Entrepreneurship Cell


Technologies do not run on an enterprise but relationships do", with this note in air and spirit of entrepreneurship Janki Devi Memorial College organised the second round of the Hult Prize on 22nd October 2019. This interactive session commenced with the inspiring words of two of our renowned judges Mr Abhinav Arora (founder of lawmaker) and Mrs. Shivangi Gupta (founder of intelligent education). The two pillars of entrepreneurship 'innovation' and 'inspiration' were remarkably mentioned by Mrs. Shivangi Arora when she quoted that "Along with every innovative idea, there is a need of inspiration for success of every entrepreneur'. Our principal ma'am boosted the confidence of all the participants through her warm wishes. Keeping in mind the motto of "clean India, Green India" and concept of sustainable development the participating teams one by one pitched their ideas and Business plans in front of the judges through their informative and innovative presentation. The presentation was followed by a question answer session between the judges and the teams wherein the judges cross questioned the teams on topics lie their source of finance, their breakthrough, their pricing policy, their revenue methods etc. Our participating teams came up with some ground breaking business plans like using Bagasse to make plastic containers, turning food waste into organic manure, using banana leaves to create eco-friendly products, constructing eco- friendly houses, salt water batteries etc.

The true motive of "hult price competition" was served in this session as along with getting enhanced business related knowledge, the pit falls of business plans were also bought to notice when judges pin pointed some flaws and contradictions of every business plan. The entire 7-8 hour session filled the buckets of knowledge of audience, judges as well as all our participants and culminated with note that "the best way out something, is the best way through it"


The E-cell Impreneurs joined hands with the Investment Cell Aamdani for a one of it's kind event- The Hult Prize. A workshop was organised to delineate the rules and game play for the same on 14th October, 2019 at Janki Devi Memorial College. The first guest speaker was the Co-Founder of The Education Tree- Ms. Kriti Singhal. She has not only revealed the secrets behind the success of their bootstrap venture, but also how she strives to make her brand better every day. She gave some insightful tips about how the participants should be well acquainted with the business vocabulary and how the business idea should be emotionally and economically well sustained. Further she drew from her life experiences and how she tries to do her bit for the well keep of the environment. This was followed by the talk of Harshit Behal and Yugein Behal- founders of Shelfe Books. They talked about how theirs was a start up, and not a business. It emerged from a good deed and is branching into a profitable venture now. They each talked about the importance of the right type of investment in a business, and about b2b and b2c business plans. They motivated the students to venture out with newer ideas and explore the target audience before planning and presenting. Overall, it was a very interactive and interesting experience for everyone.


The Entrepreneurship Cell of JDMC in collaboration with NEDC organized a day long workshop by the famous Chief Mentor, Author, Trainer and Entrepreneur Mr. A Din Pangotra on 15th October, 2019 in seminar room. A total of 74 students participated in this day long workshop. Mr. A Din Pangotra defines Entrepreneurship as, "Entrepreneurship is all about skill development. A skill with mind set makes a person entrepreneur". He says that, having an idea is not enough, one has to execute an idea to give a real venture shape. According to him, Entrepreneurship is an experimenting with a new idea or product. He also emphasized that Entrepreneurship is the easiest way of doing a business and encouraged the students to start venture. Mr. A Din Pangotra himself has trained more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and thus running successful businesses. According to Mr. A Din Pangotra, to become a successful entrepreneur one should know what they are doing and one should foresee the opportunities of business and get their business acknowledged. He emphasized on the mantra 'act locally, think globally'. He also guided the participant on how to start MSME's and factors to be kept in mind when they are trying to setup any venture. He explained the students, how important it is to invest money in the right field and also explained new business techniques and the key to a successful business.

He enlightened the students on how to get advantage by registering their ideas through Udyog Aadhaar. According to him "Time is the investment in Business" and he advised the students to utilize the time very effectively.

He also mentioned about 3'S of business to be successful entrepreneurs.

1. Structure

2. Self Sufficiency

3. Scalability.

Lastly, he gave useful insights into reality and what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur in this competitive world, where in every second, a new thing is discovered.

It was a very interactive session and was very useful for the students, the budding entrepreneurs.

(15th October, 2019) A glance at the NEDC workshop organised by Impreneurs, the E-Cell of JDMC, to help students in understanding the art of entrepreneurship.

(15th October, 2019) Mr. A Din Pangotra explained us different opportunities in entrepreneurship and how to make use of the facilities provided to entrepreneurs.

(15th October, 2019) Our Principal ma'am, Dr. Mrs. Swati Pal, facilitating the speaker,Mr. A. Din Pangotra with a bouquet.

(15th October, 2019) Certificates awarded to the ones who attended the session. The President, the Vice President and heads of different departments of the E-Cell with their certificates.

Speaker session by Career Launcher

Impreneurs, the E-Cell of JDMC always looks forward to create opportunities to guide the students to take right decisions regarding their career. Keeping this in view, we organized a seminar on 4th October, 2019 which was conducted by Mr. Manish Maskara, enlightening the students about different future prospectives. About 85 students from different courses attended the session.

The seminar started on a light note, with the speaker introducing himself and questioning the students to make the session more interactive. He conveyed the importance of career and about different parameters to keep in mind when choosing one for ourselves. He emphasized on the importance of profile development and ways to enhance our profile by pursuing different internships and international programs.He focused on educating students about choosing MBA as a career option and the advantages it offers. He also explained the selection process and the skills required to get admission in different Business schools of the country.

The seminar concluded by students asking questions and queries and it was a great learning experience and acted like a torch of enlightenment for them

A brief look at the seminar by Career Launcher which helped the students to know how to take decision on their future courses.

Mr. Manish Maskara, explaining the importance of profile development and parameters to keep in mind while deciding on different career options.

Him informing us about the prospective of MBA and how beneficial the course can prove for success in our lives.

Students asking questions and an open discussion amongst the speaker and the audience.

Impreneurs, the Entrepreneurship-Cell of Janki Devi Memorial College is one of the most eminent societies of the university. The college recognizes curriculum beyond education, that not only creates wellread students, but seeks to transform lifestyles. Keeping in line with the perspective, we strive to create a well-informed society comprising of confident entrepreneurs. Since its establishment in 2017, the society works harder and strives to become the best embodiment of managerial, entrepreneurial and social values.

Convener: - Mrs. Sushma Maurya

Members: - Mrs. Richa Sharma, Mrs. Asma Anjum, Mr. Stanzin Tsewang, Ms. Shivani Thakur, Mr. Lakshmi Kant, Ms. Mamta

Stdudents office bearers

Srishti Sethi - President

Harshita Kacodia -Vice President

Mishti Jian - Media Head

Shriya Ahuja - Finance Head

Yamini Aol - Refreshments Head

Muskan Arora – Creative Head

Speaker session by Eminent Strategy

Impreneurs, the E-Cell of Janki Devi Memorial College strives to innovate, create and learn. Keeping in line with this perspective, we recently hosted a seminar on Stock Exchange with Eminent Strategy on 30th August 2019. Our first speaker, Mr. Ritwik Sen demonstrated how the online market works and explained it virtually through an NSE software. With his out of the box outlook toward business and marketing, he explained how the entire business dynamic works, and how that gives a greater insight into understanding the stock market. He also explained the functioning of money market and bond market instruments.

This was followed by our second very gracious speaker, Mr. Siddharth Jain who discussed various personality development traits and also shared his wisdom on how to ace a corporate interview. He emphasised the importance of social media presence through LinkedIn and also elaborated on "The Ingredients to Success", that are Creativity, Innovation and Adaptability.

The interactive seminar was summed up by a few follow up questions and a great learning experience was entailed.

(30th August, 2109) A glimpse of the speakers session organised by Eminent Strategy, which taught the students about the working of stock market and how to develop their personality.

(30th August, 2109) Mr. Ritwik Sen, demonstrating how online market works giving a deeper insight into understanding the stock market.

(30th August, 2109) Second speaker of the sessionMr. Siddharth Jain, discussing various personality development traits and sharing his knowledge on acing corporate job interviews.

(30th August, 2109) Students questioning and the presenting their views.



(whereEntrepreneurial Seeds are sown)

Impreneurs 2017 to 2019

Since it's inception in 2017, the Impreneurs- the Entrepreneurship Cell of JankiDevi Memorial College, it hasfocused on providing knowledge and exposure to the budding women entrepreneurs of the college. Entrepreneurship cell was initially created with the objective of inspiring, guiding and creating awareness among under graduate students about the need, importance and benefits of being an Entrepreneur.

The foremost objective of the cell is to guide the students of the college for becoming a women entrepreneur and to help them in the execution of their ideas. The entrepreneurship cell conducts workshops, seminar, talks,events, etc to provide some basic information that a budding entrepreneur should have. The main idea and contribution was given by two students Mehar Suri and Ashmean Kaur, who gave their 100% for the growth of the cell in JDMC.
A lot of energetic, dedicated and enthusiastic students with a zeal to gain knowledge about entrepreneurship are a part of team of the cell. The faculty members, Ms.Sushma Maurya(convenor),Ms.Asma Anjum, Mr.StanzinTsewang, Ms.Richa Sharma,Ms. Sakshi Gambhir (Assistant Professors of Commerce Department) have constantly helped the society to perform and have contributed for the betterment of the society.
Impreneurs also publish their weekly newsletter on their social media pages to create awareness among the youth about the entrepreneurial world. With the starting of academic year 2017-2018, Impreneurs organized intra college Entrepreneurship Run on 18th and 20th September,2017, in which a huge participation from the first year as well as second year students was observed.

A speaker session with professor Sangeeta Madan was organised by E-Cell on 24th January,2018 who delivers regular training modules at The Bureau of Parliamentary Services and Training focused on stress management and decision making.

Business Plan Competition 2.O was also organised by the Team E-cell on january 23rd,2018 . More than 93 registrations were received from across Delhi NCR. Project Bawarchi from Ramjas College caught the eyes of everyone and took away the trophy home.

Impreneurs organized their first E-Summit on March27,2018 which was a huge success as there was a massive participation by students from various reputed colleges across Delhi and NCR. Six events took place during the E-Summit which were executed properly and students enjoyed them as well as gained a lot information from them through interaction with the highly educated and experienced judges.

With the beginning of academic year 2018-2019Prakshi Goel(President) and Harshita Lohia(Vice President) along with new core team, organized intra college HangMan Competition on 13th September,2018, in which a huge participation from the first year as well as second year students was observed.

The Entrepreneurship cell organized an inspiring and interactive speaker session with Ms.Ronicka Kandhari on 27th September,2018 who is among the first women to make a significant impact in the Indian luxury wedding photography industry. She shared her journey and solved every query of the students related to entrepreneurship and specially in the photography industry. More than 100 students from the college participated in the speaker session with Ms. Ronicka Kandhari.

With the ending of the semester, the entrepreneurship cell organized speaker sessionwith the famous chief Mentor, Author, Trainer and Entrepreneur Mr. A.Din Pangotra on 23rd October,2018, where he defined Entrepreneurship as a concept of skill development. He emphasized that skill coupled with the right mindset is what makes an entrepreneur. He clarified student's doubts and imparted in depth knowledge through interactive sessions, thus benefiting students from across colleges, making participation a truly worthwhile experience.

Business Battle Competition On January 8th,2019 was organised as a part of Symphony-The Annual Cultural fest of JDMC. Hon'ble Mr. Vikram Srivastava founder and CEO of Career Hawk, ProtonicaElectrohub and Mentor of Atal Innovation Mission along with Mr. Abhishek Gupta, CEO Hacker Space and co-founder of uppskill embrace the event by their presence. The Project "Sanjeevni" discussed about the diseases caused by air. The team presented a business model which can purify the air. The model shown by them was little bit helpful in the purification of air.Project "Sanjeevni" with the idea for the air purifiers grabbed the position as the Winner of the Business Battle Competition 2019.

Impreneurs organised their second Annual Fest, E-Summit on 14th March 2019, a successful event as huge participation was seen from students of different colleges across Delhi-NCR. The guest of honour, Dr. S. Lakshmi Devi and Chief Guest Dr. Prerna Taneja started the event with great enthusiasm which was followed by Achiever's Talk in which our honourable speakers Ms.Saumya Aggarwal, Mr.VanshSaluja, Mr.Pratik Gauri and Ms.Ambika Bhardwaj who shared their journey and motivated the students for their entrepreneurial career and in general for life and how to work towards their dreams and goals.
Interesting competition like Market Mania, LA Quizzeria took place which developed immense excitement among the students. Elevator Pitch Competition was also organised which was won by the team Mosquillers who amazingly pitched their product to the judges, Mr.Ashish Kumar and Mr.AnkitTibrewal.

The Entrepreneurship Cell,"impreneurs",of Janki Devi Memorial College is operational since January 2017. In line with the vision of the college to empower women, the E Cell has been launched with the purpose of inspiring, guiding and creating awareness among under graduate students about the need, importance and benefits of being an Entrepreneur. The cell aims at conducting workshops, talks, events, lectures etc to foster an entrepreneurial culture at JDMC.

"impreneurs""intends to open up the platform of Entrepreneurship to under graduate students which remains largely unexplored by them. The purpose is to sow the seed of idea of becoming a Women Entrepreneur. "impreneurs" at the onset may not launch startups but the team believes that our student members through our various events, will be equipped with basic information that a potential entrepreneur should get before they step out into the world beyond their college life. "impreneurs"is the brain child of two second year students of Commerce (Ms. Ashmeen Kaur Sran&Ms. Mehar Suri) who have teamed up with six faculty members. Dr. Madhu Gupta, Associate Professor and Dr. Manisha Sinha, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, are the conveners of the E Cell.Ms. Bhawna Pal, MsShilpaMaggo, Ms Shweta Gupta and MsRicha Sharma (Assistant Professors with Department of Commerce) are the co-conveners of the E Cell.The E cell team also consists of many dedicated and enthusiastic students with a zeal to learn more about Entrepreneurship. "impreneurs" organized its first inter-college Business Plan Competition as part of Symphony-2017 in January 2017. The event saw a massive participation from various colleges across Delhi and NCR. An accomplished Jury evaluated the proposals of the participants and selected the best entries after a presentation and a Q&A session.

A Video Screening was organized on the topic “Job vs Entrepreneurship” on 28th January, 2017. The Video was of a panel discussion held at the Entrepreneurship Summit at IITBombay. The panel consisted of Mr. Anupammittal, CEO People Group andshaadi.com, Mr. MunjalKamdar, Director Delloite and Mr. Siddharth Menon, Co-founder, Crowdfire. The discussion was moderated by Ms Lakshmi Rebecca, Founder, Red Bangles Production House. It highlighted various differences between being an entrepreneur and being in job. The discussion wasvery fruitful for the students.

"impreneurs"conducteda Seminar with Career Power on Career Planning on 30th January, 2017. They also conducted an Open Aptitude Test, giving an opportunity to the students to test their employability potential. More than 150 students from various departments participated.