Vidya Vistar

Vidya Vistar

Academic Collaboration
Janki Devi Memorial College
(University of Delhi)
Mahatma Gandhi Govt College, Mayabunder, Andaman
(Pondicherry University)

Under Vidya Vistar Scheme, University of Delhi

The Vidya Vistar Scheme (V2Scheme) is an initiative of the University of Delhi to establish academic linkages between its Colleges and Departments with the corresponding institutes in remote areas of the country.

Under V2 Scheme, the college has entered into collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Govt College (Pondicherry University), Mayabunder, Andaman, Andaman & Nicobar Islands. We hope that the partnership results in a symbiotic relationship that provides a greater range of opportunities for faculty and students from both the institutions. Sharing ideas and resources can serve as a key to better learning outcomes for students and can go a long way in strengthening student enrichment, faculty skill-enhancement, research environment and cultural inclusiveness at both institutions. We aim to supplement the efforts of our partner institution and also to gain from ideas and experiences of our partner institution.

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Online National Seminar – ‘Tribes: Learning and Unlearning Tribal Culture’ on 9-10 December 2021

Janki Devi Memorial College, in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Govt. College, Mayabunder, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, under the Vidya Vistar scheme of the University of Delhi, successfully organised an online National Seminar 'Tribes: Learning and Unlearning Tribal Culture' on 9 and 10 December 2021. Dr. Shilpa Chaudhary, Nodal Officer of Vidya Vistar scheme and IQAC Coordinator, JDMC, began the proceedings. The inaugural session was addressed by Prof. Swati Pal, Principal JDMC, Prof. B Prabhuram, Principal, MGGC and Prof. Ratnabali, Dean of Academic Activities and Projects, and Coordinator of Vidya Vistar scheme, University of Delhi. Padma Shri Prof. Anvita Abbi, formerly from the Centre for Linguistics, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, delivered the keynote address. She spoke on her research among the Andaman tribes and how they are the among the earliest languages that developed in the subcontinent. Prof. Abbi stressed on the importance of research and policy in the conservation of these endangered languages.

50 participants presented, across 10 sessions, organised on diverse and pertinent themes in the two days. These themes ranged from tribal cultures and health to state policy and visual and literary representations. Each session was chaired by a nationally distinguished academician, and attended by many research scholars across the country. Some of the prominent chairpersons of these sessions were Prof. Sudha Vasan, Prof. M. Amarjeet Singh, and Sahitya Akademi and Padma Shri awardee Dr. Ushakiran Khan. The sessions were conducted on Google Meet, and feedback was solicited from attendees for each session.

The seminar was concluded at the second day with the valedictory session, where the Principals of both the institutions addressed the gathering. Prof. Sandhya Garg, Vice Principal, JDMC also congratulated the two institutions and the members of the Organising Team. The report of the entire seminar was presented by Dr. Ajitha Narendran, IQAC Coordinator, MGGC, and the feedback of some participants was shared. Eminent Hindi author, social activist and IAS, Sri Ranendra, was the guest of this session, and he spoke on the importance of research on tribal communities in contemporary India. The session concluded with the formal vote of thanks, delivered by Dr Bidhu Bhushan Mondal, Nodal Officer of Vidya Vistar scheme, MGGC.

Youtube links of recordings of the seminar:

Day 1 – 9 December 2021

Online National Seminar
Day 1 – 9 December 2021
Inaugural, Keynote Address and Session 1 Click Here
Session 2 Click Here
Session 3 Click Here
Session 4 Click Here
Session 5 Click Here
Day 2 – 10 December 2021
Session 1 Click Here
Session 2 Click Here
Session 3 Click Here
Session 4 Click Here
Session 5 Click Here
Valedictory Session: Click Here

The Inaugural Ceremony of the Collaboration

The Inauguration Ceremony of Academic Collaboration of Janki Devi Memorial College with Mahatma Gandhi Govt College, Mayabunder, Andaman under the Vidya Vistar Scheme (V2S) of University of Delhi was held on October 6, 2021 on Google Meet.

The ceremony started with a welcome address by Dr. Shilpa Chaudhary, IQAC Coordinator, JDMC. She welcomed the distinguished guests of the session- Dr. Kusum Krishna, Chairperson, Governing Body, JDMC, Dr. Vikas Gupta, Registrar, University of Delhi, Prof. Balaram Pani, Dean of Colleges, University of Delhi and Prof. Ratnabali, Dean of Academic Activities and Projects & Coordinator of Vidya Vistar Scheme and the Principals of the two colleges Prof Swati Pal, Principal, JDMC and Prof. B. Prabhuram. Principal, MGGC.

Prof. Swati Pal, Principal, JDMC in her address, thanked University of Delhi for launching the VVS and the MGGC for accepting our proposal. She briefly discussed various possible areas in which the two institutions can work together and hoped for a very fruitful relationship ahead.

Prof. B. Prabhuram, Principal, MGGC expressed his gratitude to University of Delhi and JDMC for giving their college an opportunity to enter into an academic collaboration. He expressed his hope for this collaboration to yield good results and benefit their college.

Dr. Kusum Krishna. Chairperson, GB, JDMC congratulated the two colleges for entering into such a useful platform and appreciated the hard work done so far so as to be in a position to mark a formal inauguration of the collaboration. She extended her warm wishes and good luck to the two colleges.

Dr. Vikas Gupta, Registrar, University of Delhi congratulated the two colleges. He described the Vidya Vistar Scheme briefly and conveyed his best wishes for the collaboration. He emphasized the need for such interactions between the colleges and congratulated Delhi University for bringing out its flagship VVS.

Prof. Balaram Pani, Dean of Colleges congratulated the two colleges for taking up this scheme and insisted on the need for more and more colleges to enter into such collaborations. He also suggested that each college should take up collaboration with atleast two colleges in remote areas.

Prof. K. Ratnabali, Dean of Academic Activities and Projects & Coordinator, VVS, DU described how the Delhi University came out with its flagship program- Vidya Vistar Scheme and that it is the brainchild of Prof. P. C. Joshi, VC, University of Delhi. She discussed the key features of the scheme and how the colleges can come together and benefit from collaborating in various areas such as research, conduct of FDPs, seminars, students’ events etc. She congratulated JDMC and MGGC for entering into collaboration under VVS and extended her warm wishes for a meaningful relationship ahead between the two colleges.

Dr. Ajitha Narendran, IQAC Coordinator, MGGC showcased the life and culture of the Andaman Islands through a PPT followed by a brief glimpse of MGGC by Dr. Bidhu Bhushan Mondal, Nodal Officer, MGGC.

Ms. Vandana Madan, Member, Vidya Vistar Committee, JDMC then presented a detailed presentation about JDMC, its vision and mission, infrastructure, courses, best practices, community engagement and how the college works to provide an environment conducive to holistic development of its students and to empower them to think, lead and change the world.

The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Zubeer Ahmed, Member, Vidya Vistar Committee, JDMC.

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Introductory Session

A meeting of faculty members from both colleges along with heads of the two institutions was held on 11th August 2021. It was an introductory and orientation session that was aimed at knowing each other and discussing and planning the collaborative activities. The meeting began with a welcome note followed by brief introduction of members from both colleges. The faculty members from both the colleges explored and discussed in detail the possible areas of collaboration. The meeting ended on a very positive note and all members expressed their desire to make the most of this collaboration. The detailed minutes of the meeting are available at:

The partnership takes off successfully with following engagements between the two colleges:

  • Ten students from MGGC have been enrolled free of charge in Pratibha- The Foundation Classes for Competitive Exams - a 180 hour course conducted by JDMC.
  • Faculty members and students from each college attend webinars etc organized by the other institution.
  • National Seminar on “TRIBES: Learning and Unlearning Tribal Culture” is being organized on Dec 9-10, 2021.

The detailed Call For Papers (CFP)/ Brochure of the upcoming National Seminar: