Important Committees

Important Committees

Committee for SC/ST/OBC

The college has an SC/ST/OBC Committee to look into grievances, if any, of students who do not belong to the Unreserved Category. The Committee is responsible for ensuring that there is no discrimination on the grounds of Caste and it also facilitates students from the reserved category in case they need specific help.


  • Dr. Sanjukta Naskar - English
  • Dr. Rajani B. Anuragi -Hindi
  • Ms. Tara Negi - English
  • Dr. Poonam Yadav - Hindi
  • Sh. Kumer Pal - Library Attendant, JDMC
  • (Non-Teaching Staff)

Students may send their complaints at

North Eastern Students Group (NESG)

The NESG of the college looks into the challenges faced by students of the North Eastern states of India. The college recognizes that students from these states often feel marginalized and so, every attempt is made by the NESG to help the acculturation and socialization of the students through various academic and cultural platform.


  • Ms. Bijoyata Yonzon - Economics Dept
  • Ms. Debahuti Brahmchari- Pol. Sceince Dept.
  • Ms. Khachungla Chalhang - Politial Science
  • Ms. Pouriangthanliu - Sociology


Grievance Redressal Committee

The college has a robust grievance redressal mechanism from the Microcosmic department level of address specific issues of students and teachers within the department, as also has a Grievance Redressal Committee as per UGC guidelines. This committee addresses grievances of students and staff of the college and provides from solutions following proper transparent procedure, in a time bound manner. The Committee ensures that prompt and effective redressal of complaints takes place to maintain a congenial environment necessary for the smooth functioning of the college.


  • Dr. Ruby Bhardwaj
  • Dr. Tara Sheemar

Form for grievances

Internal Complaints committee

In accordance with the guidelines of the UGC and the notifications of the University of Delhi against Sexual Harassment at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 (Links), the college has set up its own ICC against Sexual Harassment. The college recognizes that there must be a strict policy against sexual harassment within the institution to maintain a sense of safety and security amongst all stakeholders. All complaints are dealt with strict confidentiality.


UGC Guidelines,%202013.pdf

Anti-Ragging Committee

Janki Devi Memorial College has a Zero tolerance policy towards ragging. Every student and her parents sign an anti-ragging affidavit at the time of admission. The Committee complies by all the rules charted out by the UGC Regulations 2007 and the directives of the University of Delhi in this regard. The committee is accessible at all times and monitors as well as oversees all initiatives taken by Anti Ragging squads to prevent ragging on campus. This is extended in particular to the college hostel.

Nodal officer-Prof. Chanchal Chopra (Commerce)


Mobile +91 98116 69670


  • Prof. Chanchal Chopra, Dr. Debahuti Brahmachari
  • Prof ruby Bhardwaj - Secretary, Staff Council
  • Dr. Shweta Singh - History
  • Staff Advisors - Ms. Pouriangthanliu, Dr. Vijay Kumar Badetia,
  • Dr. Akanksha Kumar
  • Dr. Khanchungla Chalhang - Convenor, North East Students
  • Dr. Vandana and Dr. Vinita Rani - Hindi
  • Prof. Rajyalakshmi - Socio.
  • Ms. Bijoyata Yonzon - Economics Ms. Nancy-Commerce
  • Mr. Vikendra Singh and Mr. Aditya - Maths

Anti-Smoking/Tobacco Committee

The anti-smoking/Tobacco Committee of the college actively attempts to create awareness amongst students and staff of the college about injurious effects of smoking and the usage of tobacco. Smoking within the campus is strictly prohibited and in college signages to this effect are prominently displayed in college. Sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products within a 100-yard radius is prohibited as per rules.

Nodal Officer

  • Dr. Sudnya Kulkarni - Philosophy Department

Minority Cell

The college has an Minority Committee to empower the students who belong to minority communities. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring that there is no discrimination on the grounds of Caste and it also facilitates minority community students in case they need specific help.


  • Mr. Zubeer Ahmad - Political Science
  • Dr. Vibha Jain - Commerce
  • Dr. Gurinder H. Singh - Music

Discipline Committee

Without a disciplined environment, the teaching learning system will not be effective. Recognising that discipline is an essential value and must be cultivated in a habit, the Discipline Committee of the college plays a key role in maintaining decorum both within and outside the classroom. The committee also addresses violations of disciplined conduct, if they so arise.


  • Dr. Satyaprakash - Political Science
  • Prof. Sandhya Garg, Ex-Officio Member
  • Mr. Samiran Ghissing and Mr. Tarun Sharma -Eng
  • Ms. Shivani and Ms. Bhawna Pal - Comm.
  • Dr. Anil Solanki - Hindi
  • Dr. Upendra Kumar- Phil.
  • Dr. Rajender Kumar and Dr. Manisha Kumari - Skt.
  • Mr. Ritesh Shah, Ms. Anuradha Goswani and Mr. Shivam Sharma - Hist
  • Dr. Rashmi Rani - Maths
  • Mr. Rohit Kr. Singh and Mr. Vijay Kumar - Pol. Sc.
  • Mr. Deepak Manchanda and Mr. Pankaj Khandelwal - Eco
  • Ms. Kanika Kakar and Ms. Pouriangthanliu - Socio
  • Dr. Abha Jain - Phy Education
  • Ms. Ifrah Rehman - EVS
  • Ms. Prerna Butta - HDFE

In addition to various committees the college has following centre to facilitate and empower the students:

Research Centre

  • Dr. J. Gill - Director
  • Dr. V. Rajyalakshmi - Secretary
  • Dr. Sangeeta Gupta - Treasurer
  • Ms. Vrinda Kapoor - Member
  • Centre for Career Counseling, Career Opportunities & Skill Enhancement
  • Dr. Poonam Bewtra, Director
  • Dr. Jayanti P Sahoo, Secretary
  • Dr. Amita, Treasurer

Centre for Universal Values and Ethics

  • Dr. Prerna Arora, Director
  • Dr. Tanjua Rawal, Treasurer
  • Ms. Bhawna Pal, General Secretary
  • Dr. Vandana (Hindi) - Member

Centre for Extension and Outreach Activities

  • Ms. Nirmala Muralidhar, Director
  • Dr. Sudnya Kulkarni, Secretary
  • Members of the Executive Body: Dr. Jayanti P Sahoo,
  • Dr. Nivedita Sharma, Ms. Debahuti Brahmchari
  • Ms. Prerna Butta

E-Resource Centre

  • Prof. Anupama Rajput, Director
  • Prof. Payal Nagpal. Gen Secretary
  • Dr. Manisha Sinha - Treasurer
  • Ms Anshu Suri
  • Ms. Vandana Madan
  • Dr. Nivedita Sharma
  • Dr. Ritu Arora
  • Dr. Amita Charan
  • Mr. Zubeer Ahmed

Gender Equity Centre

  • Prof . Sandhya Garg, Director
  • Dr. V. Rajyalakshmi
  • Ms Vrinda Kapur - Secretary
  • Ms. Neelu Verma - Treasurer

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