The Department of Philosophy of Janki Devi Memorial College was established in 1959. The department holds approximately 300 students in two different UG courses:
Honours and the Programme.

The curriculum offers the students to develop an analytical and rational temperament. An incredibly sound faculty simultaneously works on helping the students to develop the ability to assess from varied perspectives, raise more critically thought questions, and to be able to formulate more persuasive writings.


The department works with the vision to create more harmonious personalities for the betterment of society by offering holistic programs to its students.


  • Create a scholastic environment that facilitates the holistic development of students and faculty Members
  • Prepare graduates for professional business roles in a dynamic societal environment
  • Provide an educational experience that emphasizes active learning through values-based education
  • Every student in our program is motivated and equipped to contribute significantly to their community.

The department offers students-centric pedagogy that offers both problem and subject-based learning. The teaching methodology uses interactive group discussions, brainstorming, student presentations, research papers, and imparting value-based learning.

The primary mode of teaching is classroom lectures. During this process, regular debates are encouraged, and doubts are always welcomed. It helps students to think and practice the lessons taught in class. During tutorial sessions, further clarity is imparted to students. The department’s faculty are teachers and mentors who offer guidance, support, and motivation in all situations and circumstances.

Students are also provided with various resources to read. As the following:

1. Offline- Materials, Books, Readings, and Articles.

2. Online- Access to journal articles and eBooks through recognized portals like JStor. Videos, audio, and PDFs are provided too.

Students are given assignments and quizzes via which their grasp of the subject further increases. Seminars are conducted regularly to provide additional exposure to students. Academicians from well-renowned institutes are also invited to give lectures that further guide the students.

Capacity Building

The department realizes that along with the conventional method of teaching, it is essential to include various other forms like- seminars, debates, discussions, workshops, smart class learning,and more to impart knowledge to the students to nurture corporeal qualities and an aptitude to deal with the challenges of the ever advancing world.

Keeping that in mind, the Department organizes several talks and competitions to allow its students to practice what they learn and simultaneously keep learning newer aspects of growth through seminars and discussions. We have a democratically elected student union to handlemanagerial work and offer our students a small-scale experience of Management in social setups. This student body organizes inter and intra-college events and participates in debates, art Competitions, and cultural and digital contests. The department led an enterprise of launchingMERAKI, the department magazine, in 2021, and the second volume is to be launched in 2023.

Apart from providing opportunities, students are continually coached and mentored through Mentor-mentee events conducted by the faculty to discuss the student’s mental health and further guide them for their future avenues. The faculty continues to sharpen their knowledge by interacting and attending seminars and panel discussions to learn and offer the best to their students.

Student Progression


  • Sanya Senani volunteered in Fashion Revolution that took place in November 2021

Second Year

  • Anushka Kishore secured 1st position in the 'Meme War,' Meme making competition organized by the Marketing Society of Laxmi Bai College on 22 January 2022.
  • Riya Kuthi secured 1st position in 'Bolt Ebullience' organized by the Marketing Society of Gargi College in November 2021.
  • Devyani Roy volunteered with Khushjot Foundation from 1 June 2021 to 1 October 2021.

Third year

  • Radha presented a paper in an ‘International webinar on Health, Happiness, and Well- being—A Journey through Yoga’ on 29 August 2021
  • Ishika presented a paper in an ‘International webinar on Health, Happiness, and Well- being—A Journey through Yoga’ on 29 August 2021
  • Nehal co-authored a research paper titled “Eco Anxiety: Impact on Generation Z’s Mental Health and the Contemporary Significance of Environmental Awareness and Education,” published in the International Journal of Policy Sciences and Law (Volume 2, Issue 2).
  • Aishwarya Sharma completed QPR Gatekeeper Training on Suicide Prevention Training on 5th September 2021.

Graduate students

A total of 11 students from 2018-2021 have pursued M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Delhi, and about seven students from the batch of 2019-22 have taken up philosophy as their master’s course. Aishwarya Sharma, batch 2022, is pursuing her M. Sc. in Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, and Nehal Lala, 2022, from Manav Rachna.

Purvanshi, batch 2021, is doing MA in International Studies from the Institute of International Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jamia Hamdard Simran Gambhir, batch 2021, took up Masters in Science in Counselling Psychology from CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Delhi NCR. Shruti Vij, batch 2031, is doing her MA in Mass Communication from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi. Sanyukta Rawat, batch 2021, is doing B.Ed. from the State Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi. Vrinda Negi, batch 20 21, is doing MA in Sustainable development practice from TERI SAS, New Delhi.

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Jayanti P Sahoo

Got a Letter of Appreciation for her valuable contribution to a one-week online National workshop on different aspects of National Education Policy 2020.

Mr. Vivek P. Pachpande

Awarded ‘Commonwealth Scholarship’ from September 2015 to September 2018 by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, UK to pursue Ph.D. Research in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Ms. Shiwani Burnwal

Awarded Junior Research Fellowship in 2018 by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research to pursue Ph.D. Research in Philosophy at the University of Delhi, Delhi, India.

Curriculum Development

CBCS 2015-2018

Dr. Sudnya Kulkarni

Philosophy of Law- Member

Philosophy of Religion- Convener

Western Philosophy- Member

Dr. Jayanti P. Sahoo

Indian Philosophy - Convener

Greek Philosophy - Member

Ethics - Member

LOCF 2019-2023

National Education Policy

Mrs. Himanshubala Jagatdeb

Ethics- Member

Indian Philosophical in lieu of MIL - Member

Dr. Jayanti P. Sahoo

Introduction to Indian Philosophy - Convener

Continental Philosophy - Convener

Introduction to Indian Philosophy MIL - Convener

Fundamental Problems of Indian Philosophy - Member

Text of Indian Philosophy - Member

Dr. Sipu Jaiswal

Text of Indian Philosophy - Member

Buddhism - Member

Indian Philosophy - Member

Vedic Value - Member

Dr. Sarat Chandra Bibhar

Philosophy of Science - Member

UGCF, 2022 onwards

Mrs. Himanshubala Jagatdeb

Applied Ethics - Convener

Applied Ethics BA Prog. - Convener

Philosophy of Religion - Member

Philosophy of Religion BA Prog. - Member

Indian Philosophy - Member

Ethics - Member

Dr. Jayanti P. Sahoo

Continental Philosophy - Convener

Introduction to Indian Philosophy - Convener

Introduction to Philosophy - Convener

Indian Theories of Consciousness - Convener

Fundamental Issues in Philosophy - Convener

Contemporary Indian Philosophy - Convener

Yoga Philosophy - Convener

Text of Indian Philosophy - Member

Greek Philosophy - Member

Dr. Sipu Jaiswal

Indian Philosophy - Member

Buddhism - Member

Text of India Philosophy- Member

Dr. Velmurugan K

Socially Engagement Buddhism - Member

Contemporary Indian Philosophy - Member

Philosophy of Science - Member

Philosophy of Mind - Member

Yoga Philosophy - Member

Dr. Sudnya Kulkarni

Bioethics- Convener

Philosophy of Law- Convener

Faculty Research Projects

Dr. Sudnya Kulkarni

Published a paper in the peer-reviewed refereed UGC-listed journal AJANTA –ISSN-2277-5730, VOL. X, Issue-II, April- June-2021- Philosophical Implications of Covid-19.

The Categorical Imperative: Its Epistemological Status. (2001). Indian Philosophical Quarterly Journal of the Department of Philosophy, XXVIII (3). ISSN 0376-415X

Kant's Political Thought. Delhi: Pratibha Book Distributor. ISBN: 978-81-88503-8652017

Philosophical Implications of Covid-19. (2021). Ajanta - Peer Reviewed Refereed and UGC Listed Journal No. 40776, X (II).

Dr. Jayanti P Sahoo


Man, Alienation and Freedom (Marx and Sartre). (2002). Delhi: Rajat Publications.

Articles Published

“The Existence of Women within the Institution of Marriage: Appearance and Reality” on Vedic WAVES Blog and “The Untold Status of Women in the Institution of Marriage: Understanding through the Philosophical Lens” with Dr. Aparna Dhir Khandelwal released on Vedic WAVES Blog.

Bhattacharya, B., & Samanta, S. (Eds.). (2006). Kierkegaard's Notion of Subjectivity: An Assessment. Kierkegaard.

Understanding Postmodernism. (2005). Indian Philosophical Quarterly, XXXII (The Upanishadic views on Self, World and Morality: An Assessment with Special Reference to Arthur Schopenhauer", Schopenhauer on Se,f World and Morality, 2017)

Singh, R., & McLean, G. F. (Eds.). (2001). Notion of Subjectivity in Jean-Paul Sartre. Reason, Dialectic and Postmodern Philosophy: Indian and Western Perspectives. Faridabad, Delhi: OM Publications.

Plato's Theory of Justice. (1992). Journal of Philosophy, XII. P.G. Department of Philosophy, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar: Prajña, Vol. XII.

Man, Society and Alienation: A Comparative Study of Karl Marx and Jean-Paul Sartre. (1996). Haridwar (U.P.): Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya. Facets, Special Issue of Gurukul Patrika, 70th Session Indian Philosophical Congress

The Upanishadic views on Self, World and Morality: An Assessment with Special Reference to Arthur Schopenhauer", Schopenhauer on Self World and Morality. (2017). Springer.

Paranjape, M., & Sareen, K. (Eds.). (2004). The Authority of Scripture in Samakara Vedanta. Sabda: Text and Interpretation in Indian Thought, New Delhi: Mantra Books, 154-164.

Dr. Velmurugan K

"Ambedkar's Interpretation of Texts and Traditions" has been published in Peer Reviewed and Referred national Journal of Sucharitha: Journal of Philosophy and Religion, Vol-1, Issue-3, Aug-Oct 2013, pp: 68-76, ISSN 2319-4235.

"Tamil Buddhism as an Emancipatory Identity" has been published in Peer Reviewed and Referred International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research (IJMER) Vol-2, Issue- 13(1), December 2013, pp-118-128, ISSN 2277- 7881, Impact Factor: 2.735 and IndexCopernicus Value: 5.16

"Hermeneutics as an Understanding Dalit World" Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, {Bi-Monthly}, ISSN 2249-9598, Volume-07, June 2017 Special Issue (01) p.208-215

"The Role of Religion for the Liberation of Dalits" International Journal of MultidisciplinaryEducational Research, ISSN:2277-7881; Impact Factor- 4.527; IC Values: 5.16; Volume 6, Issue 6(6), June 2017, P. 221-234.

"Ambedkar on Religion and Caste" International Journal of Multidisciplinary EducationalResearch, ISSN: 2277-7881; Impact Factor-4.527; IC Values: 5.16; Volume 6, Issue 6(7), June 2017, P. 12-21.

Ms. Shiwani Burnwal has published articles in peer-reviewed journals:

Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol 1, No. 4, October- November 2014. ISSN: 2393-8358 Bhartiya Darshan me Smrirti ka Svarop.

Shodh Dristi, Vol 6, No.2, January-March 2015, ISSN: 0976-6650, Bhartiya Darshan me Gyan mimansa.

Anukriti, Year 5, No. 2. JA study- March 2015, ISSN: 2250-1193, Adhunik Yug me Dand Evam Mrityu Dand ki Auchitya.

Universal Review, Vol 6. Jan- June 2020, ISSN: 2277-2723, “A study of human memory and its application to day –to day life”

Parisheelan, Vol 15 Jan- March 2019, ISSN: 0974-7222, "Relevance of Gandhi’s Trusteeship on today’s socio-economic Philosophy."


Dr. Sudnya Kulkarni

  • Teacher In-Charge of the NCWEB unit of Janki Devi Memorial College since July 2021.
  • Convenor of the Enabling Unit of our college.
  • delivered a lecture on Gyan Darshan on Natural Moral Law on 7th July 2021 for IGNOU. Programme cProgram002.

Dr. Jayanti P Sahoo

  • Presented a paper on “Health, Happiness, and Well-being from the perspectives of Vedanta Philosophy,” an International Webinar organized by the Department of Philosophy in association with the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, 28th August 2021.
  • Appointed as District Sustainability Mentor and Visited five colleges of Central Delhi
  • She delivered a lecture on “Ancient Indian Knowledge System and its Contemporary Relevance” on 26th February 2023 for Nad Veda Adhayayana Kendra, Bengaluru, India.

Dr. Velmurugan K.

  • Presented a paper on “Religion as an Emancipatory Identity: Iyothee Thassar’ and Ambedkar’s perspective” at the International Conference on Reflections of Hundred Years of Philosophy in India, organized by the Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi.
  • Presented a paper on “Relevance of Iyothee Thassar’s Moral Thought in Post Independent India” on World Philosophy Day 2022, organised by the Department of Philosophy, Madras Christian College in collaboration with ICPR.

Ms. Shiwani Burnwal

Paper presented on “The Role of memory to lead a harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous life” in the 94th session of the Indian Philosophical Congress held at North Eastern Hills University, Shillong Meghalaya, from 9-11 march 2020.

Student Research Projects

Our department offers to showcase ideas and talent through student research projects. To foster critical thinking and analytical skills, enhancing your awareness of ethical issues, contributing knowledge, and impacting the work.

List of the faculty-guided student research projects that are in progression right now:

"Health, Happiness, and well-being: A journey through yoga" is a student research project led by philosophy faculties. It is complete and has been submitted to the college.

"Study of Metaphysical Contradictions in Death, Ways of Dying Immortality and Resolutions in Philosophy and Popular Framework" led by Ms. Himanshubala Jagatdeb, Dr. Jayanti P. Sahoo, and Ms. Sulagna Pal is complete now. rivesdk&ouid=109322356047252068482&rtpof=true&sd=true

"Philosophical Explorations of the Notion of Dream" a student research project led by Dr. Jayanti P. Sahoo has been completed and submitted to the college. /edit?usp=drivesdk&ouid=109322356047252068482&rtpof=true&sd=true

"Philosophical Analysis of Pornography" is a research project undertaken in the academic year 2021-22 by 2nd-year Philosophy Honours students led by Ms. Himanshubala Jagatdeb, and Ms.Sulagna Pal.

"Bindi Factor" a Students Research Project

"Yoga for Social Harmony" a Students Research Project

"A Psycho-Philosophical Study of the Characters of Mahabharata" is a students’ research led by Dr. Jayanti P Sahoo and Mr. Sudeep Rajkumar which is an ongoing prospect of the department.

Best Practices


Students are offered various opportunities to set forth in the path of critical thinking and attain an analytical temperament, an endeared quality of a philosopher by indulging in independent as well as faculty lead research.


In order to ensure the holistic development of our young Philosophers and in order to inculcate the spirit of polymathy, an extremely active faculty invites specialists from various domains every now and then to offer the students to enroll for certificate-based add-on courses numerous times within a year.

Discussion Forum

Symposium- a discussion platform for the students of philosophy where one is offered opportunities to discuss topics ranging from Aristotle to Anime, from left to right, andquite literally anything you like. The Discussion forum was established in the year 2019 under the name Curiosity. It also organizes various competitions on intriguing philosophical constructs to engage the student's enigma.

Self-Help Group

The Department established a Self Help Group, Iktara, in January 2023 to encourage the students to orient themselves towards waste to wealth and a greener campus to develop anentrepreneurial spirit among the students. The team of Iktara is led by Fiona Sarkar and Sanya Senani, students in their 2nd year.

Scholarship and Financial assistance

The faculty recognizes the importance of education for students and thus ensures that no student is deprived of this opportunity due to financial reasons, especially post-pandemic. To support the students for the same scholarship to students from the underprivileged section is catered post aseries of interviews and consultations from the higher authorities. Moreover, the highest-scoring students and students who score well in subjects such as logic from 1st year are rewarded with the Krishna Jain scholarship, and distinction students from 1st and 2nd years are given Shardha Jain scholarship for their excellent performance in curriculum and co-curricular fields.

Department Fest

Department of philosophy holds yearly fests to allow students to take a backseat in college life and enjoy the ride. Participate in cultural programs, art pop-ups, photography stalls, and fun games to melt the stress away!

Department magazine: Meraki

Meraki (Magazine)’20
To further hone the creativity and inquisitiveness of the students, MERAKI, a Departmental magazine offers a chance to officially get your talents published while completing your bachelors. It offers a great platform for the students to go ahead with numerous research and meet like-minded people.

Meraki (Magazine)'23
To continue the ongoing saga of young philosophers, the department is yet set on another sail to launch the second volume of the Magazine on the theme, Echoes of the Unthought in the month of March. Stay tuned for the wonders to unfold.