Entrepreneurship Cell

Entrepreneurship Cell

Impreneurs - The Entrepreneurship-Cell

Impreneurs, the entrepreneurship cell of Janki Devi Memorial College, has been fervently dedicated in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among students since its inception in 2017. Founded by Meher Suri and Ashmean, with an aim to instill confidence and conviction to be leaders for tomorrow, the entreprenurship cell of JDMC engages in various events: seminars, conferences, workshops and competition to indulge in an interactive learning process. Over the years, this society has evolved into a dynamic community or individuals who share a common belief - that transformative lives can be shaped through innovative ideas.

Impreneurs, meaning "I am an entrepreneur" ignites a sense of belief and fosters creativity amongst the students. We, as a society firmly believe that entrepreneurship is pivotal to India's development and we should take steps towards innovation through our skills and creativity. One of our student-led initiatives, Project Anupam, was launched in 2021 with an objective to assist budding entrepreneurs in transforming their creative ideas into handcraed products. It is based on a revenue generating model, where students exhibit and sell their handcraed creations at inter and intra college level. We aspire to be the voice for many such ventures that can reverberate with the 'Make in India' spirit. As we cra our way through, we seek to tread on the path of fostering skills and innovation and igniting young minds to inculcate the entrepreneurial fervour.

Convener: Dr. Raju Keshari and Ms. Shalini Singh.

Faculty Members: Mr. Ravindar Meena, Ms. Himani Dahiya, Mr. Anuj Kumar, Ms. Vaishali Narolia, and Ms. Nancy Rao.

President: Itishree Vats (English (H) 3rd year)

Vice President: Kritika Gupta (BA (P) 2nd year)

Treasurer: Yeshita Nevtia (Economics (H) 3rd year)

Content Head: Chandrika Kirar (English (H) 2nd year)

Finance Head: Aarushi Mehta (Sociology (H) 2nd year)

Media and Marketing Head: Gaurangi Dang (Sociology (H) 2nd year)

Media and Marketing Co-Head: Aishwarya Bhasin (Bcom (H) 2nd year)

Events Head: Avani Sharma (Economic (H) 2nd year)

Research Head: Kanishka Kapoor (B. Com (H) 3rd year)

Research Co-head: Abhima Vats (Ba (P) 2nd year)