Anubhuti, the Street Play Society of JDMC, is a welcoming platform for one and all to become the change they want to bring in the world. As the name "Anubhuti" suggests, we believe in nurturing feelings and building relationships, not just among our members but also with the society. We provide youth a platform to showcase their talents in various fields like acting, writing, singing, etc. and through a combination of efforts and talents, create awareness and bring about the change.

Auditions 2018-19
After an overwhelming response from the students and a vigorous round of performances, the auditions for the session 2018-19 took place. The first round of auditions was followed by a 10 day workshop which was conducted by our director Mr. Amit Tiwari, wherein students were introduced to various activities and exercises relating to theatre and street theatre. At the end of the workshop, there was the second round of auditions, where students prepared monologues.

Marassim '18
On the occasion of Anubhuti's Birthday an event was organized- MARAASIM'18 under which saplings were planted signifying successful years and the beginning of a new era.

Season 3' was an initiative taken by ANUBHUTI – The Street Play Society of Janki Devi Memorial College. Through this awareness drive, we reach out to the roots of the society and cognize them about the social issues. Under PRAYAAS, we have performed at various schools and colleges like Kirorimal College, St. Marks school etc. and public venues like Rajiv Chowk, ShyamVihar (Najafgarh), IGNCA (CS), Chawri Bazar, DilliHaat etc.

For encouraging the newcomers at the end of the workshop a performance cum competition was held. The students got an opportunity to portray their skills and showcase what they've learnt from the workshop.

Theatrical Workshop Kaleidoscope
For enhancing the theatrical abilities of the freshers in all aspects, a 10 day theatre workshop "KALEIDOSCOPE" was organised by Anubhuti under the guidance of the director Mr. Amit Tiwari.

Short Play for Independence Day
Anubhuti performed a play "Aye Mere Vatan" on the occasion of INDEPENDENCE DAY celebrated on August 15, 2018 in the presence of our Principal Dr. Swati Pal and our teacher convener Dr. Sipu Jaiswal. The play was appreciated by our Principal, and other dignitaries as well as the audience.

Anubhuti- The Street Play Society Of Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi presented the fourth edition of their Annual Street Play Festival- MUNADI'19 on 8th January with the aim to spread awareness on topics of social concern. Munadi witnessed enthralling performances from various colleges of Delhi University and other private universities and was complimented for it's vibrant and beautiful decor and it's crowd. Being the first fest of Delhi University Theatre Circuit, Munadi gave a kick start to the fest season with sheer enthusiasm of the registration of more than 60 teams, 10 teams made it to the finals with their sensitising topics like male rape, plastic waste, languages, community and many more.
The results of Munadi'19 are as follows :

Annual Day Play' 19
"MISSION@CHADERLOK.COM" a play based on a short story by Shri Hari Shankar Parsai, Directed by Dilip Gupta was performed on the annual day of Janki Devi Memorial College.

Achievements • Prelims of Alcheringa, the Annual Cultural Fest of IIT, Guwahati
• Cleared prelims of Atelier's ACT Festival
• Cleared prelims of MahavidyalayaNatyaSamaroh at Sahitya Kala Parishad
•Selected for Bharat Rang Mahotsav at National School of Drama
• Selected for Sahitya Kala Parishad's Youth fest 2019
• Secured First position at "HallaBol" - The Faculty of Law, University of Delhi
• Secured First position at Asian Business School
•Secured First position at Enact'19-The Annual Street Play Competition by NSS- PGDAV College
•Secured First position at National Human Rights Commission
•Secured Second position at Youthra 3.0 organised by PRIA
•Secured Second position at Roobaroo by Politique'19
•Secured Second position at Jaipuria Institute of Management
•Jury Award at MahavidhyalaNatyaSamarohorganised by Sahitya Kala Parishad
• Special mention by judges at the Atma Ram Sanathan Dharma College
•Best Actor to Nikita Sharma at MahavidhyalaNatyaSamarohorganised by Sahitya Kala Parishad
•Best actor to Nikita Sharma at Hasratein(Odyssey'19)- IIT Delhi

Teacher Conveners
Convenor : Dr. Sipu Jaiswal
Co-Convenor:Dr. Akanksha Kumar

President: YakshiSoni,
Vice President:Radhika Pant,
Networking Head: Mansi Bansal


"Acting is nothing more or less than playing.The idea is to humanize life & ANUBHUTI tries to achieve that."

ANUBHUTI-THE STREET PLAY SOCIETY OF JDMC, provides a platform  to all those students who have a passion for acting and desire to bring about a change, a change in themselves as well as the society. With a vision to improve the acting skills of students and to encourage them to achieve the best of their potential,  Anubhuti organises various workshops in the college. The society focuses not just in bringing out the actors inside the students but also aims to make them a better person. Various forms of acting along with other theatrical abilities like script writing, direction etc. are being taught by the director MR. AMIT TIWARI who is a renowned artist in the Delhi University’s Theatre Circuit.  Anubhuti is not just a name, it’s a family and it strives to achieve excellence with collaborative hardwork,  patience and fun. Anyone who has a passion for doing something is welcomed in the society regardless of her caste, religion or background. We believe that acting is the best way of expressing and this is what we offer, an opportunity to express yourself freely.

ANUBHUTI has performed very well in the past year and aims to achieve new heights in the forecoming years, for we believe that sky is the limit.

Team Anubhuti has been to various places like Mumbai and Kanpur to participate in MOOD INDIGO, Asia’s largest fest and Antaragini. The team has also represented the college at various other prestigious platforms like National school of drama and Sahitya Kala Parishad. Also, it has bagged several prizes in University of Delhi and other Private Universities.  It has not just competed in several competitions but has also given various public performances to spread massive awareness.

Teacher- Convenors
Mrs. Sandhya Garg (Hindi dept.)

Teacher Co-Convenors
Mrs. Nisha (Hindi dept.)
Ms. Uma  (Hindi dept.)

Society Leaders

Anisha Baura (President)
Sakshi Jain (Vice-President)