Events 2020-21

Events 2020-21

Union Activities 2020 - 21


The Janki Devi Memorial College Students' Union was put to a litmus test in the session 2020-21, pandemic had struck, the world had gone online, could we even think of celebrating?

The cultural experience of a student's college years is invaluable and integral to her growth as an individual in an ever evolving world. We did not want to deprive the students of the excitement and creativity that is the hallmark of University of Delhi festival season. So we took on the challenge to visualise the events virtually, and decided to have a month long cultural festival! It was essential to hold the festival online keeping in mind the safety of the students as per COVID protocols and it became a tremendous learning experience.

The students mastered the nuances of this mammoth undertaking and like the most thrilling roller coaster rides, the twists and turns were the best part of the experience. Following is a report of how this unique situation was managed by the students' union of JDMC.

Founder's Day

Janki Devi Memorial College celebrated its 61st Founders' Day, on the 1st of August 2021. This event was held virtually, and was live streamed across platforms. Although online, it retained all the elements of a traditional Founders' Day celebration. The day began with a broadcast of the Sapling Plantation ceremony performed by the Principal as well as Dr Kusum Krishna, a beloved and honored member of the JDMC family.

The members of Sarang Society recorded the college prayer which was played at the beginning of every event throughout the year. This recording was accompanied by visuals of staff members participating in the traditional Lamp Lighting ceremony! A short film, with photos from Mahatma Gandhi's life and his association with our Founder Bhai Ji and a voiceover by Dr Sudha Upadhyay was screened for the audience. It was ideally matched by another short film, directed by Ms. Vandana Madan and Dr. Payal Nagpal, which showcased the development of JDMC, and its journey through the previous 60 years. These films were much appreciated, and provided the audience with an extraordinary glimpse into JDMC history. As per tradition, faculty members celebrating 25 years of teaching were also congratulated by the Principal.

Independence Day

The college celebrated the nation's Independence day with its usual fervour, with the Traditional Flag Hoisting in college, which was broadcast virtually. The students of various societies held competitions, performed and participated in various cultural activities. Their efforts were put together in a video and shared with the college during the Zoom Independence Day 2021 celebrations! Students of Rhetorque and Anubhuti recited poems, which were interspersed with photos of great moments from the 1st Independence Day of India. This video was an attempt to mix the treasures of history with the marvels of technology and it was received with delight and approbation! Dr Sandhya Garg and Dr Payal Nagpal participated in a bilingual reading of a poem by Sarojini Naidu for the students.

The event also had members of the students' union congratulate the Janki Devi Fraternity with placards, kites and hopes for a better tomorrow!

Teacher's Day

The students' Union celebrated Teachers' Day on 5th of September on Zoom. JDMC alumna Saloni Gaur, a famous comedian, was invited to roast the faculty members! The roast was much appreciated and accompanied by nostalgic glimpses of college days. Euphonie and Jhankaar students performed in musical mashups, which showcased their talent as well as their unbeatable spirit. Members of each society of the college participated in a tribute video for all the teachers, which reminded everyone that the bond between students and teachers can be distanced but not broken!!

Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd of October is an important occasion for Janki Devi Memorial College, and this year, albeit virtually, Bapu was remembered with the same love and devotion as every year. The event had Sarang students perform a bhajan for the audience. Excerpts from a film made on Bapu, featuring performances by Dr Gurinder H Singh and Dr Prerna Arora was screened for the occasion. Students of various societies showcased their work virtually in a video, to pay tribute to Gandhiji.

Members of Bardolators, The Shakespeare Society of JDMC conceptualised, scripted and performed a virtual play based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

As always, the event was a showcase of JDMC students' talents and their spirit of innovation in very difficult times.

Student's Union 2020-21

The Student Union Elections posed a challenge in the age of virtual reality. However, JDMC remained undaunted, and the elections happened virtually. Multiple platforms were used, and the union was also restructured to match the changing needs of the college. A liaison Officer team was created, with members from each society nominated for it, by the parent society/club. This was an experiment, which proved to be successful beyond expectations.

The core team was also reconstituted, with 2 members added to the original format of only 4 office bearers. Another experiment, another tremendous success!!!

Janki Devi Memorial College Students' Union 2020-21 took the pledge to work for the college and its members on the 21st October 2020, on the occasion of the Virtual Oath Taking Ceremony.

Integrity Pledge

On October 27th, all Teachers, Students, and Non Teaching staff members took the Integrity Pledge in a virtual event to mark the beginning of integrity week 2020. This week had multiple events organised by societies, clubs, departments and JDMC-IQAC

Orientation Day

The Next challenge for Students' Union 2020-21 was outreach to incoming first years. The union opened and managed a virtual help desk across multiple platforms to handle queries, doubts and issues faced by students applying for admission online. An Orientation Ceremony for the batch of 2020-2023 was conducted on 18 November. It was live streamed on Youtube where the incoming students (and their parents/guardians) were introduced to various facets of college life, especially the rules and regulations. All the freshers were welcomed with warm hearts and warmer smiles.

Republic Day

Republic Day 2021 was observed virtually, with the traditional flag hoisting ceremony performed on campus but immortalised in a video so that all members of JDMC could collectively participate in the ritual of marking this day!

National Youth Parliament

The college also participated in the National Youth Parliament which was held online on January 12, 2021. The students shared their participation over multiple platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Symphony 2021 - The annual cultural festival of JDMC has always been proud of its role as the inaugural festival of the DU fest season. This year, this was a challenge, but as always, the students of JDMC triumphed over adversity to continue to be the first - and at the time of writing, the only - Virtual Festival of 2021.

Symphony was organized over the month of February with the theme, "Candle in the wind". The festival was held over a month, with multiple events running parallel to each other. The events saw overwhelming participation from all corners of the country. All participants and winners were provided generous prizes and E-certificates.

Highlights of all the events of Symphony 2021 were compiled and broadcast on Youtube as a documentary. The festival ended with a closing ceremony with a vote of thanks from the staff advisors Dr. Saumya Gupta, Ms. Tarini Pandey, and Ms. Tannu Sharma, and Janki Devi Memorial College Students Union Core Team members Qudsiya Mehwish, Anushka Nayyar, Pooja Dua, Prachi Gupta, HImanshi Kapoor and Jagriti.

Online Workshop

An online workshop on Do & Don't of Group Discussion and Personal Interview was organized on March 4, 2021, to help students hone their skills in group discussions and professional interviews.

Annual Day

The year ended with the Annual Day being celebrated virtually. On the 23rd of June, with the gracious presence of Prof P. C. Joshi, Vice- Chancellor, DU and Dr Kusum Krishna, Chairperson, Governing Body, JDMC and Shri Aditya Krishna, Founder, Saksoft, the Annual Report 2020 - 21 was released. Prof Swati Pal, Principal, JDMC, presented the report to the various members of the JDMC fraternity in the form of a film, detailing the various milestones reached by students and faculty members of the college. It was received with appreciation from all the guests. The college magazine was also released and was received with a lot of accolades. The event ended with a vote of thanks from the outgoing union members, Qudsiya Mehwish, Anushka Nayyar, Himanshi Kapoor and Jagriti.