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InQuizition - Quizonics 2017 Report

InQuizition – The Quiz Society
Convenor – Dr. Ruplekha Khullar
Co-Convenors – Dr. Bharti Arora and Ms. Ruchika Bhatia

The Quiz Society – InQuizition conducted its inter-college Freshers’ Quiz titled Quizonics on the 21st September, 2017. The theme for this year’s competition was ‘If music be the food of love… Play on.’ The event saw an enthusiastic participation with 20 registered teams (of max 2 members) who came from various colleges across the University. The Quiz comprised of an audio-visual preliminary round of which six final teams were selected and the finalists competed in the subsequent theme-based rounds. The winners were as follows:

  • The First Prize was bagged by Krishna Chaitanya Akalam Khan and Atishay Khanna from Maharaja Surajmal Institute.
  • The Second Prize was shared between Dipayan Pal from Hansraj College and Bishwayan Bhattacharjee from Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College.
  • The Third Prize was won by Pavit Singh and Deepak Kumar of Hansraj College.
All the winners were awarded cash prizes and certificates for their zealous contribution to this event and making it a huge success.

Even though quizzing essentially is a form of entertainment, it differs from other forms of entertainment in one key respect: it requires the quiz master, quizzers and audience to be thoroughly engaged in this battle of brains. While it is only a select few who participate in quizzing, the pursuit of gaining a knowledge-base and the excitement of deducing answers from obscure bits of information inspires people of all age-groups, but mostly students, to take to quizzing.

The Quiz Society, Inquizition, has been active for the past quarter century. It organises quiz competitions at intra-college as well as inter-collegiate levels for students as well as teachers.
Two features that set apart Janki Devi Quizzes from other such events are as follows:

  • The quiz questions are based on events and ideas that have trended in the previous year.  Our quiz competitions do not require the quizzers to have read up Trivia Quiz books filled with information about some distant past. Instead, they require participants to keep abreast of news from across the world.
  • The preliminary round is always visual-based, which helps to keep participants as well as audience interested and involved right from the word go.

InQuizition Team 2017
Convenors: Dr. Ruplekha Khullar, Dr. Bharti Arora, and Ms. Ruchika Bhatia

Office Bearers: Muskan Jain (President), Mahima Kaul (Vice- president), Srishti Tandon (Secretary), Mehak Khattar (Coordinator) and Anshi Gupta (Treasurer).
The Inquizition members have participated this year in the much acclaimed quiz competition organised by the National Law University, New Delhi, in association with the Centre for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore.

Harshita Nangia and Arpita Chopra, B.Com (Hons.) II Year won the third position in Esperanza- the Corporate Fest of SSCBS in January 2017.

YEAR 2016 – 2017

Student Core Team: Ankita, Mehak, Shipra, Shruti, Himanshi and other student Members

Q & A-The inter-collegiate Quiz held during the annual cultural festival Symphony 2017 was attended by Twenty five teams out of which only six were selected to compete for the subsequent rounds. The topic for this year was India At a Glance. The Prelims (visual round) was based on visuals as usual and students had to identify them. The other five rounds ranged across themes like Sports, Fuel Efficiency, India and Foreign Affairs, and Culture and Entertainment. Another additional round called the Asit-Manimala, which has now become a regular feature of Q & A, was based on audio snippets which the teams were to correctly identify.This is a stand-alone round with a prize money of Rs. 1000/- just for this round.

First prize in the general rounds was won by AnkurAgraj (Sri Venkateshwara College) and Arpan Banerjee (Hindu College) followed by DurgeshRai (Dyal Singh College) and Prithvi Raj (G.B. Pant Engineering College), who won the Second prize. The Third prize was won by Manas Dimri (Campus Law Centre) and Daksh Sahay (Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce).

JDMC hosted the Jaipuria Quiz League, for students of the college on 07 September 2016. The competition witnessed an enthusiastic participation from the JDMC students.

The winners of the competition were as follows:
The first position was bagged by Anjali Sharma and Swastika Jain of B.A. (Hons.) Economics, II Year. The second position was won by Sapna Pandey and Radhika Gupta of B.Com. (Hons.)III Year.Iti Tomar and Anjali Yadav of B.A. (Hons.) Economics, III Year won the third position.

YEAR 2015 - 2016

In the year 2015-16, InQuizition organised Quizonics the Inter-college Freshers' Quiz for First year undergraduate students of Delhi University as well of other neighbouring universities in the month of Sept. 2015. This Inter-college Freshers’ Quiz has now become a regular feature at JDMC.

There were 24 teams from diverse colleges such as Hindu College, Dyal Singh College, DCAC and Venkateswara College of Delhi University along with SGGSCE ( Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Education), Punjab and NLUJ, Delhi, vying for top honours. The prize winning teams in the same order were, Akshay Seal and Jaya Mathur from Hindu College (First), Rishabh Kalra and Vaibhav Gupta’s cross team from NLUJ and SGGSCE won the Second prize and Shvabhand Svyam ’s cross team from Venkateswara College and DCAC secured the Third position.

InQuizition organised a quiz game show for teachers on the occasion of Teachers Day (5 Sept., 2015). The event was sponsored by Meraki Mystique, an online silver jewellery outlet. The teachers who participated and the students who made up the audience enjoyed every moment of it. The winners of the quiz won a pair of silver earrings. While Ms. Amita and Mrs. Kalpana Bhola from the Commerce Dept. won the first prize, Dr. Rajshree Chandra from Political Science and Dr. Swati Pal (Officiating Principal) from English Department came a close second.

Q&A, the Inter- collegiate general quiz was held on the second day of Symphony 2015- 2016, the annual Janki Devi Memorial College Festival.

Thirty five teams from across the universities in Delhi registered for the event, out of which only seven were selected to compete for the subsequent rounds. The quiz was based on topical issues and required a thorough knowledge of events that have happened lately around the world. The five rounds were titled Literature and Arts, Climate, Sports, Pop culture, and Tourism. Students showcased their presence of mind, creativity and knowledge of the world affairs. The three winning teams were as follows: Shvabh Chakrawarty (DCAC) and Harsh Digwasia (VIPS), First Prize; Kartik Puri (Zakir Husain College) and Shivam Bahuguna (Jamia Millia Islamia), Second prize and Mandal Rahul Raghuvansh (Ramjas College) and Bishal Kumar (Faculty of Buddhist Studies), Third Prize.