Counselling Committee

Counselling Committee

Counselling Committee Members


Dr. Poonam Kanwal


Mrs. Khachungla Chalhang

Dr. Vandana

Mrs. Meenakshi

Dr. Sonal Jain

Dr. Indu Soni

Dr. Rashmi Rani

Ms. Geeta

Counsellor & Psychologist

Ms. Saniya Bedi

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Counselling can be instrumental in addressing the mental health issues. As an institution, it is imperative that we take care of the emotional well-being of all the employees and students. To that effect, JDMC had taken an initiative in January, 2018 by constituting Counselling Committee to provide services to its students and staff via online/ face-to-face counselling and workshops for students, faculty members and administrative staff. The counselling committee facilitates wellness sessions that aid the JDMC family when they are undergoing emotional problems and stress and otherwise too.