Catering to Students Diversity

Catering to Students Diversity

The JDMC faculty adopts varied pedagogies to cater to the needs of advanced as well as slow learners. The pace of learning is identified through a continuous assessment system.

The advanced learners are:

- provided with additional practice-questions of greater complexity requiring higher analytical skills to help them get University-ranks

- motivated to do research-projects- Student-research-projects or be a part of faculty-research-projects

- special coaching through Pratibha: Foundation Classes for Competitive Exams to students who wish to take up competitive exams.

- Add-on Courses are offered by the college for advanced learning on subjects outside the curriculum but of interest and aiding skills in students

For slow learners,

- College conducts Remedial classes to help these students get extra attention from teachers.

- Separate assignments and extra practice questions given to such students for helping them understand the subject better.

- Extra classes and revision of critical topics are organized to clarify doubts for improving performance.

- Through mentor-mentee system of the college, a small group of students are assigned to every faculty as their mentor, personal and academic care is provided by the mentor.

- College also arranges appropriate counseling sessions to help students to cope with exam-related/ pandemic-related stress.