Garden Club, Janki Devi Memorial College

Convenors: Dr. Sandhya Garg

Faculty Members : Dr. Nisha Malik ,Ms. Meghna Surana , Ms. Shivani and Mr. S Shravan Kumar

Other members: students and college gardeners

JDMC college campus is right in the centre of Delhi and amidst the hustle bustle of the metropolitan, UPVAN tries to maintain a serene and soothing environment with the help of our beautiful gardens in the campus .The college gardens are campus treasures full of tall trees, colourful flower beds and variety of plants that adds to decorative beauty and peaceful environment of college and the surrounding areas.

Our gardens include Main (front) garden, herbal garden, rose garden with exclusive display of rockery and a green cliff at entrance with name of the college written on it. The herbal plants, numbered trees of college and potted plants can be easily identified during garden tour with their popular(common) names and scientific (Botanical) names in the herbal garden.

Over the years, the garden club has been working on embellishing the college gardens. Every year, new varieties of plants are added to herbal garden such as white walnut, parceley, Chinese orange, calendula, tulsi, vajradanti, lemon, basil, oyesterleaf, neem, purple heart, goumi, chiku, false daisy, prickly pear, jasmine, red ginger, oak, garlic, etc. To the Rockery we added varieties ofsucculents &cactus . In the main garden, the flower beds have been restructured and 12 flower beds were converted to 6 larger beds with new designs of plants.

A new cliff was constructed at the entrance of the college, bearing the initials of college-JDMC, which is now a famous selfie spot for the students as well as the faculty. The college boundary walls were decorated with new flowers.

As part of UPVAN, students participate in enhancing the gardens with creative ideas, new ways of growing plants, designing the display of gardens etc. Students are taken to noted public gardens to gather new and innovative ideas for developing our gardens better. The garden club is collaborating with few specialised institutions and plans to hold enriching sessions on gardening for student members as well as gardeners of the college.

To top it all, college garden committee participates in the University Flower Show every year and secured 3rd position, under 6 categories, in the University Flower Show, 2019.

We thrive to achieve open green spaces surrounded by trees and shrubs in garden and create a clean and green college environment.