'Aamdani'-The Finance and Investment Cell

With an aim to generate and nurture the financial and business acumen of the students through a blend of academics and practical knowledge. To execute the same, the society organized the following events in the recent semester-

1. Fintastic: The annual fest of Aamdani featuring-

a.) Attract and Interact- Presenting new and profitable business ideas to attract the investors.

b.) The Troubleshooter- Conquer the complexities of managing an enterprise with your knowledge and observation.

c.) Treasure hunt- Fun based event to hunt for the treasure using your knowledge and perception skills.

(Team AAMDANI after the successful completion on ĎFintastic 2018í)

(A glimpse of the decoration of Fintastic 2018)

(Girls at work at Fintastic 2018)

(A glimpse of decoration at FINTASTIC 2018)

2. Presentations on financial topics- an intra-society initiative to search and spread cognizance related to the financial world.

3. Founderís Day GD.-An intra society event organized on the mentioned topics-

1. Public sector banks are the backbone of Indian rural economy since private sector banks only focus on profit maximization.

2. Bank of Baroda, vijaya and dena bank merger. Pros and cons?

(Group discussion at The Founderís Day 2018)

(Team aamdani Striking for a pose on Founderís Day 2018)

(Winners of the Group Discussion at the Founderís Day 2018)

4. Personality development sessions like public speaking

5. Farewell to seniors- bidding adieu to our senior members and wishing them good luck for their future journey.

(Biding adieu to our seniors)

6. Internal discussions on various financial topics like stock markets, derivatives, etc

Convenors: Ms. Bijoyata Yonzon, Dr. Devendra Kumar, Ms. Trisha Jolly (Economics Department)

The Finance and Investment Cell (FIC) was founded in 2016, with an initiative from the students of Economics department. It is a society with a blend of academics and practical knowledge that aims to generate and nurture the financial and business acumen of the students. The members of the cell are characterized by the phrase - Money is always on their mind .We do not make profits, we create it!

The society provides a platform to get acquainted with the day to day economic and financial happenings at national and international level through group discussions, debates, paper presentations, case study competitions, interaction with experts and eminent personalities in finance field, virtual stock trading (mock stock competitions) etc. The cell is a catalyst for sharing ideas and imparting practical knowledge and experiences to polish the members and subsequently make them profitable stakeholders and probably future Warren Buffet and Rakesh Jhunjhunwalas!

The FIC organized following events during the session 2016-17:

  • 'In- House events' for the society members in continuum such as 'Stand on brand' where the student's knowledge of Brand logos was judged through an interesting game.
  • Quiz sessions were organized on weekly basis to make the students equipped with all the latest business news.
  • In late February, in collaboration with CVS College, University of Delhi, the society conducted the prelims of various financial games like Best Manager, Best consultant, Business quiz for Bizkreig - The Annual Management Fest of College of Vocational Studies.
  • A seminar on Financial Investment was organized on 31st March 2017 and the key speaker was Mr. Sachin Gupta, (Faculty, Northern India Regional Council for The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) who gave a talk on 'Portfolio Investment'.
  • The seminar was followed by a Group Discussion exclusively for the society members on the topic ' Merger of Idea and Vodafone: A Monopoly or Better Service'.

We, at AAMDANI, look forward to expand our horizon and reach to as many people as possible.

The Finance and Investment Cell