Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

JDMC, a premier women's college of University of Delhi, endeavours to promote enduring knowledge which is global in its perspective and yet local in its relevance. Students are challenged & inspired to pursue excellence in liberal and performing arts, humanities, commerce and sports, in an environment which is vibrant & constantly evolving. Founded with a vision to empower women, JDMC continues to strive to help its students to develop a capacity to think, lead and change the world.


The egalitarian approach of the institution promotes the inclusion of all sections of the society. The institution is equally inclusive of all its constituencies, with their respective duties, responsibilities and achievements. The students and staff, belonging to diverse classes, castes, ethnic and religious groups cooperate in a democratic environment to take the college to newer heights of excellence. The institution besides providing education, also serves as a platform for cultural expression and excellence, constantly reminding students of the primary importance of cultural diversity, national integration and tolerance, along with the need to be in harmony with the environment

Janki Devi Memorial College is committed to the following core values:

  • The foundational ideal is enshrined in the upanishadic motto of the college itself, ‘Vidyahi paramam Jyoti’- Knowledge is Eternal Light
  • Gandhian philosophy of responsible citizenship and empowerment of women through education
  • Imparting knowledge based on traditional values, yet with modern and global significance in an evolving academic world
  • Education, in combination with technological skills, empowers the students both academically and economically, and proactively contributes to their brighter future

Therefore, the college creates a motivational environment to provide holistic education and personality development of the students, resulting in a synthesis of their career growth and ethical and responsible citizenship


The Institution recognizes that the recommendations of the Peer team during the first NAAC cycle visit, if implemented in the letter and spirit of the report, would only enhance the mission and vision of the college. Hence the following goals have been formulated:

  • To create an inclusive atmosphere so that learners from across communities and categories are given equal attention and facilities including remedial classes for slow or needy learners in keeping with the government’s policy of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat’
  • To provide the best possible infrastructure to facilitate the teaching learning process
  • To inculcate a spirit of enquiry among faculty and students by making research an integral part of education
  • To provide a diverse range of academic and skilling courses to students so that they hone their interests and take entrepreneurial initiatives to become economically independent in the future; which the government has been encouraging though its ‘Atma Nirbhar’ policy
  • To expand the range of disciplines being offered by the college and include Science programmes
  • To ensure that all stakeholders think about the greater good of the community and social welfare through extension and outreach activities
  • To access and generate more career opportunities for students and make them employable
  • To maintain high levels of academic standards though access to and use of the best books/ journals (including e resources) and eminent resource people.
  • To ensure that all aspects of the administrative machinery are constantly enhanced for smooth functioning
  • To learn from peer institutions though collaborative ventures, grow as leaders and mentor institutions in remote and underdeveloped areas
  • To build citizens who serve the country as it develops in the 75 years following Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav
  • Enhance green practices of the college