The Environment Club AVANI  was set up in 2004.

In an effort to encourage students to gain interest and awareness in the environment we initiated students into the club, with simple ideas such as on the spot painting competitions, slogan and poster making.

When the Club began ,on the institutional level we already had a headstart in our corporate social responsibility as Ms.Aruna Ludra of the English department ,who was keenly interested in the gardens and Environment ,initiated  in 2001 the sinking of two rainwater harvesting pits .on the college campus.

AVANI carried forward this initiative and by 2006 we had three RWH recharge pits.

For our efforts to conserve water in 2007 ,JDMC won the Chief Ministers Institutional Rain Water Harvesting Award.

As the Club membership expanded in  2005-2006 we drew up an MOU with the NGO SCOPE PLUS, to engage in a Waste Exchange Programme.
This was our initiation into recycling waste material at the institutional level.

All faculty, students, the  library and administration participated actively in this project by gathering and sorting waste paper which was then forwarded to the NGO in exchange for stationary and other recycled usable products

Over 10 years we exchanged approximately 5000 kilos of waste paper.

Our contract with them ended in 2015.However the Library has a new partnership with the Green O tech organization who provide A4 sheets in exchange for discarded paper and books.
Our campus is also CFL compliant and extensively uses solar power for street lighting and roof top grids

A critical event in the life of the Club which germinated in 2006 and has over the decade turned into a hugely popular competitive event in the Annual college festival Symphony is the idea to “Create from Waste”.This is an annual event that  encourages students to recognise the importance of waste and the need for a minimal garbage footprint .
With a handful of participants in the initial years today we get between 40-45 participants who compete to create objects and ideas from waste given to them.

The excitement and creativity are tremendous as students of the Club through the year gather and sort waste material which is eventually used  in the event and also to beautify the college campus.

From 2009 -2012 AVANI  represented the college at the University level at the World Lung Foundation-South Asia and was engaged actively in creating a No Smoking environment on and off campus and participated actively in intercollege events Ms.Vandana Madan continues to be a Nodal Officer for the No Tobacco Campaign.

Since  2012  we have also included into our activities an extended engagement in social responsibility by helping the NGO GOONJ in its efforts at providing disaster relief.
Whether other was the Kosi floods, the Uttarakhand disaster or the Nepal Earthquake we at JDMC have taken the responsibility to collect and deliver dry goods on an extensive scale to those affected.

In April 2015 students from AVANI attended the SOUTH ASIA YOUTH CONCLAVE organised by the British Council.
As a part of the requirement of the Conclave an environment friendly project based on reusing and recycling  was created by Advaita Parasher and Aparna of Sociology Honours 3rd year.
This was selected for implementation by the Conclave and was successfully  completed by them in June-July 2015.
Their success took them to a final Conclave in September where they interacted with teams from other SAARC nations.

A boost to student participation was received when in December 2015 ,TERI  and GEN PACT selected a college level project submitted by AVANI under the Delhi University Campus Challenge for greening and beautifying the campus using waste material .Aparna Kumari of Sociology Honours 3rd year was the Project leader.

Over the past couple of years the  campus has been decorated with waste materials including the painting of some boundary walls and the creation of the AVANI corner.

Over the years the engagement of our students has become intensely palpable.

A good example of their commitment was seen in  March 2016, when Advaita Parasher of Sociology Honours led a "Say no to Plastics" campaign  as a part of an inter-college competition organised by the Earth Day Network at Delhi University. 

This project involved promoting the use of paper bags

 AVANI  had pledged that it would make and distribute over 500 paper bags in college and the neighbouring areas to celebrate  Earth day on April 22nd 2016.

We are proud to share that under Advaita's leadership the college won the challenge.

Besides these activities AVANI has eexposed its students to knowledge of the environment  through  documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth and Richard Attenborough 's Planet Earth series.

We  also invite well known  activists and their NGOs to speak to students and engage in projects with them.

This includes the environmtalist Ashish Kothari,  Vimalendu jha from Swecch,Bharati Chaturvedi from CHINTAN, Padmavati Dwivedi from Compassionate Living and Ravi Agrawal fromToxic Links.

Our students are encouraged to interact at academic events and have been participating in conference on issues such as  the negative impact of Plastics in our environment organised by the Health Environment Foundation 

The Environment Club has had a very constructive and fun filled year in 2016-2017.

A primary concern has been the Swacchta Abhiyan  to which AVANI is deeply committed , and besides campaigns at the college level we have also been engaged in activities such as a  Swacchta March to the local councillors office.

We continue to give back to society by remaining  committed to our relief work for GOONJ on various fronts.

AVANI has also been expanding its activities to an  intercollege level and initiated in 2016 the forum "Green Matters ".This forum aims to increase student participation in different inter-college and intra-college activities

Under its auspices an inter-college bilingual debate on environmental issues  was enabled by the support of the former Principal Dr.Indu Anand. The topic of the debate was " Economic Development and Environmental Degradation are inseparable ". We had enthusiastic participation from over 15 colleges, with the JDMC team bagging the third prize.

In  March 2017,under the auspices of Women's Day celebrations ,AVANI once again in its forum Green Matters hosted several events which included workshops on  Menstrual taboos by GOONJ, a stunning documentary on the dying Sunderbans region by Mr. Dheeraj Sarthak and an intra college Create from Waste competition.


Besids theses serious engagements with green concerns our  students constantly  engage in fun activities such as  beautifying the campus and recently finished painting the Girls Common room in vibrant colours. They are continuing in their endeavour to make the campus colourful

As significant feather in our cap has been that in In January 2017 in collabortion with the Department of Environmental Sciences, AVANI has helped turn JDMC into an E-waste Collection Centre, the only one in the neighbourhood!
In April 2017,we submitted 134 kilos of e- waste.

The College now has a complete  Tree Census and Green Audit  one of the few in Delhi University to do so

We are proud to say that for all our efforts and initiatives over the years  along with the Garden Committee and its efforts ,in March 2017 the college  has been presented by WAGE with the Green Campus Award