AVANI, the Environment Club at JDMC was started a decade ago.
We already had a base in a water harvesting system since the 1990's, the only one at Delhi University, for which we received the Chief Ministers institutional award in 2007.
Today we have 3 functional WH Pits which have enhanced our water table by 40 percent.
From its inception the ideology of the club has been awareness and action through both community and hands on individual experience.
We have completed several projects in this decade which include the complete conversion of the college to CFL.
We also have a paper waste exchange program with the NGO SCOPEPLUS.
We also have workshops with students on creating artifacts from waste and clay.
We have also brought Solarpower to the campus through streetlights.
Besides these college based activities, we engage in annual activities for students to build a green environment and consciousness.


AVANI-The Environment Club, Janki Devi Memorial College

Avani activities 2016 and 2017

Students have been  actively engaged in various activities for the year.
These have been academic and creative as well.

In the month of August out students participated in the Comic strip challenge sponsored by the Earth Day Network 

We also engaged in a 3 week relief collection camp for GOONJ and a large quantity of material was sent in a  TATA 407 to their collection centre.Our students also participated in a Swacchta March on August 31,2016.

In September 2016 our students participated in the Annual Green Treasure Hunt at college and 4 students attended a workshop on the Dangers of plastics at India International Centre on September 14,2016.

Our water table measurements for RWH was done by the CSE on September 15,2016.

On October 5th, Avani organised an intercollege Debate "Green  Matters"
We received enthusiastic response and there were over 15 teams that  participated .
The topic was "Economic development and environmental degradation are inseparable ".

In November the Avani girls took it upon themselves to paint the college walls and beautifying the campus.

Several walls have already been painted and now they are in the process of creating installations.

In December the Campus Tree Census was also taken to the next  level with the process of tree numbering put under way.

In January 2017 once again AVANI has been engaged in collecting woollens for the GOONJ winter relief camp and the material was delivered to Goonj on January 27,1017.

At present we are in the process of completing the college Green Audit which will present a profile of our Carbon footprint.