B. Com. (Hons.)

Total Number of Seats - 172

UR - 70

SC - 26

ST - 13

OBC - 46

EWS - 17

Eligibility: For admissions to B.Com. (Hons.), the students should have studied Maths in Class XII

Medium of Instruction: English


UGCF – NEP 2022
Syllabi of B.Com. (Hons.) under Faculty of Commerce & Business Studies based on UGCF -2022 to be implemented from the Academic Year 2022-23.
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SEMESTER - I Core Papers
BCH 1.2- Financial Accounting
BCH 1.3- Business Laws
Generic Elective (Any one)
BCH 1.4(a)- Basics of Accounting
BCH 1.4(b)-Business Organization and Management
SEMESTER - II Core Papers
BCH 2.2 - Corporate Accounting
BCH 2.3- Corporate
Generic Elective (Any one)
BCH 2.4(a)- Entrepreneurship
BCH 2.4(b)- Finance for Non- Finance Executives
SEMESTER - III Core Papers
BCH 3.1- Human Resource Management
BCH 3.2- Income- Tax Law and Practice
BCH 3.3- Management Principles and Applications
Generic Elective (Any one)
BCH 3.4(a)- Investing in Stock Market
BCH 3.4(b)- Human Resource management
BCH 3.4(c) - Fundamentals of Marketing
Skill Enhancement Course (Any one)
BCH 3.5(a)- E-Commerce
BCH 3.5(b)- Training and Development
BCHS 3.5(c)- Digital Marketing
BCH 3.5(d)- Personal Tax Planning
BCH 3.5(e)- Communication and Documentation in Business
BCH 3.5(f)-Personal Finance and Planning
SEMESTER - IV Core Papers
BCH 4.1- Cost Accounting
BCH 4.2-Business Mathematics
BCH 4.3- Computer applications in Business
Generic Elective (Any one)
BCH 4.4(a)-Insurance and Risk Management
BCH 4.4(b)- Project management and Techniques
Skill Enhancement Course (Any one)
BCH 4.5(a)- Computerised Accounting System
BCHS 4.5(b)-Business Research Methods & Analytics
BCH 4.5(c)-Leadership and Team Development
BCH 4.5(d)- Collective Bargaining & Negotiation Skills
BCH 4.5(e)-E-Filing of Returns
BCHS 4.5(f)- Cyber Crimes and Laws
SEMESTER - V Core Papers
BCH 5.1- Principles of Marketing
BCH 5.2- Financial Management
Discipline Specific Elective (Any one)
BCH 5.3(a)- Management Accounting
BCH 5.3(b)- Organizational Behaviour
BCH 5.3(c)- Macro- Economics
BCH 5.3(d)- Entrepreneurship Development
Discipline Specific Elective (Any one)
BCH 5.4(a)- Corporate Tax Planning
BCH 5.4(b)- Financial Markets, Institutions and Services
BCH 5.4(c)- Advertising and Personal Selling
BCH 5.4(d)- Business Statistics
SEMESTER - VI Core Papers
BCH 6.1- Auditing and Corporate Governance
BCH 6.2- Goods and Service Tax (GST) and Customs
Discipline Specific Elective (Any one)
BCH 6.3(a)- Fundamentals of Investment
BCH 6.3(b)- Compensation Management
BCH 6.3(c)- Business Tax Procedures and Management
BCH 6.3(d)- Consumer Affairs and Customer Care
Discipline Specific Elective (Any one)
BCH 6.4(a)- Financial Reporting & Analysis
BCH 6.4(b)- Banking and Insurance
BCH 6.4(c)- Project Management & Techniques
BCH 6.4(d)- International Business
BCH 6.4(e)- Industrial Relations and Labour Laws