd year
11 Sponsorship Head Mahira Siddiqui B.A (P) 3rd year
12 Hospitality Head Ankita B.A (P) 3rd year
13 Hospitality Head Minal Jain B.Com (P) 3rd year
14 Hospitality Head Vahini Singh B.A (P) 3rd year
15 Refreshment Head Sapna Negi B.Com (P) 3 rd Year
16 Refreshment Head Vahnisvari Bika B.Com (P) 3 rd Year