Quality Statement

Quality Statement

A commitment to quality requires a conscious effort to be the best in one's area of expertise. To earn this accolade, one needs to constantly strive for it. A constant review and revision of the institutional policies and a will to implement them with utmost sincerity are the hallmarks of an institution of quality.

The mission of this college is to impart value education, in keeping with our Gandhian roots, that teaches life skills for economic independence to women, irrespective of their regional, class, religious and ethnic affiliations. In almost six decades of existence, the college has provided a nurturing environment to students from all parts of India, many of whom are differently-abled and first generation college goers hailing from marginalised sections of society.

As a higher education institute, it is the professed intention of the college to facilitate the educational experience of all students. The college has consistently worked to enhance:

  • Academic standards to provide the best possible educational experience to all students
  • Institutional infrastructure that enables students to learn in a conducive environment
  • Transparency in academic and administrative activities of the college
  • Engagement with all stakeholders which provides a corruption free and favourable environment to all
  • Commitment to society and environment that encourages the students to behave like responsible citizens of the world
  • Professional interactions that provide valuable inputs to students to chart out their future

To accomplish these aims, the college has regular brainstorming and review sessions to assess the extent of accomplishment of its policies. This helps us consolidate our gains and revise our operations. These formal appraisals also encourage accountability and professionalism among the staff and faculty, which leads to an overall improvement in the quality of the institution's operations.

JDMC-IQAC was constituted in 2015 and has been working tirelessly to institutionalise quality in all aspects of the functioning of the college.