The college strives to meet all infrastructural requirements of the stakeholders on a continuous basis. It has an expansive infrastructure for teaching-learning as well as for engaging students in cultural and sports activities.

infrastructure for teaching-learning in the college has 84 classrooms that includes:

  • . ICT-enabled Classrooms
  • . 4 Smart Classrooms
  • . Tutorial rooms
  • . Four Computer Laboratories
  • . Well stocked Library
  • . Seminar Room
  • . Committee Room

Other Infrastructure includes:

  1. a) The Administrative Block of the college includes the Principal's Office, Vice-Principal's Office, Accounts Office, and Administrative Office
  2. b) PIO Room, IQAC Room
  3. c) NCC Room, NSS Room
  4. d) One room for Department of Human Development and Family Empowerment (HDFE) with lab facilities
  5. e) A hostel for students (Krishna-Hostel)
  6. f) Quarters for faculty and key personnel (Hans-Dhvani and Krishna-Sewa-Sadan)
  7. g) Utilities that include:
    • . Common Room,
    • . Medical Room,
    • . Photocopy Unit,
    • . Book Shop,
    • . Cafeteria,
    • . Mother dairy Booth,
    • . Music Room,
    • . Students' Activity rooms,
    • . Career Counselling Room,
    • . Playground,
    • . Open Gym,
    • . Bank,
    • . Parking,
    • . Lawns,
    • . Staff Room/Department Rooms,
    • . Faculty Research Room,
    • . Faculty Reading Room,
    • . Recording Room
    • . Store-Room

h) Utilities for those with physical challenges such as

  • . ramps,
  • . elevator,
  • . tactile pathways
  • . braille signage
  • . disabled-friendly toilets

The college has a well-stocked library that has a diverse collection of books, articles, and journals. Its stack room is spread over two floors. It is air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled. The library consists of a Reading-Hall, Faculty-Reading-Room, Enabling-Unit-Room. It is equipped with computers, Kindles, and Online-Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). E-resources can be accessed through N-LIST for which the library has 100 Mbps internet bandwidth. A mezzanine floor is under construction in the reading room to create more seating and stack space. The E-Resource Centre is attached to the library and is fully equipped to access e-resources.

Infrastructure for Cultural Activities

JDMC has a strong tradition of cultural activities, namely classical dance, western dance, classical music, western music, English drama, Hindi dramatics/Street Play, Art & craft, Debating etc.

The college has an Open Auditorium with a seating-capacity of 1000 persons and Green Rooms, is well-equipped with light and sound systems.

The following spaces are also used for cultural activities:

  • . Seminar Room
  • . Committee Room
  • . Library Reading Hall
  • . Music Room
  • . Two Students' Activity rooms
  • . College Ground is used for Street play practice, NCC drill practice, hosting events and exhibitions etc.

Sports facilities

The college has 4.8 acres of sports ground. In addition to facilities and equipment for competitive sports, there are indoor and outdoor sports facilities for students and staff, including an Open-air Gym.

The college authorities keep a keen eye for any need to enhance infrastructural facilities as articulated by students and staff. A lot of attention is paid to the maintenance of infrastructural facilities with prompt repair and renovation when required.